What is Social Selling?

To define it simply: Social Selling is the use of social media channels (usually attributed to networks such as LinkedIn) for sales purposes. Or rather, for any stage of the sales process, from prospect research to qualification and conversation with customers.

This video will help explain the subject:

Why is Social Selling important?

  • Because 84% of purchase decision makers (C-level and VP-level) are influenced by social networks according to IDG.
  • Because the increase in the number of leads obtained with this tactic is higher than with other tactics.
  • Because it is the tactic most used by the vast majority of B2B professionals according to CMI.
  • Because according to Executive Board the decision process has advanced more than half of the process before contacting any salesperson.
  • Because according to McKinsey, the potential increase in productivity of teams that adopt tactics such as Social Selling is 20-25%.
  • Because your future customer is in these social channels, isn't it?
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