TOFU, MOFU, BOFU stand for Top, Middle and Bottom of the funnel, and refer to the phase of the conversion funnel to which our Inbound Marketing tactic or strategy is oriented.

This video will help clear things up for you:

TOFU MOFU AND BOFU are three concepts that you must take into account when creating content understanding the buying cycle of your users in your Inbound Marketing strategy. 

How? let me tell you about TOFU MOFU and BOFU in detail:

TOFU (Top of the funnel)

TOFU is the top of the funnel, where content is created to attract as many visitors as possible. Therefore, you cannot launch an offer to them because they are not yet clear about their need. In the TOFU stage, content is usually disseminated in post format that will help your users, after consuming it, to identify what they need.

For example, a post about the 10 reasons why to do Content Marketing.

MOFU (Middle of the funnel)

MOFU is what we call the second stage of the conversion funnel, here users have already discovered what they need so they slide down the funnel and reach the middle part.

This is when you can offer them more difficult content in exchange for information (lead generation). The MOFU stage is all about offering content created so that users start to see you as an option to consider to satisfy their need. So you must be clear about the needs of your buyer personas in order to accompany them through the funnel and prepare them for the sale.

For example, "the definitive guide to Content Marketing" that will position you as an expert on the subject and will help your user, converted into a lead, to keep you in mind when hiring a Content Marketing agency.

BOFU (Bottom of the funnel)

It is the fundamental piece that closes the sales cycle. Only users who, after visiting you, have considered you as an option and are already interested in your products and/or services reach the narrowest part of the funnel (BOFU). To convert them into customers, you will need to create personalized content: a product demo, a free trial or an audit.

For example, a free Content Marketing advice microservice.

It is therefore a matter of creating different content in each of the phases of the purchase funnel (TOFU, MOFU and BOFU) to accompany the user from the moment he detects a need until he satisfies it by making a purchase or contracting a service.

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