How to Change Squarespace Template

With Squarespace's new release of version 7.1, every new website uses the same design creation system.

In the previous edition, templates would have some pre-determined sections which weren't customizable without switching to a different template.

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However, in version 7.1, there aren't any elements or layouts exclusively tied to a particular template, meaning you can personalize it completely.

Squarespace Version 7.1 breaks reliance by rolling out template-less design layouts, which all work the same, regardless of what style you pick. Squarespace version 7.0 relied solely on default design templates to change a site's functionality, features, design aesthetic, or performance.

The new version indeed offers more flexibility. However, it also includes a few downsides. While Squarespace says it is no longer necessary to change templates, as each one is the same now, there is no denying that changing a site's design has become clunkier.

For instance, if you are switching templates and some specific types of pages are missing, you will notice a few changes. 

Unfortunately, starting from scratch is the only way to switch your template in version 7.1 completely. However, this guide will list ways to make large-scale changes to the site's design and structure.

Where to Find Squarespace Templates?

Whenever you create a website with Squarespace, you'll be presented with several unique templates based on your niche. Alternatively, you can go to the template library to access Squarespace's innovative templates.

Squarespace Template customization Tutorial

Firstly, you must log in to your Squarespace account and select the site template you want to customize.

Next, you'll enter the layout editor. Click on "Design" and select "Site Styles."

You'll notice a new menu bar appear on the rightmost screen area. From here, you can completely customize the Squarespace template. However, you must remember that the final changes will apply to the entire site.

Click on "Fonts" to customize the font size, spacing, headings, or text style.

Click on "Colors" to merge different color palettes and create a new background for your site.

Click on "Animations" to animate site elements as they appear on the page.

Click on "Spacing" to change the page width or site margin.

Click on "Buttons" to explore new button styles, edit text and customize the outline.

Click on "Image Blocks" to personalize your image's presentation style on the template.

With the recent updates, customizing a Squarespace template has become a breeze. It literally takes only a couple of minutes to revolutionize your site's outlook and structure completely.

Our Conclusion

Once you choose the template for your site in version 7.1, you cannot change it. However, you can customize different features in more of a plug-and-play approach.

In version 7.0, certain sections such as Blog, Gallery, Layout, and more are tied to specific templates, so you can only adjust particular areas if you change your whole template.

All Squarespace templates are now part of a single family, sharing the same features and basic structure, making it easier to change site styles in seconds.

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