How to Change Template in Wix

Most people believe that it’s impossible to switch templates natively on Wix. In fact, even Wix’s official documentation states so.

However, we will enlist some ways to bypass Wix’s customization and template-switching barriers.

The only way to change your existing site’s template is to start a new site with a new template, copy over the current content, and then adapt the content to fit the new template’s style and structure. While Wix allows you to edit and easily customize your site design, there is no option to switch the existing site template in one click.

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Here are the steps you must follow to change the template in Wix:

  • Creating a New site.
  • Copy and paste the existing content.
  • Customize the elements on the new site 

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Creating a New Site

Firstly you must log in to your Wix account. Once done, click on “Design Site.”

Next, click on “Pick a Template.” You’ll be asked to input your website name.

Once done, you can add additional pages to your website on the next tab.

Next, you’ll enter the template library. Choose the best template for your website here. Remember, make the decision carefully, as you cannot switch templates after this.

Copying and Pasting the existing content

Since you cannot switch templates directly on Wix, you must copy the content on your existing site and paste it on your new site with a new template.

Click on “My Sites” and select the site you want to customize. Once done, click “Pages & Menu” and right-click on the page whose content you wish to copy.

Next, head to your new site and paste the previously copied content on “Pages & Menu.”

Element Customization

You can successfully switch your Wix site to a new template with the last two steps. Next, You can customize the elements on your new site to create a different outlook.

Moreover, Wix will copy and paste the previous elements of your text to your new site. So it’s necessary to customize it according to the latest template.

Right-click on the section you want to customize to change your new site’s outlook.

Our Conclusion

Wix makes it impossible to switch to a new template directly from the site. Many procedures are involved if you want to change a template, so we suggest you carefully pick your designs.

The only way to completely change a template is to create a new site, select a new template, and customize the elements.