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A digital marketing journey, from keyword research and competitive analysis to campaign optimization.

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Ultimate SEO toolkit for keywords, backlinks, and competitor analysis excellence.

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Ubersuggest is your essential SEO tool for keywords, backlinks, and competitive insights.

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So, you are in the market for an SEO Reporting tool.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best SEO Tool specifically for Reporting

SEO reports are crucial as they show the current health of your website and diagnose any underlying issues that can impact your search rankings. An SEO tool that offers reporting and analytical features will be the perfect match for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best SEO tool for Reporting:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best known SEO tools, especially designed to analyze the links on your website and the main competitors. Today it already includes multiple functions that make Ahrefs the favourite SEO suite of many professionals in the sector.

Ahrefs Features

Ahrefs SEO tool shows you all the keywords that are bringing traffic to your competitors, every website linking to your competitors and boosting their positions in search. Additionally, you can see what SEO mistakes you’re making on your website and how to fix them. Ahrefs helps you track your website’s backlink and make ranking improvements.

Here are some exclusive features of Ahrefs:

Keyword Generation: Ahrefs offers a keyword explorer which can vastly improve your rankings. You can type a keyword and see its monthly search volume, keyword difficulty and the number of clicks that go to organic results vs paid. Additionally, you can filter through all keywords swiftly by setting the keyword difficulty score to narrow the database.

Keywords Report: Ahrefs shows all recently added keywords in its database, containing your seed keyword as a phrase match. Ahrefs consistently update the keywords database with new data, enabling you to know what new topics your prospective customers are currently searching for.

Traffic Estimation: With Ahrefs, you can see the average search volume for every keyword. Additionally, you can see the top 10 Ranking pages for a keyword phrase along with an estimate of the total monthly organic search traffic generated. You can see the traffic estimates for a country or global search.

SERP Volatility: SERP shows the websites or links trying to challenge the current top 10 ranked pages for a keyword. Ahrefs shows whether your SERPs are volatile or stable. So you can base your SEO strategy accordingly. Volatile SERP means there are constant changes in top 10 rankings, and it is usually difficult to maintain the top 10 positions in search results.

Ranking History: You can check keyword reports for your website and its ranking History within Ahrefs. It provides a history of your website and whether you’ve had any ranked search results in the past for a keyword.

Content Gap Opportunities: Ahrefs allows you to find the content gap between 2 websites that offer similar content to yours. Moreover, you can do it at a page kt subfolder level. It helps you find the uncovered topics and keywords, helping you write unique content and improve your chances of generating more traffic.

Outbound Link Monitoring: Ahrefs provides reporting tools to audit your website for toxic outbound links. You can see the backlinks on your website and identify the link injections or possible guest bloggers selling links on your website.

Ahrefs Pricing

Ahrefs offers 4 Pricing options to help you analyze your website’s SEO traffic and improve its ranking or inbound traffic.

The “Lite” plan is priced at $99/month and includes 1 Power user with 500 reports. Additionally, you get an SEO dashboard, Site explorer, Keywords explorer, Rank tracker and site audit.

The “Standard” plan is priced at $199/month and includes 1 Power user with 500 reports. Additionally, you get SERP updates, Content gaps, Domain comparison and Batch analysis.

The “Advanced” plan is priced at $399/month and includes 1 Power user with 500 reports. Additionally, you get Google data studio, Dashboard folders, Site Structure and Content master.

The “Enterprise” plan is priced at $999/month and includes 1 Power user with 500 reports. Additionally, you get Access management, Directory listing, Audit logs and SSO.

2. Screaming Frog

Who hasn’t used Screaming Frog before?

Screaming Frog is a crawler that lets you crawl all the URLs on any website and find possible technical errors and other key elements to audit your site.

It’s an SEO tool that no professional in the industry can afford to miss.

Screaming Frog Features

Unlike its competitors, Screaming Frog is not limited; to SEO. It helps you find website programming errors related to servers. Additionally, you can track issues that impact your SEO and swiftly review SEO elements like meta descriptions and title tags. Screaming Frog lets you scrape through content and perform analysis to improve quality.

SEO Spider

Screaming Frog is essentially a service providing agency that also offers SEO services through SEO Spider. With this tool, you can analyze websites for common SEO issues. It lets you identify issues at scale and collect the data you require to make informed SEO decisions.

Here are some exclusive features of SEO Spider:

Find Broken Links and Perform Audit Redirects

SEO Spider crawls through your website and checks for any errors or broken links that might be impacting your internet traffic. Additionally, you can check the backlinks to identify any link injections or redirects that divert your business visitors onto other pages.

Analyze Website and Discover Duplications

Wrong HTML codes that do not fit SEO can affect your search rankings. With SEO Spider, you can inspect your meta descriptions or titles. Additionally, you can find duplications in your content and change them on time to maintain good website health.

Xpath Data Extraction and XML Sitemap generation

SEO Spider lets you extract HTML data of webpages through Xpath. Additionally, you can generate XML sitemaps so search engines can crawl through your website and discern your website structure. You can also evaluate your site architecture and maintain high performance.

Log File Analyzer

Log files are generated in client panels of your servers and contain valuable information regarding backend, security and SEO traffic. The logs contain all traces of crawlers from search engines and your inbound traffic. With Screaming Frog’s Log File Analyzer, you can monitor these log files and gain valuable insights.

Here are some exclusive features of Log File Analyzer:

Identify Crawled URLs and Crawling Frequency

Googlebots consistently websites to update the search rankings based on the latest indexes. With Log File Analyzer, you can recognize these crawling bots and how frequently they are visiting your URLs. Additionally, you can see which URLs haven’t been crawled by search engines.

Improve Crawl Budgets and Identify Slow Pages

Log File Analyzer lets you view the uncrawled URLs so you can identify waste directories within your website. It helps you control the website maintenance cost by removing uncrawled links. Additionally, you can get information regarding slow-loading pages and reduce their downtime before search engines identify the issue and lower your rankings.

Screaming Frog Pricing

Screaming Frog offers both; paid and free versions for its SEO Spider and Log File Analyzer.

Log File Analyzer’s free and paid versions offer the same features. However, there are Log Event and Project limits on the Free version. You can create 1 project and Log upto 1000 lines. The Paid version removes these limitations and also provides free technical support. It is priced at £99.00 per year.

SEO Spider’s free version offers core features like site visualization, duplication discovery and XML sitemaps generation. You can crawl upto 500 URLs. The Paid version offers extra features like scheduling, crawl configuration and JavaScript rendering without any limitations. It is priced; at £149.00 per year.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is another great tool that, if we compare it with Ahrefs, both are very similar in terms of functionality. Semrush stands out for some features such as the Keyword Magic Tool, which allows us to find many keyword opportunities for our keyword research.

In addition, it also allows us to perform a SEO audit of our website to see many errors that we may not be aware of.

SEMrush Features

SEMrush is an SEO tool that provides all necessary features for advertising, social media campaigning, online visibility and competitive intelligence. You can perform technical SEO and keyword research on your competitor’s website to analyze their strategies. SEMrush maximizes your content reach and helps you complete advertising workflows that improve your search rankings.

Here are some exclusive features of SEMrush:

Keyword Magic Tool: SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool enables you to perform keyword research and gives you insights into what your potential visitors are looking for. It allows you; to easily determine the target keywords.

Site Audit: With SEMrush, you can perform automated health checks for your website. Site Audit is a comprehensive technical audit that generates crawlability, site performance, internal linking and international SEO. Depending on the severity, the results will be categorized; into error, warning or notice.

Site Performance: Site speed is a crucial aspect of SEO. Google gives preferences to faster websites with lesser downtime, especially on mobile. With Site Performance, you can monitor and fix site speed. It is technically a part of the Site Audit that focuses on your website’s loading speed and performance. You can get a list of actionable performance issues related to uncompressed resources and other inefficiencies.

SEO Content Template: You can analyze your competitor’s websites by entering the keyword in the SEO content Template within SEMrush. Based on the analysis, you will get recommendations on how to craft your content to contend with your competition. Recommendations include semantically related keywords, average readability scores and text length.

SEO Writing Assistant: SEMrush’s SEO writing assistant offers the crucial aspects of SEO right into WordPress as a plugin. Additionally, you can integrate it with Google Docs to get a virtual SEO helper that gives you real-time feedback on content quality. The writing assistant offers insights into your content’s readability, SEO, tone of voice and originality.

On-Page SEO Checker: Google consistently pushes out new changes into its engine algorithm. With SEMrush’s On-Page SEO Checker, you can automatically monitor your website’s compliance. In addition, you can get actionable recommendations.

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush offers 3 Pricing options for SEO tools and content checks depending on your requirements.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $119.95/month and allows you to track 500 keywords. Additionally, you can create 5 Projects and use keyword, domain and backlink analytics.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $229.95/month and allows you to track 1500 keywords. Additionally, you can create 15 projects and use historical data, content marketing platform and Google Data Studio integration.

The “Business” plan is priced at $449.95/month and allows you to track 5000 keywords. Additionally, you can create 40 projects and use API access and share of voice metrics.

4. AWR Cloud

ARW Cloud is one of the leading tools for controlling the ranking of your keywords.

With it you can analyse the ranking of your keywords on a daily basis, for all types of searches, and with personalised SEO reports. In addition, it is also capable of making a fairly complete analysis of the competition to compare positions.

AWRcloud Features

AWRcloud is popular for its Rank Tracking and SEO tools and is used by several businesses. It offers reliable website rankings and reporting tools to help you optimize your website and improve search rankings. AWRcloud constantly monitors search trends and makes suggestions accordingly to help you make timely additions to your content.

Here are some exclusive features of AWRcloud:

Keyword Grouping: With AWRcloud, you can accurately track how your website is ranking in the SERPs for the keywords you’re targeting. Additionally, you can group these keywords to simplify SEO management. By grouping keywords relevant to particular content, you can easily run an accurate analysis for your current search rankings.

Manage Competing Domains: Tracking a website in AWRcloud will uncover ranking positions or result types occurring in the SERPs. Additionally, you can also calculate important metrics which show the evolution of the website’s visibility for the keywords you’re tracking. You can use the SERP data for all competitors you are tracking in your AWRcloud.

International SEO Tracking and Reporting: With support for over 150 international search markets, AWRcloud helps you track website performance. Its services are optimized for international SEO, offering search data from major international engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Additionally, you can organize projects according to multilingual keyword sets and multinational domains.

Keyword Performance Segmentation: Applying complex filters to your AWRcloud ranking data, AdWords data or search console stats gives you countless possibilities for data filtering and visualization. It enables you to find high-value keywords, which can be optimized to gain top position results.

Website Alias Customization: AWRcloud allows you to customize website aliases to track the positions of specific subdomains, directories for URLs of your site, or to monitor the content you’re publishing on third-party channels.

AWRcloud Pricing

AWRcloud offers 4 Pricing subscriptions for its SEO tools.

The “Starter” plan is priced; at $49/month. It offers competitor insights, SERP features, keyword difficulty and Whitelabel Report Sharing.

The “Pro” plan is priced; at $99/month. It offers all starter features plus Competitor Discovery and market share.

The “Agency” plan is priced; at $199/month. It offers all Pro features plus a data studio connector and historical ranking imports.

The “Enterprise” plan is priced; at $499/month. It offers all agency features plus data migration assistance and priority support.

5. Deep Crawl

Although it would also be part of the SEO analysis and audit section, with Deep Crawl we can analyse all the complexity of our SEO architecture, and solve crawling and indexing problems.

It also offers us data integration with Google Analytics to further enrich the reports and identify the main organic traffic problems.

Deepcrawl Features

Deepcrawl helps websites increase their rankings, lower the cost of acquisition and drive revenue through technical SEO. Deepcrawl technical SEO enables businesses to detect opportunities for growth through technical SEO analytics and insights. Deepcrawl alerts you to technical SEO errors before they impact your rankings.

Here are some exclusive features of Deepcrawl:

Deepcrawl Automator: Deepcrawl offers a smart, automated and frictionless tool that empowers development teams to test their code for SEO impacts before pushing it live. With Automator, SEOs can be immediately alerted to any potential problems to avoid loss of traffic and mitigate the risk of indexing revenue-driving pages.

SEO Crawling: Deepcrawl provides a scalable crawler that identifies the underlying factors behind your website’s search rankings by crawling through the internal links. It then offers a comprehensive report highlighting the issues that require urgent attention.

Technical SEO insights: Deepcrawl offers an Analytics hub where you can gain valuable technical SEO insights to optimize your website and perform actions. You can segment the data or customize the metrics to gain more visibility into your website’s performance.

Reporting: Deepcrawl is specifically built: for technical SEO and offers quality reporting tools to help you analyze the issues and solve them. Moreover, you can check your website for any broken links or injections to prevent your internet traffic from being redirected to your competitors.

Integrations: Deepcrawl supports integration with several tools to help you stay connected across all relevant platforms. You don’t have to analyze different data points and can use the reports or suggestions received from Deepcrawl to improve your website’s structure.

Deepcrawl Pricing

Deepcrawl offers customized pricing options depending on your region, URLs and company type.

Why use an SEO Tool at all?

SEO services have to get high-quality backlinks to build trust for the search engines. By using SEO tools, you can perform SERPs for keywords to analyze your competition.

Additionally, SEO creates a better user experience for your audience. By creating a better environment for your users, you increase your website’s session time. SEO tool suggests the right keywords for your content to improve your search rankings.

Why should you use SEO Reporting Tools?

SEO Reporting tools let you monitor, analyze and report on every single SEO metric that you and your clients care about.

You can build custom reports for each client and set them on autopilot, letting the SEO tool handle your client reporting while you focus on generating traffic and revenue.

You can show clients current and historical search rankings across multiple geographic locations and search engines. It enables you to demonstrate exactly how you’ve improved the rankings over time.

With custom reporting tools designed to highlight ranking gaps, Track and report the progress of your custom link building campaigns with report sections focusing on link profile analytics.

Additionally, you can run technical SEO site audits. The issues are ranked in order of severity for the fastest ranking impact with minimal effort.

With SEO Reporting tools, you can easily demonstrate to clients how you’ve optimized their site for SEO over time compared to their baseline.

SEO Tools for Reporting, A Summary

SEO Reporting is essential as it enables you to analyze your website performance over time and determine the effect recent changes have had on your search rankings. With an SEO Reporting Tool, you can perform better optimization and gain valuable insights.

Ahrefs offers advanced reporting tools for agencies to handle multiple websites and optimize them. It is our suggested pick for an SEO Reporting tool. Visit the website to get started.

What SEO Tool would you recommend?

In short, It’s Semrush.com.

SEMrush is a powerful digital marketing toolkit, offering keyword research, competitive analysis, and SEO insights. With advanced features and user-friendly interface, it helps businesses optimize their online strategies, enhance visibility, and outperform competitors in search engine rankings.

“🚀Try Semrush.com For Free, It’s my favorite SEO Tool to use and recommend.” -Scott Max

SEMrush is an intuitive digital marketing platform offering advanced tools for SEO, keyword analysis, and competitor research. It’s ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive solutions in areas like: SEO, Content Marketing, Competitor Analysis, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

For more details, read our Semrush.com Review.