Paymo, A Simple Review

So, you are considering Paymo.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Paymo Features

Paymo is an innovative project management tool used by the world’s leading companies to serve the demands of clients and reduce delays or disruptions. It offers several functionalities to ensure you can handle all your project requirements within one interface and avoid switching between multiple channels.

Here are some exclusive features of Paymo:

Pomodoro Timer: Pomodoro technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals of 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. Paymo provides a Pomodoro Timer interface within its platform and lets you customize the length of each Pomodoro session. The Pomodoro fills up to visually signal the progress of your work session.

Advanced Gantt charts: Paymo’s Gantt charts offer visual indicators to show; your project status more vividly. You can visually monitor the progress of each task. Paymo’s Gantt charts signify the amount of time tracked based; proportionally on the task’s hourly budget. To ensure that you never go over budget, you can see the exact number of tracked worked hours vs each task’s total budgeted hours.

Online Proofing and Version Control: Paymo simplifies the design approval process. When you’re ready to leave feedback on a designed asset, you can open the task attachment to enter the file proofing and versioning editor. Here, you can leave comments about future alterations and additional instructions.

Task Views: Paymo allows you to change the task display format depending on your preferred work style. With the table view, you can get detailed information in a tabular format. You can view the tracked time against each task’s hourly budget. With Paymo’s task views, you can conveniently manage your issues and adhere to the deadlines.

Timesheets: Paymo’s Timesheet resembles a calendar that displays the past time. It records your time log and hours spent on several tasks. So you can analyze whether you’re distributing your efforts smartly. With Paymo’s Timesheet, you can see the tracked time for a task, project and client. It enables you to prioritize urgent tasks and see which employees are available to execute them.

Paymo Pricing

Paymo offers 3 Pricing options with specific features to help you plan and implement your project strategies.

The “Free” plan costs $0 and is usable by up to 10 users. You can serve unlimited clients, use task views, do native time tracking and create up to 3 Time reports within this subscription.

The “Small Office” plan is priced: at $11.95/user/month, and you can add unlimited users. It offers a Meta Task board, unlimited time entries, active timers, In-app tech support and 50 GB storage.

The “Business” plan is priced at $18.95/user/month and comes without any user limit. It offers free Onboarding and Training, advanced Gantt charts, Employee leave management, online remote assistance and 100 GB of storage.

Paymo Discounts and Coupons

Paymo currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans. However, you can get a marginal off by opting for an annual subscription. In addition, you will get two months free with an annual payment.

Paymo Free Trial

Paymo offers a 15 Day free trial for its “Small Office” and “Business” subscription plans without any buying obligations. You will be automatically downgraded to the “Free” plan once the trial ends unless you purchase a subscription.

Paymo, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Paymo account, you’ll be redirected to the “Home” section. Here, you can see tasks assigned to you and your ongoing projects. Additionally, tasks are segmented into three sections named “Implementation”, “Planning”, “Review & Launch”. The leftmost side hosts the main menu bar that lets you navigate through; the Paymo interface.

Click on “Clients” to enter your client directory and view how many active projects a client has currently. It allows you to see who are your regular high-priority clients so you can provide better services.

Click on “Projects” to enter the project database. Here, you view your ongoing, upcoming and past projects with their current status. Click on “Accounting” to enter the financial section inside Paymo. Here, you can generate invoices, do budget estimates, view expenses and automate recurring financial operations.

Click on “Time Reports” to view your logged hours and see how you are spending: your working hours. It gives you a fair insight into what tasks are eating up most of your time so you can plan and improvise accordingly.

Click on “Team scheduling” to see which team members are currently overbooked or underutilized. So you can see who is available for urgent tasks and make the right selections.

Click on the “Profile” icon to update your account settings or change your subscription plan.

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