What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is a common practice among bloggers, in which you participate as a guest on someone else's blog. Blogging is one more tool of Inbound Marketing that helps us (among other things) to spread information of interest to both our users and potential users.

This video will help you understand everything:

Among the many ways that exist to enrich a blog, Guest Blogging is one of the most widespread.

Benefits and Advantages of Guest Blogging

The advantages for the guest blogger of writing a guest post on a blog that is not their own are several; from increasing their visibility and professional relations, to talking about topics that they do not normally cover, or generating links to the blog. In turn, the blog gains a different content, variety and the possibility of attracting new users. What we call a win to win for the blog and the blogger.

For example, if your blog is about futsal, and you have a small but loyal audience, you can collaborate with another friend who has a blog about soccer and publish a generic post about futsal curiosities in their blog, so you will provide a different and original content to their users, and you will increase your visibility through their blog.

The fact that it works as a link building method makes Guest Blogging one of the most effective link building tactics today.

As we can see, Guest Blogging is a win-win situation, but watch out for the penalties, in this article we show you how to do Guest Blogging without killing your website with penalties. Do you dare?

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