What is Engagement?

It is the ability of a product (a brand, a blog, an application) to create solid and lasting relationships with its users, generating that commitment that is established between the brand and the consumers. The more we know about the user, the better tactics we can implement to make that relationship solid and lasting.

This video will help explain everything in detail:

Engagement is one of those terms that are very fashionable in the world of Inbound Marketing and you will have heard about it a million times. However, do you know its true meaning?

Engagement can be measured in different ways, with repeat purchases, repeated visits to a site, or in web analytics through aspects such as bounce rate and time spent, number of page views per user, time spent on the site or comments on a post. In short, it is necessary to measure and increase the user's love for what you do.

How can I optimize for engagement?

By establishing a stable, long-lasting and deep relationship with the user, either by providing a differential value, interacting with them, giving them special treatment...

We have to listen to him, observe him, establish a conversation with him, placing the customer in our focus and not sales. We have to make the user look for the interaction and want to repeat it, generating that emotional link to our product thanks to our good practices.

In short, the engagement is what we all aspire to; that the user desires our product and remains faithful to us. Connecting with our users is no longer a utopia. In this article we explain the secret ingredient to get engagement in social networks.

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