What is an Opt-in?

Opt-in is the act by which a user interested in our content agrees to receive information via email, sms or messenger chat.

This video will help explain:

Let's take a very simple example: A user accesses 40deFiebre, enters one of the contents, reads it until he/she comes across a call to action that invites him/her to subscribe to our newsletter. When that user registers in that form and accepts to receive 40deFiebre's daily newsletter, he/she is doing an Opt-In.

If, once the user signs up, he/she receives an e-mail in his/her e-mail inbox with a link that he/she has to click on to activate his/her subscription to the newsletter, we are talking about a double opt-in.

Opt-in is one of the most important factors in the success of an email marketing campaign, as it guarantees the sending of emails to those recipients who really want to receive information about our product or service.

What do we get with the Opt-in?

  • Voluntary reading of our content
  • Increase in the opening rate of emails
  • User's willingness to share the content
  • Long-term user loyalty

In short, intrusive communication with the user has been left behind in the world of online marketing. Now, techniques such as Opt-in help to achieve an optimal relationship with our users.

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