35 Automotive Repair Industry Statistics To Know

Hey there, fellow road warriors and car enthusiasts! Buckle up because we’re about to take a joyride through the fascinating world of automotive repair. In recent years, our rides are more than just metal on wheels; they’re part of a dynamic industry with twists, turns, and some seriously impressive stats.

From the impact of the pandemic on car maintenance to the surge in electric vehicles, and the diverse faces behind the wrenches, we’ve got 35 stats that’ll make you look at your car in a whole new light.

So, grab your keys, join us in the passenger seat, and let’s explore the 35 Automotive Repair Industry Statistics to Know.

Latest Auto Repair Statistics

Get ready to dive into the fast lane of the auto repair world with the latest statistics that paint a vivid picture of the industry’s current landscape.

From the impact of the pandemic on car maintenance to the surprising spending habits of vehicle owners, these stats provide a real-time snapshot of what’s happening under the hood.

Pandemic Pit Stop: A 62.3% Surge in Car Maintenance Needs

Ever noticed your car getting a bit too comfy in the garage during the epidemic? Turns out, it’s not alone. The lack of road action has fueled a 62.3% jump in the demand for that much-needed car TLC.

Auto Repair Industry’s Fast Lane: 7% CAGR and Tire Jacks in 51% of Cars

Buckle up for a wild ride in the auto repair world! With a cool 7% CAGR in 2021, the industry is set to hit the gas at an impressive 51% in 2023. And, fun fact, over half of the drivers out there are prepared for roadside adventures with trusty tire jacks in their trunks.

Indie Repair Shops: The Unsung Heroes of Aftermarket Repairs (75%)

When it’s time for some mechanical magic, the indie repair shops are the real MVPs. They handle a whopping 75% of the aftermarket vehicle repairs, silently keeping our rides on the road and running smoothly.

Cruising Expenses: A 143% Surge in Car and Truck Rental Spending in 2020

Need a set of wheels for a weekend getaway? The cash registers at rental places sure heard you. In 2020, spending on renting cars and trucks zoomed up by an impressive 143%, proving that the open road has its allure, pandemic or not.

Spending on Repairs: A Rollercoaster Ride from May to October

From May through September, the bucks spent on car repairs and maintenance hit the accelerator, soaring to at least 100% compared to the previous year. However, October decided to take a breather, settling at a still-respectable 96%.

Mechanic’s Pit Stop: A 1-2 Year Love Affair with the Garage

Ever wonder how long your trusty mechanic hangs around? On average, they clock in for a pit stop of 1-2 years, making up a solid 33% of the crew. It’s a love affair with the garage that keeps the wheels turning.

Behind the Grease Stains: The 40-Year-Old Average Age of Car Technicians

Curious about the seasoned pros working on your vehicle? The typical car technician is cruising into the garage at 40, making up a robust 50% of the automotive workforce. They bring experience and expertise to the repair scene, ensuring your ride is in good hands.

Auto Repair “Auto” Statistics

We’re putting the pedal to the metal with a close-up look at the core of auto repair – the nuts, bolts, and engines that keep our rides rolling smoothly.

Explore profit margins, the electric vehicle revolution, and intriguing insights into the lives of the mechanics who breathe life into our vehicles.

Profit Margins in the Auto Repair Game: Components vs. Labor

When it comes to the auto repair business, it’s a numbers game.

The typical profit margin for components is cruising between 20% to 28%, while the labor side of things takes the lead with a profit margin ranging from 50% to 65%. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between nuts and bolts and the skilled hands turning them.

Charging Up: 7% of U.S. Cars to Go Electric by 2030

Get ready for a silent revolution on the roads! According to the electric automotive services sector, a shockingly cool 7% of all U.S. automobiles are predicted to be electric by 2030. Looks like the future is electric, and we’re plugging in.

Pandemic Echo: Car Maintenance Roars with a 62.3% Increase

The epidemic didn’t just affect our social lives; it also gave our cars some extra rest. Now, as we hit the road again, the need for car maintenance has revved up by 62.3%. Seems like our vehicles are shaking off that pandemic slumber.

On the Road for 8.4 Years: Average Automobile Maintenance

Cars, like fine wine, get better with age – or at least we’re holding onto them longer. On average, folks are keeping their automobiles rolling for a solid 8.4 years.

Plus, breaking stereotypes, 10.4% of engineers in the automobile industry are women, contributing their skills to the mechanical mix.

The Mighty Auto Repair Industry: 162,000 Facilities, 564,647 Auto Mechanics

Behind the scenes, there’s a massive auto repair army in the U.S. – 162,000 facilities strong, employing a whopping 564,647 auto mechanics. It’s a well-oiled machine working tirelessly to keep our rides in top-notch condition.

Stocks in the Pit Stop: O’Reilly Automotive Shares Down by 22%

In the stock market race, even the giants feel the bumps. Shares of major auto parts retailers like O’Reilly Automotive have taken a dip, sliding down by around 22%. It’s a reminder that there are occasional pit stops even in the fast lane.

Riding the Wave: New Auto Trends to Boost Revenue by 25%

The automotive landscape is shifting gears with new business models powered by connectivity services. Thanks to trends like shared mobility and feature updates, prepare for a 25% boost in the automotive revenue pool. It’s a tech-driven ride into the future.

Aging Gracefully: 76 Million 16-Year-Old Cars in the U.S. by 2023

In 2023, the U.S. will be cruising with a staggering 76 million automobiles that are at least 16 years old. These seasoned rides have seen a lot on the road, proving that age is just a number.

Vintage Vibes: 14 Million Cars Still Rolling After 25 Years

Talk about lasting power! A cool 14 million automobiles on the road today have seen a quarter-century or more. According to a 2015 USA Today report, these vintage rides are like classics, defying the odds and still going strong.

Long-Term Love: 60% Surge in Vehicle Ownership Duration

Buckle up for a stat that’s breaking records! Over the past decade, there’s been a remarkable 60% increase in the average duration of vehicle ownership, whether it’s a shiny new model or a trusty used one. Seems like we’re holding onto our wheels a bit longer these days.

Market Mingle: Auto Repair and Maintenance at $691.7 Billion in 2020

In the ever-changing market, the numbers are doing a shuffle. At a cumulative annual growth rate of -0.3%, the automobile repair and maintenance market are anticipated to shrink from $693.5 billion in 2019 to $691.7 billion in 2020. It’s a market dance with its own rhythm.

Asia Pacific Takes the Lead: 33% of the Auto Repair Market in 2019

In the global auto repair arena, Asia Pacific takes center stage, accounting for a solid 33% of the market in 2019. It’s a powerhouse region when it comes to keeping cars in top shape.

Degrees of Difference: A 9% Pay Gap for Auto Mechanics

In the world of auto mechanics, education makes a difference. Employment data reveals a 9% pay gap, showcasing how various degrees can steer your career in the auto repair lane.

Diverse Drive: The Breakdown of Auto Mechanic Demographics

Behind the grease stains and wrenches, the auto mechanic workforce is a diverse crew. Whites make up 65.6%, followed by Hispanics or Latinos at 17.2%, and blacks or African Americans at 9.9%. It’s a colorful mosaic keeping our rides on the road.

Auto Repair “Other” Statistics

Buckle up for a detour into the less-explored territories of the auto repair landscape.

From the multilingual garages to the global demand for vehicle parts, these “other” statistics offer a unique perspective, uncovering diverse facets of the industry that might surprise even the most seasoned car enthusiasts.

Driving the Economy: Auto Repair Business at $880 Billion Annually

Rev up your engines for this impressive figure: the auto repair business, spread across about 16,000 enterprises nationwide, is projected to be worth a whopping $880 billion each year. It’s not just about fixing cars; it’s driving a significant chunk of the economy.

Global Gears: A 3.2% Surge in Demand for Vehicle Parts and Accessories

The world is revving up its engines! Between 2015 and 2020, there was a global demand surge of 3.2% in the production of vehicle parts and accessories. It’s not just about fixing cars at home; it’s a worldwide automotive orchestra.

Forgetful Drivers: 10% Can’t Recall Their Last Vehicle Maintenance

Memory lapses hit the road too! Surprising data on vehicle maintenance reveals that a notable 10% of individuals can’t even remember the last time they gave their rides some TLC. Looks like some cars are relying on luck rather than regular check-ups.

Jumper Cable Jitters: Only 47% of Motorists Keep Them Handy

When it comes to being road-ready, not everyone’s in the fast lane. Only 47% of motorists keep jumper cables in their vehicles, leaving more than half of us crossing our fingers during a potential roadside hiccup.

Shared Mobility’s Coexistence: A 2% Annual Increase in Worldwide Vehicle Sales by 2030

While shared mobility is on the horizon, it won’t slow down the global vehicle sales race. Projections indicate a steady 2% annual increase in worldwide vehicle sales by 2030, proving that personal rides still hold their charm.

Customer Chronicles: Families Lead at 64.5%, Companies at 29.7%

When it comes to clientele, auto mechanics cater to a diverse crowd. Families lead the pack at 64.5%, followed by companies at 29.7%, the government at 4.4%, and nonprofit organizations at 1.4%. It’s a diverse road of customers for the grease-stained hands.

Age in the Driver’s Seat: Segmentation from 24.1% to 14.3%

Age is more than just a number in the auto repair scene. Customers under 45 make up 24.1%, while those between 45 and 64 hit 26.1%. The seasoned drivers aged 65 and over contribute a solid 14.3% to the mix, showing that auto care knows no age limit.

Market Mosaic: Less Than 10% Revenue from the Top 50 Corporations

In the U.S. market, it’s a patchwork of players. Less than 10% of revenue is generated by the 50 biggest corporations, highlighting the market’s fragmentation. It’s not just the big dogs; there’s room for everyone in the auto repair game.

Spending Acceleration: Towing, Tires, and Washes on the Rise

Americans are splurging on their rides! In 2020, spending on towing shot up by 162%, new tires saw a 124% increase, and vehicle washes and cleaning expenses revved up by 117%. Seems like we’re pampering our cars a bit more these days.

The Road Less Traveled: 432.8 Billion Fewer Miles in 2020

The coronavirus hit the brakes on travel plans. According to the Federal Highway Administration, Americans traveled 432.8 billion fewer miles in 2020 compared to the previous year. It’s a detour that impacted the roads in a way we never expected.

Price Surge Pit Stop: 20% Increase in Vehicle Washes, 11% in Tires

In 2020, prices took an unexpected turn. Vehicle washes and cleaning services saw a 20% increase, while the price of tires went up by 11%. It’s a pit stop where even the cost of a shine and new treads got a tune-up.

Spending Spree: A 123% Climb in Services Compared to 2019

Buckle up for some spending surprises! According to researchers from ValuePenguin, spending on auto services soared by 123% compared to 2019. It’s not just about fixing; it’s a spending spree on keeping our rides in top shape.

Diversity Behind the Wrench: 9.9% Black and 17.2% Hispanic Auto Mechanics

Underneath the cars, diversity is the driver. When it comes to auto mechanics by race, 9.9% are black or African American, and 17.2% are Hispanic or Latino. It’s a mix of backgrounds keeping the wheels turning.

Multilingual Garages: French (6.6%) and Russian (5.3%) Take the Lead

In the world of auto mechanics, language diversity is under the hood. French takes the second spot with 6.6%, and Russian follows closely at 5.3%. It’s not just about fixing cars; it’s a linguistic blend in the garage.


And there you have it, folks – a cruise through the gears of the automotive repair world. From the surge in electric vehicles to the surprising stats on spending habits, it’s clear that the road ahead is paved with excitement and change.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a seasoned driver, or just someone curious about what’s under the hood, these stats paint a picture of an industry in constant motion.

So, as we continue down this winding road, let’s stay curious, keep those engines running smoothly, and remember: in the world of auto repair, every stat tells a story. Happy driving!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How has the pandemic affected the automotive repair industry in terms of car maintenance?

During the pandemic, with cars taking a backseat, the need for maintenance hit the gas pedal, surging by a whopping 62.3%. It’s like our vehicles were saying, “Give me some attention after all those lonely days in the garage!”

2. What’s the future of electric vehicles, and how will it impact the repair scene?

With a shockingly cool 7% of all U.S. cars predicted to be electric by 2030, the automotive repair industry is gearing up for a silent revolution. Mechanics better get ready to trade the traditional engine hum for the quiet purr of electric motors.

3. Who are the major players in the auto repair market, and how does it stack up in terms of revenue?

The U.S. market is a diverse playing field with less than 10% of revenue generated by the 50 biggest corporations. It’s not just the giants; there’s room for local heroes and mom-and-pop shops in this bustling repair arena.

4. Are people keeping their cars longer, and does it vary across age groups?

Absolutely! On average, folks are holding onto their rides for a solid 8.4 years, but the age breakdown is fascinating.

Those under 45 contribute 24.1%, the 45 to 64 age group holds 26.1%, and the seasoned drivers aged 65 and over make up a reliable 14.3% of the auto care clientele.

5. How diverse is the workforce in the auto repair industry, and does language play a role?

Underneath the cars, diversity is the driver. It’s a colorful mosaic with 9.9% of black or African American and 17.2% of Hispanic or Latino auto mechanics.

And hey, if you’re looking for a chat in the garage, French and Russian are the second and third most spoken languages, adding a multilingual twist to the grease-stained conversations.