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Whether you are just starting out in the world of SEO, or if you have been around for a while, having an up-to-date list of the best tools to improve your SEO strategy can be very useful. You can also use this list of SEO extensions to save you time on multiple tasks.

Nowadays, the list of SEO tools is very long, and therefore, we have selected those that, among our community, we use more frequently.

There is no better SEO tool for each of the categories, since selecting one tool or another depends on the tastes and needs of each person.

However, we are going to carry out a survey on social networks so that the whole community can participate and vote for those tools most used by SEOs.

Next, we will detail the list of tools that from SEOCOM we have selected and ordered according to the specialty and the necessary functions that a SEO carries out in its day to day:

If you want to see the tools that we have selected and we consider more good for that speciality, you only have to click on the one that interests you.

🔹 SEO Suites

In this section we have selected those that allow us to perform multiple SEO tasks from a single tool. These suites of SEO tools are the most recommended today to use in your online projects:

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best known SEO tools, especially designed to analyze the links on your website and the main competitors. Today it already includes multiple functions that make Ahrefs the favourite SEO suite of many professionals in the sector.

Price: Free trial, then from $99/month

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another great tool that, if we compare it with Ahrefs, both are very similar in terms of functionality. Semrush stands out for some features such as the Keyword Magic Tool, which allows us to find many keyword opportunities for our keyword research.

In addition, it also allows us to perform a SEO audit of our website to see many errors that we may not be aware of.

Price: Free trial, then from $99/month.

3. Sistrix

With Sistrix, we can monitor the organic visibility index of any site we analyse, particularly its dashboard.

Sistrix offers different functionalities or modules such as SEO, Links, Optimizer and its outstanding new feature called “Search Intent”, which helps us to know the user’s intention for each keyword, whether it is “Know”, “Visit”, “Web Page” or “Do”.

Price: Free trial, then from 100 USD per month

4. ContentKing

ContentKing is one of those tools that goes a little more unnoticed by the SEO community, but hides a potential that many do not know about, such as its remarkable optimization and real-time monitoring.

This tool carries out a 24/7 SEO Audit of your website, so that if something “breaks” on your site, you can take the necessary measures on the spot to prevent your results from being affected.

Price: Free trial, then from 29 USD per month

🔹 Analysis and Audits

This section includes those tools that in a few minutes we can have a complete SEO analysis almost automatically to see in detail the main errors and improvements of a website:

1. Screaming Frog

Who hasn’t used Screaming Frog before?

Screaming Frog is a crawler that lets you crawl all the URLs on any website and find possible technical errors and other key elements to audit your site.

It’s an SEO tool that no professional in the industry can afford to miss.

Price: Free with limitations of 500 URLs per project

2. Safecont

Safecont is undoubtedly one of the most advanced tools for the analysis and quality of your content. It offers very interesting features within its intelligent analysis such as performing a semantic analysis of the web, as well as interlinking and web architecture aspects to know the depth and be able to optimize the crawl budget.

Price: Free with limitation of 1 domain and 500 URLs.

3. Woorank

Woorank is also another tool to carry out an instant analysis of your website.

The reports that this tool makes are very intuitive, and even allows you to install in your browser an extension to evaluate the level of optimization of your pages and know the improvements that your website has.

Price: Free trial, then from £59.99/month

4. Metricspot

Metricspot is another SEO analysis tool that allows you to know practically in seconds many aspects related to the optimization of your website: authority, content, usability, technical aspects and even social networks.

No doubt Metricspot is another tool that will allow us to improve our SEO strategy by reviewing those aspects that have room for improvement to increase the visibility of our website.

Price: Free

🔹 Keyword Research

As part of our SEO strategy, conducting keyword research is vital to understanding our market and the terms by which our potential clients will arrive. We highlight these 4 main tools:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Without a doubt it is a tool that you will need if or yes both for your SEO strategy and to carry out any advertising campaign on Google Ads.

Price: Free

2. Keyword Tool

With this free version, Keyword tool allows us to know up to 750 long tail keyword suggestions for each search term we enter.

One feature of this SEO tool that stands out is that it allows us to find multiple keywords from different channels such as Google, Youtube, Amazon, Bing and even Instagram.

Price: Free with limitations

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is another powerful tool for finding new ideas and keyword opportunities.

This tool offers interesting functionalities, as well as other related tools: search volume history, negative keywords, result filtering and a function to export all results in a CSV file.

Price: Free with limitations

4. Answer The Public

If you are looking to optimise your content, Answer the Public is the ideal tool to do so.

By simply entering a keyword, it returns a large number of terms separated into different blocks: Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, Alphabeticals and Related.

Without a doubt, it is the ideal tool for your Content Marketing strategy.

Price: Free with limitations

🔹 Backlinks

Within a SEO strategy, the off-page part is also fundamental. Optimising all the external positioning factors will allow you to give your website authority and relevance in the eyes of Google, and as a consequence improve organic traffic.

1. Moz

The MOZ tool is another of the most demanded within this SEO market. Its specialty lies in its two main metrics, called Page Authority and Domain Authority, which are the indicators to measure with a scale from 1 to 100 the authority of your website.

The tool includes other functionalities such as Keyword Difficulty to measure the level of difficulty a keyword has, and Open Site Explorer to analyse the link profile of your competitors.

Price: With paid and free functions

2. Majestic SEO

Majestic Seo is another tool that, although not so outstanding, also allows us to collect a great deal of information about links.

Majestic stands out for two other metrics called Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF), which measure the popularity and quality of inbound links.

Price: Free trial, then from 46.99 ? per month

3. Monitorbacklinks

Backlink Monitor is another backlink tool that brings together a variety of similar SEO metrics and allows you to check the status of your links. An interesting feature is the possibility of connecting it to your Google Analytics account so that you can receive alerts of new links, or even those that have been lost.

Price: Free trial, then from $47/month

4. OpenLinkProfiler

This SEO tool provides great advantages that will allow you to squeeze the maximum out of your link profile: it segments your links according to the sector or topic, and it analyses possible toxic or potentially dangerous links.

Like any free tool, it has its limitations that will not allow you to make certain queries about its platform.

Price: Free

🔹 Loading speed

Providing the user with a good user experience is very positive for SEO. To do this, the loading speed should not exceed 2 seconds, otherwise your website may be affected if we do not solve it quickly. In this section we show you the 4 main testing tools to check the performance of a website.

1. GTmetrix

With Gtmetrix we will have a detailed analysis of many performance parameters, including PageSpeed Score, Yslow and Waterfall, which will allow us to see in graph and cascade form all the resources that influence the total load time.

Price: Free and paid functions

2. Webpagetest

Webpagetest is another essential tool for free analysis of loading times. Like Gtmetrix, it also offers you an overview with the cascade view.

What is remarkable about this tool is the amount of information you can analyse to find out the current status of your site.

Price: Free

3. PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is Google’s own tool, which has become quite popular among SEOs for its ease of analysis from a web performance point of view. It is not as complete as the previous two, but it serves perfectly for its main purpose.

PageSpeed works with Lightouse, which offers a more detailed analysis with new metrics such as the First Contentfull Paint, which allows us to see the time it takes to load the first content, or the Speed Index, which measures the time it takes for a content to be visible.

Price: Free

4. Pingdom Website Speed Test

If you are looking for another easy-to-interpret tool, Pingdom Tools is a good choice for you. By simply entering the URL, you will be able to see many aspects of improvement in the performance of your site.

Something that this tool likes very much, are the visual tables it offers where we can see what type of content is heavier within our site, as well as the total requests (Images, Javascript, HTML, CSS…).

Price: Free

🔹 Local SEO

If you have a physical business and want to work on local positioning, you will need some tools to give it a boost. With them, you will be able to improve the visibility and online presence of your business for relevant local searches.

1. Google My Business

Google My Business is the tool created by Google that will allow you to create a file for your business, then manage it and add information about your business.

This information is the one that you will have to work on and manage to improve the visibility of your business. The best advice we can give you to optimise your business file is the following: all the fields you can fill in with information, complete them (profile, descriptions, images, videos, locations, etc).

Price: Free

2. Whitespark

This tool stands out for the possibility of finding opportunities for sites where to advertise your business to increase its online visibility. It also allows you to monitor keywords from different locations.

Price: Free trial, then from $14/month

3. Technical SEO (tool)

Technical SEO [IMAGE]Technical SEO is another tool that includes multiple functionalities, not only for Local SEO.

If we want to use it for local positioning, it only indicates the results of the Google SERPs for a certain country and location. It also allows us to choose between different search engines, device and the query we want to make on the search engine.

Price: Free

🔹 Technical SEO

When we talk about technical SEO, we are referring to more aspects of crawling and indexing in Google. That is, how to configure our website to help search engines correctly interpret the information on our pages.

1. Google Search Console

Before we can start optimizing the performance of our website, we will have to add our property and verify it with the options that the tool gives us.

Some of the most interesting reports to analyse are the Performance section, where you can see all the keywords your website is ranked by, and the Coverage section, where you can analyse and correct many of the errors visible on your website.

Price: Free

2. Google Analytics

With it we will be able to obtain information from all our destination pages, as well as other relevant information such as user behaviour or traffic sources which will then be used to cross-check data with other tools in order to reach conclusions.

Price: Free

3. Deep Crawl

Although it would also be part of the SEO analysis and audit section, with Deep Crawl we can analyse all the complexity of our SEO architecture, and solve crawling and indexing problems.

It also offers us data integration with Google Analytics to further enrich the reports and identify the main organic traffic problems.

Price: Free trial, then from 12 ? per month

4. OnCrawl

Finally, we have OnCrawl, another similar tool that allows us to do a complete SEO Audit, focusing mainly on the aspects of crawling and indexing.

It will also allow you to analyse the quality of your content, monitor the internal linking and control the duplicity of your website. If you have an ecommerce, it is undoubtedly a great tool to use.

Price: Free trial, then from 49 ? per month

🔹 Monitoring and rankings

If you want to know the current positions of your keywords in a massive way, there are many tools that offer this functionality, such as Ahrefs and Semrush. However, in this section we have detailed up to 4 tools that specialise in this type of monitoring and that usually offer us features that others do not have:

1. AWR Cloud

ARW Cloud is one of the leading tools for controlling the ranking of your keywords.

With it you can analyse the ranking of your keywords on a daily basis, for all types of searches, and with personalised SEO reports. In addition, it is also capable of making a fairly complete analysis of the competition to compare positions.

Price: Free trial, then from $49/month

2. SEObox

Seobox is a network of devices that offers different online tools and can be connected from home or at the office.

The tool for monitoring the positions of our keywords is called RANKbox and allows you to obtain this information daily and accurately. It also allows you to automate reports, receive personalized alerts and many other additional tools included in RANKbox (GEObox, PINGbox, CACHEbox, etc).

Price: Free trial, then from 35 ? per month

3. openSERPS Checker

openSERPS is another SEO toolkit (all in Spanish though) that will allow you to obtain a lot of information to improve your web positioning. We mainly highlight its SERPs Checker functionality, which allows you to know the current position for a specific keyword, in multiple countries and languages.

The tool also offers keyword suggestion functionalities, knowing the local business ranking in Google Maps and an analysis of the competition. Without a doubt, it is a tool that, for an economic price, can have multiple functionalities and without any type of registration or permanence.

Price: Free with limitations

4. Pro Rank Tracker

As the last tool in this section, we could not leave out Pro Rank Tracker, another super powerful tool to analyse the SERPs classification with very intuitive and personalized reports.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most advanced and innovative keyword monitoring tools on the market thanks to the amount of data we can obtain to work with later.

Price: Free trial, then from $25/month

🔹 Duplicate content

To finish the article, we have included some free tools for you to check that your content is unique and original. Having duplicate content on your website can be a reason for penalty from Google. Thanks to these tools you will be able to see if there are parts of the content that are duplicated:

1. Siteliner

Siteliner automatically checks your URL for duplicate content, broken links and other elements that need to be corrected. Simply enter your website address and the tool will analyse the duplicate content simply and quickly.

Price: Free

2. Copyscape

Copyscape is another duplicate content detection tool. Like Siteliner, you enter the URL and it allows you to control the originality of your content.

Price: Free

3. SmallSEO Tools

SmallSEO Tools is a small suite of SEO tools, which includes plagiarism detection by duplicate content. With its tool called Plagiarism Checker, we enter the text we want to review, and it will analyze our content.

Price: Free with a 1000 word limit

4. Quetext

We finish the list of tools with Quetext, a pretty powerful tool that I personally like a lot because of how intuitive it is and the functionalities it includes.

By entering the text we want to analyse, the tool will find all the possible duplication coincidences in the content, as well as a breakdown of all the fragments that can be considered as plagiarism.

Price: Free with limitations of 1 analysis per day

🔹 Final conclusions

There are many other tools on the market that I am sure offer excellent results and are even better than some of those discussed in this article.

I invite you to share the tools you use in your day to day, and if we are missing one and we think it might be relevant, we will add it in our complete list of SEO tools.

I hope you have found the post useful and you dare to try some of the tools that appear in this article and you still haven’t had the chance to squeeze it.

And tell us, what is the tool that you use more in your day to day?

What SEO Tool would you recommend?

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