What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a conference, workshop, course or seminar in video format that is delivered over the Internet. What characterizes the webinar and gives it value is the interaction that takes place between the speaker and the users attending the webinar.

This video will help explain everything:

So if your excuse for not taking that course you are so interested in is that you don't have time, or that it is not held in your city, look for another one. Training is now on the Internet and webinars are here to stay. You can find a large number of conferences, lectures, masterclasses... to which, to attend, you only need a computer.

Webinars are given live, on a specific date and time. Normally the person who gives the conference interacts with the users, who can comment or ask any question that comes to mind in relation to the speaker's speech.

What should we do before creating a webinar?

The first thing we need to be clear about when creating a webinar is to know the purpose of the webinar... Why am I going to do it? Once we have answered this question, we will be able to determine the specific objectives of our webinar.

Do I want to attract new users? Do I want to build the loyalty of my existing users? Do I want to demonstrate that I am an expert in a certain topic? Do I want to grow my emailing list?

Once we have defined the objective, we can shape the topic, the purpose and the call to action.

  • What audience are we targeting? Make sure that the content you are going to create in that webinar is tailored to the audience you want to reach.
  • Choose a topic, a good topic. It should be relevant to your audience and linked to the goals you have set out to achieve.
  • It should be educational, but at the same time fun and entertaining. To make it more visual and entertaining, don't forget to include practical cases that can be applied. Use personal stories, examples of clients, studies, etc.
  • Allow time for questions. Don't be in a hurry, just as you have been able to present your ideas, it is essential that users who are connected can ask you all the questions they have so that nothing is left unanswered.
  • Focus on four or five key concepts, and go through each one of them, always without forgetting to incorporate stories and examples to explain each of the ideas.
  • Don't focus on the text, make it visual. It is easier for you to explain the content and attract attention through images that catch the attention of your audience.
  • The length of the webinar is essential. HubSpot advises us that the duration of a webinar should not exceed 45 minutes, and then leave about 15 minutes for questions and doubts.
  • Include relevant links to additional content so that users can access at the time of the webinar and see all the information.
  • The call to action is very important. It should be related to the content of the webinar and lead to additional information so that the user can continue to expand if needed.
  • Leave the webinar online 15 minutes before it starts to give your users time to connect and give them a brief introduction to get them up to speed.

Why are they so useful in our Content Marketing strategy?

  • They help us to attract new potential customers and retain the ones we already have. How? Through the dissemination of information on social networks, blogs, invitations through emailing, etc. Unlike other types of content, webinar attendees register by giving us all their information before participating, which helps us to continue generating a database and follow up with attendees immediately.
  • They build relationships. With a webinar we get face to face with our target audience, we establish a connection with them and it is not as cold as when they read us on a blog or download an ebook. The user begins to know who is behind the whole process, and thanks to the fact that it is done live, we can receive immediate feedback.
  • Affordable, to create a webinar we do not need a big budget. The time, money and resources we use are much less than those required for an event.
  • We can reuse content. A webinar gives us enough content to be subsequently nurturing both our blog and social networks. We can break down the webinar into ideas for several posts, create quotes for our social networks, generate debates with the conclusions and feedback that users give you, make a presentation as a summary on SlideShare, etc.

Ideas to get the most out of your webinar

Once you have decided that you want to do a webinar, how can you make the most of it?

  • Create a SlideShare account and upload each of the webinar presentations you create. If you don't have anything to feed your SlideShare with, the webinar will be a very useful resource to give traction to this social network.
  • When you create content after your webinar, don't forget to always link to related content. So that someone who reads you can decide if they want to go to that webinar or to the presentation you have uploaded on SlideShare, so put both links. Always make sure to share all related content on your social networks.
  • Create an ebook from your webinar. Surely many of your users have not been able to attend the webinar live, why not tell them everything that happened through an ebook? This way we will also collect the data of all those people who download the ebook.

As you can see, a webinar is a type of content that works great to gain the trust of your users and take them to the audience and move them through the buyer journey. They give added value and offer interesting content in which the user can give their opinion immediately and is responded to instantly.

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