DataCRM, A simple Review

So, you are considering DataCRM.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

DataCRM Features

DataCRM helps users to define acquisition, sales, and customer service processes that rationalize business operations. It’s a great tool to obtain quick results and maximize the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Businesses can record each task within DataCRM and sort pending activities according to the priority. It mitigates the risk of missing out on crucial conferences or business events and keeps you updated with any recent changes in the schedule.

Here’s a list of features that DataCRM offers:

  • Managerial indicators: It is like an analysis hub inside DataCRM where you get a broader vision of what is happening commercially. You can get daily work reports of each sales rep, set reminders about future tasks, and define parameters to entertain selective solutions.
  • Sales statistics: DataCRM has set up the most common sales procedures that a business goes through; while converting a lead. You can modify these junctures according to your firm’s unique requirements and group leads in similar negotiation stages. Moreover, you can also observe the commercial evaluation of each opportunity and approach it suitably.
  • Sales rep metrics: It gives you the desired information regarding the sales rep allowing you to assign them the task accordingly. You can tune the indicators to find out the productivity of each sales rep and assess whether they have achieved the targets. It also provides data about sales leads created or lost: making it a promising tool for management-related activities.
  • Email templates: DataCRM allows you to prepare Email templates that assist in relaying new offers to the clients deftly. Each template will be stored and available for future use. You can change the intrinsic details and reuse relevant templates to save time and effort.
  • Lead modules: DataCRM allows you to access specific leads from the pipeline and add pertinent attachments. It gives the sales rep an idea about how to approach the deal and makes it easier for you to reassign a task. You can add documents of the case file to make every information accessible for trainees or new employees.

DataCRM Pricing

DataCRM offers 2 pricing options to utilize the CRM services. Also, the total cost depends on the number of users you have, with the minimum amount being 3. The “Basic” plan comes with limitations in the number of custom reports you can create, automatic tasks you can assign, storage space, and does not have an API for developers, whereas the “Pro” plan offers all available features without any restraints.

DataCRM Discounts and Coupons

DataCRM allows you to get personalized services, so you only pay for the specific business requirements. Moreover, you can get a 20% discount upon making an annual payment.

DataCRM Free Trial

DataCRM offers a 15-day free trial that gives you complete access to every single feature. You can create tasks, set reminders, make leads, and leave notes all within a single interface. The trial comes without any obligation, and you choose whether you want to continue with the services or not. Log in through a Google or Facebook account and fill in some basic details to use the free trial.

DataCRM, a short how-to guide

To get started with DataCRM, enter your email, Company name, and your business niche. Once done, you can verify your email address via the activation link.

The menu is placed: at the top, where you can browse through different options. The homepage shows all businesses arranged in order. You can access each lead by clicking on it to expand the details. 

Click on “Managerial Indicators” to get into the analysis section of DataCRM. Here, you can see several pie charts and graphs which demonstrate your company’s sales, sales rep’s performance, and other statistical outputs.

You can create a directory and add new contacts by clicking on “Companies”. It will record the client’s information and assigned representative while letting you filter the choices out and remove inactive accounts with just a few clicks.

Head to the “Calendars” and post; business-related updates. You can also create new events, add reminders and watch the recent modifications made to the schedules.

You can switch between the user accounts from the drop-down menu on the top-right screen.

What CRM would you recommend?

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