What is the Bounce Rate?

The bounce rate is a metric that shows us the percentage of abandonment of visitors when they enter our website.

This video will help clear up any doubts:

There are several factors that influence the bounce rate, such as the design of the website, the difficulty in finding a certain topic, the information they find, etc.

What is the bounce rate or bounce percentage?

The bounce rate or percentage is used to detect which users do not find the content of the site interesting, or have not found what they were looking for, since they enter a page of our website and without navigating through any link, they leave the site.

The bounce rate is a useful data to measure the level of satisfaction of your users. Together with the dwell time, it indicates whether the user has been on the page for a long time before bouncing and therefore possibly found the content they were looking for, or if it was immediate, so they may not have had a satisfactory browsing experience.

How to reduce the bounce rate or percentage

  • Reviewing our analytics. to see where our visitors enter, where they leave, the time spent where they spend less time and therefore, the bounce rate is higher.
  • Improving the usability and the way we organize the content, trying to get the user to stay longer if we give them interesting and quality content. To do this, we always have to think about the user.
  • Using good images that go according to our text; if the images attract the attention of our users, they will serve to stay on our website a few minutes longer.
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