What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard is a graphic representation of the main metrics or KPIs involved in achieving the objectives of an inbound marketing strategy.

This video will help explain:

This tool allows us to visualize the problem and encourage decision making aimed at improving the possible mistakes we may be making. The ultimate goal is to transform the data into useful information to guide our strategy towards achieving the proposed objectives.

What should a good dashboard look like?

  • Correct KPIs: We must choose those that make sense and really add value to the achievement of our objectives and allow us to make decisions.
  • Visual: It must be a clean and orderly graph that allows us to understand the data at a glance.
  • Actionable: It must allow us to visualize, contextualize and compare data in a way that allows us to establish useful assessments.
  • Customized: A dashboard is not standard for all companies and digital strategies. On the contrary, we must elaborate an ad hoc one according to our objectives.

To measure the success of our inbound marketing actions we must establish the correct KPIs and determine a methodology that allows us to visualize and monitor the achievement of the objectives. And without a doubt, the dashboard is one of the tools that will help you monitor your digital strategy.

Here is an example of customized dashboards for the analysis of your ecommerce.

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