What is SoLoMo?

"SoLoMo": this word, which may sound strange at first glance, is nothing more than the combination of the beginning of three Anglo-Saxon words: Social, Location and Mobile. SoLoMo is a type of user who consumes content in the place where they are.

This video will help explain everything:

How to understand SoLoMo?

This combination of three elements united in the same system is very important for those business models, such as restaurants, bars or physical stores, in which their physical location is fundamental.

For example: The Forsquare application is a SoLoMo application since it uses GPS systems, allowing to inform (through a "check in") to the network itself that we are in a specific place. In this way, it allows us to strategically offer the user an immediate benefit based on a specific location.

It is known that more than 30% of Internet searches have a purpose and a basically local origin, and that more than half of them lead to an action within an hour; and this is happening more and more frequently with smartphone users.

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