EverWebinar, A Brutally Honest Review

by Scott Max
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So, you are considering EverWebinar.

You’ll be wondering if it's a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

Plus, at the end of the article you’ll find links to alternatives to EverWebinar as well as our top picks for the options in this category.

Or, just go straight to Our top picks for Best Webinar Software.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

EverWebinar Features

EverWebinar helps you deliver the perfect webinar presentations without ever being present. It automates your efforts according to your templated pitch and works on autopilot. EverWebinar works seamlessly with any video and helps you generate consistent revenue by increasing the content quality and viewer base.

Here are some exclusive features of EverWebinar:

Flexible Scheduling and On-demand Webinars: EverWebinar offers a unique scheduling experience, letting you customize broadcasting according to time zones and your audience's preferences. Moreover, it minimizes the waiting time for your attendees plus allows them to replay parts of the live stream.

Live Chat Simulator: EverWebinar offers a hybrid webinar feature, allowing you to blend live chat widgets into your presentations. Your attendees can post live comments or questions, and you can address the queries instantly by activating the live chat feature. Additionally, you can import your chat history so the system can simulate conversations accordingly to increase conversions.

Split Testing: Many webinar hosts drive traffic through affiliate campaigns or advertisements. It's crucial that you don't waste any leads and make the maximum conversions. With EverWebinar, you can split-test your landing pages and webinar content to analyze which version enables conversions. Moreover, you can also track the event performance to understand your current audience exposure.

Dynamic Attendance: EverWebinar allows attendees to leave and join at will during a webinar. Moreover, you can mimic live events and predefine attendance peaks during certain intervals. It makes the audience think that many participants are currently watching the event with them, even if they're the only ones. Alternatively, you can hide the attendance levels from your attendees.

Automated Integrations: EverWebinar connects with autoresponders and CRM systems to provide you with advanced automation capabilities. It enables you to configure new rules based on the registrant's behaviour and conversions. Integrating your EverWebinar account with a CRM offers high-level granularity, allowing you to segment prospects thoroughly and craft the perfect follow-up message.

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar offers 2 Periodic subscription plans for its webinar hosting tool.

The "Yearly" plan is priced at $499/year and offers automated webinars, flexible scheduling, a live chat simulator, professional page templates, and A/B split testing.

The "Biennial" plan is priced: at $874 for every 2 Years. Additionally, it offers detailed analytics, easy integrations, dynamic d

isplay and registration notifications.

EverWebinar Discounts and Coupons

EverWebinar offers 3 Months free for its "Biennial" plan. However, it does not provide any discounts or coupons.

EverWebinar Free Trial

EverWebinar does not offer a free trial for its webinar hosting platform.

EverWebinar, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your EverWebinar account, you'll enter the "Home" section. You'll notice the configuration tab asking for an external video file or a previous WebinarJam session.

Once you complete the steps required in the configuration tab, you can schedule the broadcasting time for your event. Next, customize the registration form and landing pages for your visitors.

Once done, set up integrations and customize the notification triggers. Next, set up a Thank You page, see a preview of your webinar and finalize everything.

Click on "Webinars" in the main menu panel to view your previously hosted events on EverWebinar. Go to "Analytics" to see the peak attendance and the periods of low interest. Click on "Registrants" to view all leads captured through your event registration form.

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