NetSuite, A Simple Review

by Scott Max

So, you are considering NetSuite.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

NetSuite Features

NetSuite has developed over the recent years and was one of the first cloud-based ERP+CRM systems. It is a multi-tenant SaaS solution that helps small and medium-sized organizations grow faster with customizable workflows. NetSuite provides unmatchable visibility and control over your entire business with its cloud-based applications that improve organizational productivity.

Here are some fascinating features that make NetSuite unique:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning: NetSuite provides businesses with complete control over data and resource planning. From handling financial operations to processing order-related information, you can automate all manual workflows with NetSuite’s ERP. You can increase the productivity of an organization with ERP as it provides a clear vision of each business procedure.
  • Global Business Management: NetSuite’s Global business management provides unrivaled visibility into operations in real-time. It allows multi-National businesses to manage complexities due to currency differences, tax policies, and legal conformity. Such organizations need to consolidate in regional areas while adhering to the company’s essence, and GBM makes that happen.
  • Sales Force Automation: NetSuite allows users to automate administrative actions and sales operations, reducing the employees' workload. You can identify potential issues, create financial projections and track employees' performance to get a better outlook on your business activities.
  • OpenAir: NetSuite’s OpenAir optimizes resources and employee allotment according to the skills required for a particular task. OpenAir creates various scenarios for every lead to maximize revenue and improve the chances of securing an opportunity. You can automate customer engagement and let OpenAir choose the right employee for each interaction based on past work and favorable conditions.
  • SuiteCommerce: NetSuite helps e-commerce businesses automatically update online orders to the back-end to manage them centrally and reduce the processing time while increasing accuracy. SuiteCommerce allows B2B and B2C websites in unifying the front-end and back-end to remove manual operations and get higher client engagement.
  • Timesheet Management: NetSuite assists Project managers to review time-based tasks and recording the working hours of employees. You can view relevant information like “Start Date”, "Work Done", and "Estimated completion time" to get an overview of performance. Moreover, you can reassign tasks through Timesheet Management to finish projects urgently.
  • Project Analysis: NetSuite offers analytical tools that provide concurrent updates for every service rendered by your organization. You can track each lead individually to get a better statistical understanding of the client’s requirements. Moreover, you can share reports with colleagues through NetSuite to ensure everyone is on board with project advancement.

NetSuite Pricing

NetSuite does not offer a general subscription plan, and users have to fill in a form mentioning their requirements, business size, and budget. Once done, you’ll be contacted: by the customer executive regarding the best customizable tools for your organizational needs.

NetSuite Discount and Coupons

NetSuite offers a 10% discount with referrals and a 30% off on training services as a SuiteAccountant. There are no coupons or offers on subscriptions as NetSuite offers customizable services.

NetSuite Free Trial

You can get a 14-Day beginner's free trial of NetSuite by filling out basic details like “Name”, “Work mail”, “Country”, “Company Name”, “Business needs”, "Business niche" and "Organizational Role". Once done, you'll be contacted: by a customer representative with a tailor-made package without any obligations to help you pick the required services for your business.

NetSuite, a short how-to guide

Once you log in, Go to the home icon in the menu bar to access "Dashboard". The right side of the screen shows your name, account name, and organizational role in the company. Click on the "Set Preferences" option below the "Dashboard" to customize the menu bar.

Go to the “Help” tab to get assistance regarding whatever page you’re on. To create a new menu, click on the option to the immediate left of the "Help" button. Here you can create a new event, invoices, set up phone calls, and store leads. You can customize the drop-down list by clicking on “Personalize”.

The clock icon on the leftmost side records recently accessed contact information. The start icon lets you add your favorite NetSuite shortcuts to access features quickly.

Click on “Transactions” to view the latest financial operations. However, this tab is only accessible to the administrator account.

Go to the “Leads" if you have a sales-oriented position at the company to get information regarding the sales opportunities and progression details.

Head to “Reports” to analyze the financial operations. Here, you can find several functionalities that provide unique details regarding your business. You can click on a report to access it and edit it depending upon the permissions. Click on “New Report” to create entries.

Click on “Analytics" to get visual representation and analysis of data regarding the latest customer operations.

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