Workfront, a Simple Review

So, you are considering Workfront.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Workfront Features

Workfront allows you to manage global operations and complex tasks, enabling you to deliver measurable outcomes at a rapid pace. It orchestrates and executes work across the enterprise, helping you connect strategies across various checkpoints. Workfront supports different work methodologies, helping your team stay productive with automated workflows and engaged by personalizing the way they work.

Here are some exclusive features of Workfront:

Flexibility: Workfront is built to help all industries, whether they’re more focused on marketing or the technical aspect. It provides solutions for all businesses by letting users personalize the systems according to their preferences. With Workfront, your teams can avoid burnout and deliver their best work without any degradation in quality.

Integrations: Workfront offers several integrations to help you unify your project management tools in a single platform. Additionally, it ties up with Adobe creative cloud so you can update documents or fulfil tasks from Photoshop or other Adobe powered applications. Workfront’s seamless integrative ability ensures you don’t waste your time switching between systems.

Security: Workfront recognizes that system security is essential for effective project management tools. It uses high-end AES 256-bit encryption to protect data from any mischievous elements and ensure privacy. Additionally, Workfront doesn’t store the customer data on unencrypted devices, making you; completely immune to system hacking.

Work Management: Workfront connects your strategic processes to the delivery and ensures you can perform the right actions at every level. It provides automated workflows and reporting tools that can help you forecast the entire lifecycle of a project. Workfront reduces time spent on repetitive tasks by enabling your teams; to seamlessly collaborate on various issues. You can prioritize projects nearing the deadline date and adopt a goal-oriented approach to your work.

Services and support: Workfront provides guidance and support to your organization so you can sustain your scaling operations. With the on-demand training and consulting services, you can utilize Workfront to suit your organization’s requirements and optimize your personal platform to elevate your success.

Scenario Planner: Workfront’s Scenario Planner allows you; to continuously scheme your business operations and successfully acclimatize to new market conditions. You can create several scenarios for how a project will play out with minimal input and compare them to choose the best route. It helps you become more insightful regarding your projects.

Workfront Pricing

Workfront offers 3 Subscriptions plans with varying pricing options based on your business requirements.

The “Enterprise” plan comes with advanced support plus premium APIs and Integrations. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The “Business” plan allows you to set unlimited reviewers for projects and perform enhanced analytics. You can request pricing from the sales team.

The “Pro” plan provides efficient resource management plus content and review proposal capabilities. You can request pricing from the sales team.

Workfront Discounts and Coupons

Workfront does not offer any discounts and coupons as its pricing plans depend upon your project requirements. However, you can contact the sales team and negotiate a better offer that suits your business.

Workfront Free Trial

Workfront does not offer any trial offers for its subscription plans.

Workfront, a short how-to guide

Once you login to your Workfront account, you’ll land on the “My Work” page. Here you can view the issues you’re currently working on, work requests and pending approvals. Every task that you are assigned and are yet to accept will appear on the “Work Requests” tab.

You can click on the orange coloured “Work on it” button to accept a work request. Once done, the task will move to the “Working on” section. You can open a task by clicking on; the Blue hyperlink and view the basic details about the task.

Inside the task, you’ll see an “Updates” tab in the topmost menu. Here, you can see contributions and changes made by other team members to the issue. The “Task details” tab shows the priority level, set constraints and expected completion time. It also contains a “Description” tab that specifies the criteria for executing the task and the expected outcome.

You can click on “Documents” to see the relevant attachments or files to help you with the execution. The rightmost side contains a box that shows the reference number for the task and its due date. You can change the due date with administrative permissions only.

Once you complete the submission, the central teams can see your latest version of the task and access prior ones.

Click on the Star icon on the topmost menu screen to access the favourites. Right beside it is the Profiles icon, where you can view and alter the account settings. You can send invitations to recruits or update your ongoing subscription plan here.

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