What is Gamification?

Gamification is the implementation of playable mechanics in non-game contexts. These techniques are increasingly applied in different sectors, including inbound marketing, to achieve greater engagement and involvement of users.

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What is gamification?

The game is present in the life of all human beings and that is, playing is the best atmosphere to learn social skills, ways to cooperate with each other, rules, self-control ...

Experts have realized that through play, many other benefits can be obtained besides the playful ones. Hence the idea of gamification through the implementation of playable mechanics in contexts outside a game.

This trend seeks to encourage behaviors such as competitiveness or the search for recognition related to games to, generally, involve the user and make a more playful experience with a website or a particular content.

Gamification has become one of the most important ways of dynamization within social networks and corporate websites. Therefore, it helps those who use it to make their work more attractive, to simplify complicated tasks, to motivate their participation, to create an atmosphere of trust and to increase companionship.

To carry it out, users can be rewarded for carrying out certain tasks, in the form of medals, achievements or points or using rankings, among others.

An example of success are applications like foursquare that give the user points for each check in, award collectible badges when certain conditions are met, allow you to become mayor of places and generate an automatic ranking among your network contacts encouraging competition.

The gamification in inbound marketing helps us to achieve a greater engagement and involvement of users. With a good implementation of gamification we would go from the mere connectivity of the user to the dynamic participation of that group or community with effort and willingness.

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