What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a technique of communication with the user in which email is used to attract and nurture potential customers.

This video will help explain:

How do I use email marketing for my business?

Email Marketing is consolidated, among the many forms of communication with the user, as a very powerful tool capable of reporting very good results. Email Marketing is more alive than ever, but you must always think of the user first to do it correctly.

It is a direct channel with the user that allows you to adapt the content to each consumer and thus achieve greater return on investment. A good segmentation is key in an Email Marketing strategy. There is no point in sending massive amounts of information to a user who is not interested in our content.

This technique is direct, but not invasive, since the user has agreed to receive it. In addition, we have many tools to measure the results of the campaign, such as Mailchimp or Hubspot, among others.

Taking into account that Email Marketing reaches a ROI of 4,300%, with a minimum investment we can obtain great results.

Conclusion: The Email Marketing is an excellent communication channel in which to offer quality content and interest to our user that lead us to convert those leeds in future customers. Learn how to do real Email Marketing and how to create a perfect Email Marketing campaign.

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