What is an Insight?

Insight is one of the most widely used terms in marketing, communication, advertising and branding. However, it is one of those words that is difficult to define and understand.

An insight is a key, the essence that allows us to find the solution to a problem. A path, a piece of information that suggests how to solve any equation, no matter how complex it may be. An insight is not the solution, it is simply the point that leads us to the path of that solution.

This video will help explain:

In the world of content where we talk so much about understanding the consumer, insights are vital because they make our job easier when producing any piece. An insight is obtained after researching the brand and the consumer. It allows us to know better how to connect properly with all of them.

By finding the right insight we can discover a great opportunity or the solution to our problems through information that is not always easily observable. In other words, they are the intangible aspects of the way the consumer thinks or feels generating opportunities for new products or strategies.

The advantages of applying insights in marketing and digital communication strategies are many and very diverse. Thanks to them we are able to feed our product by adding the demands and needs that the user had previously hidden and unknown, as well as improve our positioning strategy and help us to direct our efforts in building consumer loyalty in a more optimal way.

The insights are key in any Content Marketing strategy of any company. So it is vital that before moving a piece of our puzzle, we do a good research. This will allow us to find these points in order to find the best solutions to our consumers' problems.

Examples of good insights used in campaigns

Nike's Find Your Greatness, a campaign for the 2012 London Olympics that encouraged people to excel as athletes, regardless of their ability.

The insight here was clear: it is not only the Olympic athlete who strives to break his limits. Nike's audience is precisely "the amateur athlete" so it is very well spun and it worked so well.

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