5 Free Video Editing Software For iPhone

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Filmora is an intuitive video editing software for stunning creations with ease and professional flair.

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Creative animation tool, transforming ideas into vibrant videos, perfect for professionals and beginners alike.

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So, you are in the market for free video editing software that suits iPhone.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Video Editing Software For iPhone Specifically

The iPhone is among the best mobile devices because of its smooth and aesthetic interface. However, it also provides an extremely swift processing speed making it ideal for video editing. A video editing software that supports iOS and offers extensive features will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to pick the best video editing software for iPhone specifically:

1. iMovie

iMovie offers a simplistic alternative to professional video editing software and allows you to create quality videos within minutes without any complications. iMovie has an industry-standard layout with an intuitive interface and works seamlessly on any Apple device. It ensures you have all the necessary tools to enhance your clip edits without getting overwhelmed.

iMovie Features

Here are some exclusive features of iMovie:

Colour Correction: iMovie allows you to apply different colour effects or filters to create gradient backgrounds for your videos. Moreover, iMovie, combined with Apple’s generic photos app, offers several colour gradient combinations, enabling you to customize your video or clip edits perfectly. You can adjust a filter to alter its effect on your media.

Storyboards: iMovie’s Storyboards offer you 20 options, which you can select according to your video type. You can choose the style for your clip edit, customize the fonts and add multiple colours to your video background. Moreover, you can also choose an audio file to go along with your video. Storyboards offer templates for every video niche.

Pop-up Picture effects: iMovie allows you to add pop-up picture effects to your videos by dragging and dropping the media file on the timeline panel. You can adjust the picture size and determine when you want it to appear in your video. Pop-up picture effects are extremely useful for YouTube videos. You can add a thumbs-up pop-up effect to remind your viewers to like your video.

Slow-motion speed ramping: iMovie allows you to slow down the frame rate of your videos. Once you drop a video to your timeline panel, iMovie automatically adds a customizable speed ramp. It helps you create smooth motion transitions and create a studio quality video.

Green screen effects: iMovie lets you add green screen explosions to your video and create unique edits. Alternatively, you can create pop-up subscription tabs for your YouTube videos. Green screen effects can be added; by dropping them above your base layer in the timeline panel. Moreover, you can remove the green background from your effects by switching to a green/blue screen.

iMovie Pricing

iMovie is an exclusive Apple software and completely free. Anyone with an Apple device can use iMovie to create quality edits.

2. InShot

InShot is a mobile compatible video editor that works with both iOS and Android. InShot is a highly underrated app compared to its competitors. However, it offers all the necessary functionalities to edit your clips and create perfect footage. You can reverse videos or add motion effects and time-lapse to elevate your creativity.

InShot Features

Here are some exclusive features of Inshot:

Keyframes: InShot offers keyframes functionality and allows you to move stickers or graphics across your video. You can create unique animation effects and add distinctiveness to your clips. Moreover, Inshot enables you to customize keyframe settings and expand your graphics.

Filters and Effects: InShot offers numerous filters and effects that you can add to your videos for aesthetically pleasing content. You can add glitches to your clips or do colour grading to create studio-quality footage. With Inshot, you can design capturing video edits at a substantially lower price.

Music effects: InShot is primarily designed for vlogging and offers a rich library of free vlog music. Moreover, you can add your own sound effects, voice-overs or media files and add them to your final edit. Music effects enhance your video’s quality and keep your viewers captivated.

Trimming and Merging: With InShot, you can trim unnecessary or badly shot parts from your videos. Similarly, you can merge 2 Clips to create final footage. Additionally, InShot allows you to delete the middle part from a media.

Blur: InShot offers moving face blur functionality. Several video edits, especially in vlogging, require a face blur to conceal the identity of the subject. With Inshot, you don’t have to add blur in every single frame. Instead, you can recognize a face and add blur in one frame. InShot automatically recognizes the blurred object and remains consistent throughout the video.

InShot Pricing

InShot is primarily free to install for both Android and iOS systems. However, you need to purchase the Premium plan to use all video editing functionalities. It is priced; at $34.99 for a lifetime license and $3.99 for a monthly subscription.

3. OpenShot

OpenShot is an open-source video editing tool with cross-platform compatibility. OpenShot offers a very easy user interface, making it a perfect starting platform for beginners. Moreover, it lets you delve into advanced features like animation framework and audio waveforms, helping you edit your clips easily.

OpenShot Features

Here are some exclusive features of OpenShot:

Audio Waveforms Support: OpenShot lets you separate audio from the clips and creates an audio-only layer below the original track. Openshot then shows the audio levels in waveforms, helping you determine the loudness level of your audio at any time point. Moreover, you can notice the wave spikes and apply EQ at the spikey regions to create a sound; consistent throughout your clips.

Slicing: OpenShot allows you to calibrate, slice or trim your clips in the timeline section. You can align the videos on an X Y graph and perform trimming across both axes. Moreover, OpenShot lets you slice the footage to cut unnecessary parts and create short videos. You can then combine the short clips to make the final footage.

Time-mapping: OpenShot lets you fully control the clip speed with time-mapping. You can create video reversals, amp up speed, create time-lapses or animate the pace and direction with frame animation. OpenShot offers highly customizable dials, offering you complete power over your video clips.

Digital Video Effects: OpenShot is an extremely underrated video editor. Since it’s a free and open-source tool, people assume it does not offer advanced video effects or editing features. However, that is entirely false conjunction. OpenShot allows you to add and adjust the hue, gamma, saturation, contrast and chrome key for your clip edits.

OpenShot Pricing

OpenShot is a free and open-source tool with a redistributable license. Moreover, as a developer, you can contribute to the tool architecture and improve its functioning.

4. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a video designing tool from Apple exclusive to iOS and Mac devices. It offers unrivalled pro performance and enhances your creativity. Final Cut Pro is among the best video editing software available for Apple devices mainly because of its extreme speed and flexibility.

Final Cut Pro Features

Here are some exclusive features of Final Cut Pro:

Duplicate Detection: Final Cut Pro offers a smart timeline section that automatically detects file duplicates in your video editing interface. You can highlight the media files that appear multiple times in your project and switch between them through keyboard shortcuts.

Multicam: Final Cut Pro has the most advanced multi-camera editing tools, allowing you to customize your camera angles, frame rates and file formats. Moreover, you can get several angle views simultaneously while making a video edit. With the Multicam functionality, you can get a more thorough overview of your clips and make perfect footage.

Motion and Compressor: Final Cut Pro allows you to create studio-quality motion graphics in 2D and 3D. It enhances your video quality and offers you complete freedom over your clips. Additionally, you can alter the export settings with the compressor and directly deliver your final edit to iTunes.

Advanced Colour Grading: Final Cut Pro has advanced and highly effective colour grading tools. You can personalize the saturation curves or tweak colour corrections with keyframes. Moreover, Final Cut Pro’s colour grading tools support HDR quality videos, ensuring you can deliver a high-resolution edit.

Customizable Templates: Final Cut Pro allows you to master the video editing by offering several pre-made templates for your clip edits. You can customize these graphic prototypes and create unique visual effects for your footage. Final Cut Pro’s templates ensure you can fully express your creativity without any prior experience in video editing.

Final Cut Pro Pricing

Final Cut Pro has a one-time licence fee priced at $299.99. Moreover, it offers all pre and post production editing tools. Final Cut Pro is compatible with macOS 11.5.1 or later versions.

5. KineMaster

KineMaster is a mobile video editing software that lets you edit and create promotional videos. It helps you discover creativity and manage video editing projects for any business niche. You can use your media library to create transitions between videos and perfectly crafted content for your social media.

KineMaster Features

Here are some exclusive features of KineMaster:

Social Media Logos: KineMaster lets you add png files and social media logos to your video edits. You can add animations, fades and texts to these logos to present your social media information to your viewers. KineMaster automatically removes the background from your png files and lets you drop the logo anywhere on the video.

Trimming: KineMaster offers trim presents to help you swiftly edit out the unnecessary parts of your media files. Alternatively, you can grab the end of a clip and drag it with your mouse for trimming. However, it is not calculative, and you may end up trimming out parts that you didn’t intend. With presets, you can move your KineMaster playhead and line it up to the trimming point.

Pan and Zoom: KineMaster’s pan and zoom features allow you to control the zooming effect between the clip’s beginning and ending points. When you add the pan and zoom effect to a video, the clip slowly starts zooming in to the focal point, making your video edits more immersive.

Colour Correction: KineMaster provides colour grading capabilities within its video editing tool. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and vibrance of your clips. It helps you get a professional looking style for your videos by customizing the colour grading according to your video type.

Cinematic Bars: KineMaster lets you add black bars to make cinematic looking videos. You can download png files and add them to your video edits to create a professional outlook for YouTube videos.

KineMaster Pricing

KineMaster offers 1 Pricing option for its video editing tool.

KineMaster Professional edition is priced at $4.99/month and offers access to premium assets. It removes the watermark and adds new library files every month.

KineMaster Free edition is priced at $0 and offers core video editing tools. However, you cannot remove the KineMaster watermark from your videos.

Why use Video Editing Software at all?

Video editing software are becoming immensely popular amongst YouTubers and vloggers. Earlier, there was a false perception that only movies require professional editing. However, with the current digital marketing strategies mainly revolving around vlogging tools and YouTube, the paradigm has shifted.

Video editing tools allow you to trim, merge or split your clips to include the best parts in your final edit. Moreover, you can add several effects to enhance the video quality and increase the reach. Video editing tools allow you to create high-quality videos with optimal resolution and aspect ratio.

Why should you use Video Editing Software with your iPhone?

The iPhone is a perfect smartphone for professional uses. It offers a user-friendly operating system with iOS and high-speed RAM to enhance your device’s processing speed. Moreover, its security system is highly reliable and is immune to phishing attacks.

Video editing tools have high system requirements to avoid sudden crashes or lags that negatively affect your work experience. Now, most video editors use PCs or laptops to design videos. However, there are several quality tools that enable you to do high-end editing from your smartphone.

The only hurdle is that most smartphones are not equipped with a GPU that can handle the extensive burden and processing required for video editing tools. The iPhone offers an optimal internal system to support the video editing tools and is the perfect device to; design studio-quality edits.

Using video editing software with an iPhone enables you to edit your videos anytime. You can directly start editing once you shoot footage or clip with your iPhone and save the time spent exporting and importing the video files to a PC or laptop.

Video editing software for iPhone, A Summary

You can increase your performance and elevate your creativity level by using video editing software on an iPhone. It allows you; to easily organize your edits and combine multiple clips to create a professional-looking video. Moreover, the iPhone offers a studio-quality camera compared to other smartphones, making it optimal for shooting videos.

iMovie is a free video editing software from Apple that allows you to edit and add effects to your clips. It is our suggested pick for a video editing software that suits the iPhone. Visit the website to get started.

What Video Editing Software would you recommend?

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