What is a Whitepaper?

A whitepaper is a document in the form of a guide whose function is to try to explain to users how to solve a problem or help them understand a specific topic.

This video will help explain everything:

Although they are often confused with ebooks, whitepapers are more oriented to the B2B market and, rather than dealing with a generic topic, they seek to provide solutions to problems or to investigate more broadly on the topic to be addressed.

Content Marketing provides us with more and more tools to give our content a different format depending on the objectives we have or the topic to be addressed. Currently, whitespapers are one of the most demanded by users.

How to make a Whitepeaper?

It is a not very long and linear document, between 5 and 15 pages, which focuses on a single topic trying to go deeper into it. For this, it is very important to have reliable data based on some research. The tone is usually formal and the vocabulary is technical on the topic in question.

In the end, a Whitepaper is a document that should be useful to users and help them to solve any doubt or problem about the topic in question. Therefore, it will be very important to seek depth in the topic and provide the resources that our users need.

We leave you a very interesting article with the differences between a Whitepaper and an Ebook so that you do not confuse them and take full advantage of each of them.

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