What is the Bounce Rate for Emails?

Bounce is the indicator that tells us how many emails could not be delivered to the recipient's inbox in an email marketing campaign.

This video will help illustrate the subject:

Within this indicator we find two types: Hard Bounce and Soft Bounce, but what are they and how do they differ?

The Hard and Soft Bounce are two of the most important metrics in email marketing because they will tell us if the bounce is because of a particular problem or because that email address no longer exists.

Types of Bounce

Let's see the difference between Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce:

Soft Bounce or soft bounce rate. It is the one that is produced by a temporary problem with a valid email address, (for example, you have a full inbox or a problem with the server). The recipient's server will be able to receive these emails again once the problem has gone away.

Hard Bounce or hard bounce rate. Refers to the one that occurs when the email address is invalid, misspelled, or no longer exists. The next step is to directly delete the email address.

Email marketing is a very powerful weapon in our marketing strategy, so it is important to keep our email lists updated to increase the open rate and improve conversion.

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