SugarCRM, A Simple Review

by Scott Max

So, you are considering SugarCRM.

You’ll be wondering if it's a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

Plus, at the end of the article, you’ll find links to alternatives to SugarCRM as well as our top picks for the options in this category.

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

SugarCRM Features

SugarCRM is a user-friendly platform built on open-source technologies like JavaScript and PHP to enable mobile computing solutions. It helps businesses build better professional relationships, work more efficiently and integrate with the complete customer lifecycle. SugarCRM has cloud portability, which allows you to switch data between public and private clouds depending on market conditions with minimal disruption.

Here are some unparalleled features offered by SugarCRM:

  • Sugar Market: SugarCRM provides an all-in-one marketing automation tool that automatically prioritizes incoming leads based on client engagement. It also recognizes repetitive tasks and avoids them to ensure maximum work is done: in minimal time. 
  • Revenue Generation: SugarCRM generates revenue for each marketing campaign to let you know where your funds are being used and whether they are yielding desired results.
  • Google Ads integration: Users can access Google Ads management tools within the Sugar Market and create shrewd campaigns to target a new clientele base while maintaining the stronghold over existing customers.
  • Ease of Use: SugarCRM is exceedingly easy to customize because of multi-API accessibility. Users can switch from their existing CRM service to SugarCRM by connecting the API's, which leads to a high adoption rate. It allows users to personalize the menu bar and homepage for quick response to the incoming queries.
  • Asset Library: SugarCRM simplifies the process of uploading, managing and storing assets to leverage within the emails, business website and other marketing documentation with the asset library. It supports various file types like images, documents, audios, gifs and CSS. Users can integrate SugarCRM with other content management systems with pre-built templates to get a more robust library.
  • Sales Automation: SugarCRM’s sales tool offers accurate predictions on the possibility of closing a deal with its AI-powered tools. You can change your marketing patterns and sales process accordingly to attract more clients. Moreover, SugarCRM also provides automated operations to follow-up on potential customers during off-hours till a sales rep is assigned; to the task. You can use SugarBPM to review price quotations by comparing your services to other businesses and getting a fair evaluation of your product.
  • Customer support platform: SugarCRM enables businesses to emphasize customer complaints and rectify the situation quickly. It provides a knowledge-based platform: that can be customized to help clients solve minor problems themselves. SugarCRM’s service platform automatically assigns cases to the most qualified representative by analyzing past work.

SugarCRM Pricing

SugarCRM offers 4 pricing options depending upon the products you pick.

The “Sugar Market” marketing tool is priced at $1000/month and can be accessed; by unlimited users.

The “Sugar Sell” sales automation tool is priced at $80/month/user and offers 60 GB storage along with phone support.

The “Sugar Serve” customer service tool is priced at $80/month/user and helps you smoothly assist clients.

The “Sugar Enterprise” offers a generalized subscription plan and is priced; at $85/month/user. It offers SQL-based reporting and SugarBPM.

The “Sugar Professional” plan is priced at $52/month/user and offers a CRM solution for small businesses.

SugarCRM Discount and Coupons

SugarCRM currently does not offer any discount offers. However, you can keep an eye out for the Black Friday deals and Cyber week sales.

SugarCRM Free Trial

Sugar CRM offers a 7-day Free Trial for the “Sugar Sell” software. You can get started by filling in the details. Once done, you'll receive the link to start your free trial in your mailbox. Activate your account and enjoy "Sugar Sell" for a week. Moreover, you can request a demo for "Sugar Market".

SugarCRM, a short how-to guide

Log in to “Sugar Sell” if you want to monitor sales activities and do relevant tasks. Once done, you’ll notice a menu bar at the top of the screen. 

Click on “Accounts” to access the client information or edit the entries. You can filter results by clicking on the "Filter" tab and build customized parameters for sorting by clicking on "Build Filter". Click on “Create” to add a new account.

Click on “Opportunities” to access the converted leads, see the negotiation process and likelihood of closing the deal. You can also view the lead source in front of every opportunity.

Click on "Leads" to view prospects that have not yet been verified or contacted by a sales rep.

Click on “Forecasts” to generate data on revenue for a specific period. The right side of the screen shows “Forecasts Dashboard”, which shows your expected profit from sales.

Click on “Reports” to create analytical reports for different departments. You can access each entry by clicking on it. Click on "Create" to make a new report. Check out the right side of the screen. Here, you can create a new Dashboard for statistical data.

Click on “Emails” to access archived messages sent by your team or the client.

Go to “Calls” to access the calling details, check the duration of calls and whether they were placed; by the client or your company.

Click on "Documents" to add or create new files for team-sharing purposes.

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