What is Growth Hacking?

The Growth Hacking is a discipline that seeks, with the minimum expenditure and effort possible, to increase quickly and noticeably the volume of users, or income, or impacts, of our company.

This video will help explain everything:

The most important thing of all and what we have to keep in mind is that we always look for the minimum use of resources so the techniques used will always have a high impact of creativity.

That said, it looks very good, doesn't it? We all need more Growth Hacking :).

However, there is a fine line between the ethics of the practices used and we have to be very careful. Do you prefer 100 users obtained organically or 10,000 obtained after spamming 10,000,000? The cost of getting users can't be just any, and we have to always put the user at the center and attend to their needs. Be careful with this, it is key not to exceed this line and we have to balance between what we need and what we have to do to keep our product or service healthy in terms of reputation.

Who is an ideal Growth Hacker?

There are several qualities that we all agree when defining a Growth Hacker:


Analyzing everything is key to understanding whether or not the techniques we try work. He is analytical but smart, looks for the key metrics and targets to analyze success and knows when to throw something away or persevere.


Creativity is key to a Growth Hacker because Growth Hacking talks about looking for new formulas that make growth, so if everyone does the same, our ability to grow will be limited.


Knowing a little bit about everything and the more the better is the key to developing better growth techniques.


Curiosity for everything, lateral thinking, research from all sectors to capture new ideas.


The Growth Hacker wants to test things out quickly and see if they work. He likes to analyze but does not like paralysis by analysis. Analyzing just enough is necessary, losing agility in launching to the market by analyzing too much is crude and inefficient.

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