What is a Call to Action (CTA)?

A Call to Action (CTA) is a button or link located on our site that seeks to attract potential customers and convert them into final customers, usually through a form on a landing page.

This video will help explain:

A CTA is the link between the regular content that the user consumes and a page (landing page) with a more interesting offer for our user, which is relevant and interesting enough to persuade him to complete our form.

Why do we need Call to Action?

The Call to Action is an indispensable element when what we are looking for is to make the user connect with us.

It is very important to segment our target audience well and to know it in depth in order to choose the best Call to Action according to our objectives.

What should the perfect Call to Action be?

It is convenient to follow a series of tips so that your CTAs end up being attractive to your audience and you manage to notably increase your click rate:

  • Focus on who you are addressing: The more you segment, the more effective it will be and therefore the more attractive it will be, which translates into a higher conversion rate.
  • Find a good copy: A Call to Action is useless if the offer you want to make is not very clear or if the design prevails over the copy, relieving it to a second place.
  • Choose a good location for the CTA: You have to put it where the eyes of our user go to attract their attention: top left (following the western reading), at the end of an article, top in the center of the web, etc.
  • Use numbers: The numbers show the user exactly what they are going to get (for example, a discounted price over the previous price).
  • Create a good design according to your style guide: However, it is important that they are visually coherent with the rest of the page, since this is a way of making them inherent to your brand and easily recognizable.

The most important thing when making a Call to Action is to try and experiment with various sketches, ask your users for feedback, and see which call to action works best, and finally, implement it.

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