What is a Copy (writer)?

When we talk about Copy we refer either to the person within the marketing team who is in charge of thinking about the creative strategy of a campaign, or to the creative texts themselves that are used in that strategy and who normally does this first.

This video will help explain:

What is copywriting?

The Copy as a creative strategist is the person who has the responsibility about the idea of the campaign and the texts with which he is going to communicate. He or she is in charge of thinking about how the audience will be told the story that the brand intends to convey, shaping that story so that it is accepted by the viewer and getting the viewer to react in the way that is expected.

He also writes the texts that will accompany the idea: claims, voice-overs, graphic texts, etc. In many cases, he will also decide, together with the art director, the visual communication of the creative idea.

The work of both professionals (copywriter and art director) does not necessarily have to work in one direction. Many times it is the copy that guides the art director to one or another visual design depending on the creative idea, other times it is this second one who initiates the process and many other times, they work together and horizontally during the whole time.

On the other hand, the copy understood as text, refers to those messages of slogans, scripts, speeches, etc. that the creative responsible writes and that intend to tell what the brand wants to communicate to its audience.

If you want to make a good copy, look at these simple steps to become a storyteller.

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