How to Change Domain Name in Wix

Wix is a cloud-based service that lets you design your website or an online shop without coding skills. With Wix, you can build an eCommerce website, business pages, blogs, news sites, or any type of site.

This guide will describe how a Wix domain works and how to change the domain name.

Note that this tutorial is for a free domain you receive from Wix and not for custom domains.

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What is a Wix Domain, and How does it work?

Wix domain is essentially the address that helps visitors access your website.

When you sign up for a Basic plan, Wix offers you a free domain voucher, which is good for one year.

Here’s what a Wix Domain consists of:

  • The Account Name: It’s your account name on Wix. Every site you create on Wix will include the Account name in front.
  • Wix Domain: Every site you build with Wix contains its branded You can change it to a custom domain by upgrading your subscription plan to premium.
  • Site Name: This is the last element of your website and is unique to each.

How to change Domain Names on Wix for Free?

Wix allows you to personalize the account and site names for free. Changing any of these elements will also change the domain name of your Wix sites. Keep reading this guide to learn how to change your account name and site name on Wix.

Changing The Account Name on Wix, A step-by-step guide.

Firstly log in to your Wix account and click on the Account Profile in the top right corner.

Click on “Account Name” and edit it. That’s all it takes to change your account name on Wix. All your Wix account web addresses will automatically get updated once you change the Account name.

Changing The Site Name on Wix, A step-by-step guide.

Once you log in to your Wix account, it redirects you to the “My Sites” section. Click on a site to change its name and web address.

You’ll enter the site dashboard. Now click on the “Settings” option in the left menu bar and select “Website Settings.”

Edit the “Site Name” to change the last element of your Wix Domain name.

Our Conclusion

Changing the Domain name on Wix is a breeze. Even if you don’t own a paid Subscription plan, you can edit the account and site names to update your web address. However, we suggest you buy the custom domain starting from $4.50/month to get a more professional web address.