What is Evergreen Content?

In Online Marketing we say that a content is evergreen when it is able to endure over time without being outdated. It has no expiration date. It provides value to the user today and also in six months.

This video will help explain everything for you:

On the Internet, where a day is equivalent to a year, where everything goes out of fashion before we know it was, where almost anything expires long before we have time to savor it, the most valued contents are those that remain in time. Contradictory? Maybe so, but the current trend is to bet on evergreen content.

It is not a content that has a date suitable for consumption: it does not respond to the present, nor to a particular moment in time. A piece of news about the latest Twitter update would only be interesting on the day that news is published, or a few days later. But in no case would it be an evergreen content since after those first days, everyone would already know the news of the social network, and besides, after a few months Twitter will launch new updates and the news will be totally obsolete.

On the contrary, an evergreen content can be perfectly adapted at any time. It always responds to recurring themes and constitutes an added value for anyone interested in them.

These are contents that do not need numerous updates over time. However, they always need to be reviewed and updated, although to a lesser extent than other types of content. They never end up being considered obsolete.

They admit diverse formats, as far as their form is concerned: ebooks, infographics, posts, whitepapers... and they are very interesting at SEO level because of their capacity to generate continuous interest, engagement, links and traffic.

Therefore, finding a balance between evergreen content and other more current related content will be the key to open the door to success in Content Marketing.

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