AnswerThePublic, A Simple Review

by Scott Max

So, you are considering AnswerThePublic.

You’ll be wondering if it's a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

AnswerThePublic Features

AnswerThePublic is an SEO tool mainly focused on providing insights from search results and helping you write organic content. You can find unanswered queries or less competitive niches and prepare SEO content that serves all purposes and is rich in keywords. It is essentially a reverse search engine that provides content ideas from the keywords.

Here are some exclusive features of AnswerThePublic:

Keyword Research: With AnswerThePublic, you can perform extensive keyword research and dwell deeper into content marketing strategies or On-page SEO. AnswerThePublic offers limitless searching to ensure you find the best relevant keywords for your content and enhance your SEO rankings.

Data Comparison: AnswerThePublic allows you to compare your data over time and analyze the behavioural changes in the search results. It can help you identify the latest search trends. So you can create content that is currently in demand and has higher chances of visibility.

Workspace: AnswerThePublic provides your team with a personal workspace. So they can continuously be in sync regarding the SEO strategies. Moreover, your team members can record ideas or communicate with colleagues to solve an underlying issue swiftly.

Content Creation: With AnswerThePublic, you can create relevant content that answers the queries of your traffic audiences. Moreover, it keeps your website optimized and ensures your internal links are not down.

Traffic Generation: AnswerThePublic offers SERP analysis, allowing you to organically grow your website by implementing better SEO strategies than your competitors. You can see which keywords are not present on your competitor's website and add them to increase your website's traffic.

Search Listening: AnswerThePublic offers Search Listening, which enables you to get periodic notifications regarding the latest queries being asked or searched on the internet. It ensures you have ample time to prepare content and can identify the next trending seed keywords.

AnswerThePublic Pricing

AnswerThePublic offers a free SEO tool which you can use to generate relevant keywords or get content ideas. Additionally, AnswerThePublic offers a Pro plan that further unlocks its features.

The "Monthly" plan is priced at $99/month and offers more thorough data research.

The "Expert" plan is priced at $199/month and removes all limitations. It offers tracking and monitoring to spot trend shifts and gain real-time insights.

AnswerThePublic Discounts and Coupons

AnswerThePublic currently does not offer any discounts or coupons. However, you can get a 20% off by opting for the annual subscription for the "Monthly" plan.

AnswerThePublic Free Trial

AnswerThePublic offers a free version for its SEO tools, albeit with limited capabilities. There are currently no trial offers available for the paid subscription plans.

AnswerThePublic, A short how-to guide

Once you visit AnswerThePublic, you'll notice a search panel on the main screen and a menu bar on the topmost screen. Input the keyword in the search panel, and you'll be redirected to the report section.

Here, you can analyze the keyword and formulate a content marketing strategy to compete with the existing websites in the niche. Additionally, you can get keyword suggestions here to improve your search rankings and internet traffic.

The "Questions" section will show all the relevant questions related to your keyword, whereas the "Prepositions" section shows the relevant phrase currently in trend with the entered keyword.

Click on "Comparisons" to compare your content with the existing websites that have published content in a similar niche. Here, you can see which keywords are underused or overused and accordingly make adjustments to your website's content.