35 Twitch Statistics to Know

Step into the dynamic world of Twitch in 2023, where numbers tell a story of an ever-evolving digital phenomenon.

Buckle up as we journey through the data-driven landscape of Twitch and discover the pulse of this unique online community through our top 35 handpicked statistics.

General Twitch Statistics

Get a quick overview of Twitch’s most compelling statistics, offering insights into its growth, viewership, and revenue.

Twitch’s Astonishing Growth

Twitch, the powerhouse of live streaming, has witnessed an incredible surge in popularity. In 2023, the platform boasts a staggering 140 million unique visitors every month.

A Thriving Live Broadcasting Scene

You can dive into a bustling world of 107,800 live Twitch broadcasts at any given moment.

The United States: A Twitch Powerhouse

The United States commands a considerable share of Twitch viewership, with nearly a quarter of all users calling it home. This highlights the platform’s substantial presence in the U.S., where both creators and viewers are actively engaged.

A Gender and Age Snapshot

Twitch has a diverse user base, with 65% of its users identifying as male. Moreover, a youthful energy pulsates through the platform, as 73% of Twitch users are below the age of 35.

The Mobile Frontier

In the age of mobile technology, Twitch has successfully ventured into the world of apps. The Twitch app has been downloaded an astounding 100 million times, demonstrating its popularity among users who want to stay connected on the go.

Gaming Dominance

When it comes to gaming, Twitch reigns supreme. The title that steals the show is “League of Legends,” accumulating a jaw-dropping 42.55 billion watch hours.

Revenue Milestone

Behind the scenes, Twitch is also a financial juggernaut. In 2023, its annual revenue soars to an impressive $1.54 billion.

Twitch’s Monthly User Statistics

Dive into the world of Twitch’s monthly active users, understanding the platform’s reach and its impact on a month-to-month basis.

The Twitch Community’s Size

Twitch’s monthly active user count vividly shows the platform’s immense reach and influence. As of 2023, Twitch boasts a colossal user base of 140 million monthly active users.

Prolific Streamers and Content Creation

Twitch thrives on the creativity and passion of its users. A remarkable 7.4 million streamers take center stage each month to share their content with the world. These content creators play a pivotal role in shaping the platform’s dynamic landscape, offering everything from gaming adventures to cooking tutorials and music performances.

A Thriving Streamer Community

The Twitch ecosystem is not just about the viewers; it’s also about the creators. With an overall count of 9.2 million active Twitch streamers, it’s evident that a thriving and diverse community of content producers drives the platform’s constant evolution.

Epic Viewing Marathons

The sheer volume of video content consumed on Twitch is nothing short of astounding. Collectively, users have watched over 1.14 trillion minutes of video on the platform so far.

Peak Moments of Engagement

  • Twitch is known for its epic moments, and these stats reinforce that reputation. During its most vibrant months, Twitch garners more than 2.3 billion hours of video views. 3. Twitch’s Daily Active users
  • Explore the daily dynamics of Twitch, shedding light on how many users are actively engaged with the platform each day.

Twitch: Part of Everyday Life

Daily active users (DAUs) paint a vivid picture of how deeply ingrained Twitch has become in the daily lives of millions. In 2023, Twitch proudly boasts an impressive 30 million daily active users.

A Live Streaming Spectacle

Twitch’s allure lies in its live, real-time content. On any given day, over 2.5 million people are tuned in to watch Twitch streams, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere where viewers can engage with their favorite creators and communities.

A World of Channels

Variety is the spice of life on Twitch, and that’s evident in the staggering number of concurrent broadcasting channels. With an average of 107,800 channels live at any given moment, Twitch offers a vast array of content, from gaming adventures and creative endeavors to educational discussions and beyond.

Weekday Insights

Twitch’s daily viewership patterns offer intriguing insights. Sundays are the reigning champions when it comes to attracting the most active viewers, drawing in enthusiasts seeking weekend entertainment. Saturdays also shine brightly as a top day for streaming. Conversely, Mondays seem to be the quieter start of the week, with fewer average viewership numbers.

Twitch’s Growth Statistics

Uncover the remarkable journey of Twitch’s user base, from its inception to its current status as a digital giant.

The Birth of a Streaming Giant

Twitch’s journey began in 2011, and it was evident from the get-go that something special was happening. In its very first year, the platform managed to capture the attention of over 3.2 million unique visitors per month.

A Rapid Ascent

Twitch’s growth trajectory was nothing short of meteoric. In 2012, it skyrocketed to 20 million monthly visitors, marking a significant expansion in its user base. The following year 2013, Twitch continued its ascent, reaching 45 million monthly visitors, further solidifying its position as the go-to platform for live streaming.

Breaking the 50 Million Barrier

2014 was another milestone year for Twitch, as it crossed the 50 million monthly visitors mark, reaching 55 million. This period marked the platform’s transition from a niche community to a mainstream entertainment hub.

The Century Mark

By 2015, Twitch was celebrating a landmark achievement, with a whopping 100 million monthly visitors.

Recent Growth

While specific user counts for recent years may not be readily available, the most recent figure from 2021 showed Twitch’s continued expansion, with 140 million visitors per month.

Twitch’s Global Internet Standing Statistics

Discover where Twitch stands in the global internet engagement rankings and how it compares to other digital heavyweights.

Twitch’s Position on the Internet Stage

In the grand theater of the internet, Twitch has secured its place as a prominent player. In 2021, it was ranked 37th globally for overall internet engagement. To put this into perspective, roughly 2 billion websites are strewn across the digital realm.

A Crowded Video-Sharing Arena

However, while Twitch is a heavyweight in the live streaming arena, it’s important to note that it doesn’t hold the top spot in the video-sharing rankings. That honor belongs to YouTube, which ranks second only to its parent site, Google, in terms of global web traffic.

TikTok’s Rapid Ascent

Furthermore, Twitch faces fierce competition from up-and-coming platforms like TikTok. In a mere five years, TikTok managed to amass a user base of 1 billion.

A World of Internet Users

Amidst this digital battleground, there are a staggering 4.8 billion active internet users around the world. This vast and diverse user base underscores the sheer scale of the internet’s reach and influence, and it’s within this landscape that platforms like Twitch carve their niche.

Twitch’s Gaming Community’s Social Hangout Statistics

Delve into Twitch’s role as a preferred social media platform among video gamers and its standing within this niche.

Twitch: A Key Player in Gamer Social Media

In the realm of social media platforms favored by video gamers, Twitch proudly claims the 4th spot, solidifying its status as a crucial hub for gaming enthusiasts.

The Power of Video

Video content reigns supreme among gamers, and Twitch has harnessed this preference brilliantly. With 9.4% of video gamers in the U.S. actively engaging with Twitch, it serves as a go-to destination for live streaming, gaming events, and interactive content.

The Top Three: A Formidable Trio

While Twitch holds a prominent position, it’s important to note that YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram remain the top choices for gamers. With its extensive video library, YouTube captures the lion’s share of this demographic, boasting a 48.7% preference rate.

Emerging Platforms

Beyond the top four, emerging platforms like TikTok, Discord, Reddit, and Snapchat are also gaining ground. Their inclusion in the list underscores the evolving nature of social media preferences within the gaming community.

A Multifaceted Gaming Community

The diversity of social media platforms preferred by video gamers highlights the multifaceted nature of the gaming community. Gamers aren’t confined to a single platform; they engage across various platforms, each serving different purposes and content types.

Twitch’s International Viewership Statistics

Explore the countries that contribute the most to Twitch’s viewership, highlighting the platform’s global appeal.

Global Viewership Dynamics

While it’s true that eSports streams, along with gaming content, hold a special place in Twitch’s ecosystem, the platform’s global viewership presents an intriguing picture. The assumption that the Asia Pacific market dominates Twitch viewing is not entirely accurate, primarily due to strong competitors in those regions and regulatory hurdles.

The Great Firewall and Regional Competitors

One significant challenge Twitch faces in non-Western markets is the presence of formidable local competitors. Services like DouYu in China have established themselves as dominant players in the streaming landscape. The unique content preferences and regulations in these regions make it challenging for Twitch to gain a foothold.

Top Five Twitch-Enthusiastic Nations

Despite these challenges, certain countries continue to comprise the largest percentage of Twitch viewership:

1. United States of America (USA): The USA leads the pack, accounting for a significant 20.83% of Twitch viewership. This translates to a whopping 44 million Twitch viewers. The forecast indicates that this number is set to grow to 51.6 million by 2024, underlining the platform’s enduring appeal in its home market.

2. Germany: Germany secures the second position with 7.11% of Twitch viewership, emphasizing the platform’s popularity in Europe.

3. Korea: South Korea is another key player, contributing 4.53% of Twitch’s global viewership. The nation’s enthusiastic gaming culture has played a pivotal role in Twitch’s appeal.

4. Russia: Russia follows closely behind with 4.30% of Twitch viewership, showcasing the platform’s reach into Eastern Europe.

5. France: France rounds out the top five, with 4.11% of Twitch viewership. The French gaming community has embraced Twitch’s interactive format.

Twitch User Demographics Statistics

Gain insights into the demographics of Twitch users, including gender and age breakdowns.

Gender Demographics

Twitch’s user base is a diverse mix, with a noticeable shift in gender demographics compared to a few years ago. Presently, 65% of Twitch users identify as male, with the remaining 35% comprising female viewers. This shift reflects a narrowing gender gap compared to 2017 when Twitch last released official figures, revealing that a staggering 81.5% of users were male.

Age Demographics

Twitch is undeniably a playground for younger viewers, where gaming and interactive content reign supreme. Nearly three-quarters of all users fall below the age of 35, emphasizing the platform’s youthful and dynamic character. Here’s a breakdown of the age demographics:

  • 16-24: This age group represents the largest share, accounting for 41% of all Twitch users.
  • 25-34: The next significant chunk comprises viewers between the ages of 25 and 34, making up 32% of the user base.
  • 35-44: Twitch’s appeal extends to those aged 35 to 44, representing 17% of the community.
  • 45-54: Viewers aged 45 to 54 constitute 7% of the user base, demonstrating that Twitch’s allure extends to a mature audience seeking diverse content.
  • 55-64: Even the 55 to 64 age bracket is represented on Twitch, albeit with a smaller share of 3%.


In 2023, Twitch isn’t just a platform; it’s a vibrant universe where millions gather to share, connect, and experience the magic of live streaming. These statistics unveil the sheer scale, diversity, and excitement that define Twitch.

Join us in celebrating the captivating world of Twitch in 2023, where the show never stops, and the chat is always buzzing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Twitch’s most-watched game in 2023?

In 2023, “League of Legends” continues to dominate Twitch, accumulating billions of watch hours, making it the reigning king of the platform.

How does Twitch’s user base break down by gender?

Twitch’s user base is 65% male and 35% female, showcasing a more balanced gender distribution compared to previous years.

Which country contributes the most to Twitch viewership?

The United States leads the way, accounting for a significant 20.83% of Twitch viewership, with 44 million viewers and a projected growth to 51.6 million by 2024.

What’s the age group that dominates Twitch’s user demographics?

Twitch is predominantly frequented by younger viewers, with 41% aged 16-24 and 32% aged 25-34, forming the majority of the user base.

How much of Twitch’s views come from mobile devices?

Approximately 35% of Twitch views originate from mobile devices, highlighting the platform’s adaptability to on-the-go viewing preferences.