5 Best Influencer Marketing Software To Use

by Scott Max

So, you are in the market for influencer marketing software.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Influencer Marketing Software

Businesses need a tool; to efficiently manage influencer contracts and track digital marketing data. An influencer marketing software that offers an extensive influencer database, engagement rate and analytical tools will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best influencer marketing software:

1. Tagger

Tagger is an influencer marketing and social listing platform. Used by top global brands and agencies, It's the only program that gives you access to accurate real-time social data, allowing you to plan, activate and learn from the influencer campaigns and strategies.

Tagger Features

Here are some exclusive features of Tagger:

Advanced Search system

With Tagger, you can easily discover connective influencers, using thousands of filter combinations to refine results and find exactly who you're looking for. You can filter by social media platform, amount of followers, locale, keywords and phrases, engagement rate and hashtags.

You can also use Tagger's unique affinity tool to match your brand or product with the perfect influencers that will drive the highest engagement; to your campaigns.

All-in-one Platform

Tagger's end-to-end platform supports a campaign from start to finish, helping you save time and resources, plus find the perfect influencer for your campaign brief.

You can manage your partnerships and improve the content within Tagger plus report accurate results at scale, using the easy modular reporting tool to customize and export according to your preference.

Global Platform

Tagger suits marketers, brands and everyone in between with availability in ten languages. Tagger is a global platform to connect you with the world's best in social influencing. Additionally, you get 24/7 customer service with a dedicated success manager.

Tagger lets you collaborate with top influencers, make payments and share objectives, making it perfect for all influencer-related activities.

Strategize with Social Listening 

Tagger provides social listening to help you strategize uniquely to stay one step ahead of your competitors. You can build marketing milestones for influencers and see their authenticity score before sharing your strategy. Moreover, Tagger lets you uncover content insights and understand influencer analytics.

Tagger Pricing

Tagger does not offer any subscription plans. Click on the "Request Demo" tab and fill out the "Try Tagger" form. Once done, Tagger will contact you on the mentioned mail of phone no. with a proposed pricing plan.

2. Upfluence

Upfluence allows you to identify and engage with your influential customers. With Upfluence, you can contact influencers already interested in your brand and make them a part of your digital marketing strategy. Upfluence analyzes your database and reviews creators throughout the entire customer journey.

Upfluence Features

Here are some exclusive features of Upfluence:

Ecommerce tools: Upfluence helps you drive more sales by helping you build your influential network. You can create affiliate programs for influencers to connect with their core audiences and significantly improve your sales. Moreover, Upfluence integrates with top-quality eCommerce tools like Shopify.

Influencer Discovery: Upfluence is the only influencer marketing platform that generates results from all channels and shows you influencers who are already tagging your brand. You can then engage with these influencers to increase your network. Upfluence offers AI recommendations according to your branding needs.

Influencer Analysis: Upfluence allows you to analyze performance metrics for social media channels and gain insight into the influencer's engagement rate. Upfluence helps you decide on the right affiliate programs by providing accurate and thorough information regarding the influencer's most popular demographics and recent spikes in popularity.

Campaign Management: Upfluence integrates with major professional communication platforms like Outlook and Gmail, making it perfect for managing marketing campaigns. Moreover, you can use custom templates to send emails to your teams. With Upfluence Bounce Management, you can blacklist spam and invalid emails.

Campaign Analytics: Upfluence lets you track the mentions of your brand on social media and compare them with your competitor's rate. You can see whether you're getting an adequate ROI with your current influencers and which demographics are responding; more positively to your products.

Upfluence Pricing

Upfluence offers three subscription plans without a predetermined pricing quote plus a minimum contract duration of 12 months.

The "Growth" plan is for small-scale businesses looking to collaborate with influencers to boost their market share.

The "Scale" plan is for medium businesses who need premium support, advanced integrations and personalized analytics reports.

The "Enterprise" plan helps you unlock the full potential of brand ambassadors by using White labeling and campaign workflows.

3. Traackr

Traackr connects you with people who matter. It has a unique scoring algorithm to help you identify the influencers among your clientele base and contact them for branding. Traackr is the perfect tool to match with the influencers who already know your product and are a better fit for your marketing campaigns.

Traackr Features

Here are some exclusive features of Traackr:

Scoring Algorithm: Traackr determines the best influencers through its scoring algorithm that rates leads based on reach, resonance and relevance. Traackr tracks affiliate's content across his whole online presence. Using Traackr, you can find the best influencers for your brand, product or advertising campaigns.

Onboard Influencers: Traackr lets you create campaigns and onboard influencers. You can manage briefs, create milestones or send tracking lists within one platform. It removes the complexity of scrambling through the mailbox or checking out various sheets to manage an influencer campaign.

Manage Affiliate Marketing: Traackr provides a unified and centralized platform to help you run commission-paid content and manage affiliates. You can run profitable partnerships by standardizing the measurement criteria for your influencers and understanding their impact on the actual sales.

Advanced Reporting and Competitive Intelligence: Traackr offers insightful data reporting on influencers, helping you analyze the amount of audience they're bringing and the campaign's effectiveness. Moreover, you can use competitive intelligence to inspect your competitor's marketing campaigns.

Investment Optimization: Traackr helps you monitor influencer investments, campaign impact and overall ROI. It helps you make the right selections for your marketing campaigns and ensures your marketing investment improves your sales.

Traackr Pricing

Traackr does not offer a subscription plan for its influencer marketing platform. Click lick on the "Talk to Us" tab and fill out the "contact us" form. Once done, the Traackr representative will contact you on the entered work email with the best package for your branding needs.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact focuses on improving audience engagement to drive sales. It helps you create effective campaigns to track the interests of your target market and show perfect recommendations. Moreover, Constant Contact integrates with social media channels, helping you manage multiple ads or campaigns.

Constant Contact Features

Here are some exclusive features of Constant Contact:

Social media Management: In today's world, social media has a huge impact on the success of businesses and organizations. With Constant Contact, you can build a strong presence across social media platforms and enhance your company's image. Constant Contact enables you to be available on all major platforms and handle all digital marketing from one platform.

Email Marketing: Constant Contact allows you to create email marketing campaigns and engage personally with the prospects. Constant Contact brings all your marketing-related mails and enables you to segment them based on several metrics.

Growth Insights: Constant Contact offers insightful details from audience data, helping you determine which targeted campaigns are working more effectively. Moreover, you can optimize your content in real-time within Constant Contact to get better results from your digital marketing campaigns.

Designer Tools: Constant Contact allows you to design landing pages with drag and drop functionality. Moreover, you can create and grow customer lists by connecting with more prospects through bulk messaging, emails or opt-in forms.

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact offers 2 Pricing options for its social media management and digital marketing platform.

The "Core" plan is priced at $9.99/month and offers real-time reporting. Moreover, you can use customer list growth tools and 300+ email templates.

The "Plus" plan is priced at $45/month and offers automated emails. Additionally, you can do conversion and sales reporting, personalize kickoff calls and auto-generate segments.

5. Marketo

Marketo was acquired; by Adobe for a record-setting amount and is the sole marketing automation tool for the Adobe ecosystem. Marketo is a marketing and lead generation platform that offers advanced automation, email marketing, lead management and revenue attribution.

Marketo Features

Here are some exclusive features of Marketo:

Content Personalization: With Marketo, you can host all relevant images or assets on a single platform. You can use AI-powered tools to personalize the content for your customers or readers. Additionally, Marketo offers Adobe Sensei, ensuring your buyers get the suitable content recommendations. Marketo has the best content personalization among its competitors and helps you use your website's content to its maximum efficiency.

Experience Automation: Marketo allows you to automate the entire customer experience and streamline team productivity. You can clone internal workflows or automation; to swiftly use them for your future marketing endeavours. With Marketo, you can provide tailored experiences to your buyers and leads with advanced automation tools.

Scoring and Routing: You can create custom scoring models within Marketo to set qualifying parameters for leads and accounts. Marketo records every action or inaction and updates the database in real-time to dynamically score and route the valuable leads. With Marketo, your leads are always routed to the correct program, improving the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Impact Analysis: Marketo offers real-time analysis of your marketing strategies, helping you evaluate the actual impact. You can map buyer journeys and get to know the valuable touchpoints. With Marketo, you can deploy the right programs and channels on your leads, improving your lead conversion rate.

Cross-Channel Engagement: With Marketo, you can engage your customers on their preferred channels. Moreover, you can get an incremental rise in your search traffic by optimizing the keywords. With Cross-Channel Engagement, you save the trouble of switching between the communication mediums and handle all queries on your Marketo interface.

Marketo Pricing

Marketo offers 4 Pricing options for its marketing tool. These subscription plans do not have predetermined pricing as it depends on the database size, and you have to contact the sales team to get an exact quote.

The "Jumpstart" plan offers core Segmentation and automation. It is best suited for small teams aspiring to target less than 50k contacts.

The "Select" plan offers marketing channels and measurement functionalities. It is best suited for growing teams looking to scale their marketing exploits.

The "Prime" plan offers AI personalization and full-scale marketing. It is best suited for established teams requiring automation tools for swift progression.

The "Ultimate" plan offers all attributes of Marketo, making it perfect for digital marketing agencies.

Why use marketing software at all?

Good marketing is essential for elevating your brand and improving your business revenue by increasing sales. However, marketing requires collaboration, creativity and research to maximize its effectiveness. Having marketing software enables you to design targeted campaigns.

Marketing software simplifies the planning and implementation. Moreover, you can formulate multiple strategies and do A/B testing to determine the best fit. Marketing software enhances client relations by improving engagement and providing tailored experiences.

Why should you use Tagger for Influencer Marketing?

Tagger helps overwhelmed, under-informed marketers, build effective influencer marketing strategies and find perfect creators for their campaigns.

Tagger is a proper end-to-end solution that saves your time and resources. Moreover, you can plan and execute every step of your influencer marketing. Tagger's platform is modular, and the workflow is totally customizable.

Instead of spending hours scrolling and getting lost in outdated spreadsheets, Tagger lets marketers discover talent, plan campaigns, manage creator relationships, measure ROI and build reports on a centralized platform.

Tagger's database of millions of creators means you're destined: to find the perfect match for your campaign. You can use specific filter combinations to quickly find the creator that best fits the location, demographic, and audience.

You can use Tagger's affinity tool to match with the perfect influencers and look-alike audiences, sure to drive the highest engagement for your campaigns. Moreover, Tagger offers a business intelligence engine to help you visualize data and understand trends.

Tagger for Influencer Marketing, A Summary

Tagger is built to help you scale and plan multiple campaigns with numerous creators simultaneously. You can invite collaborators, send internal messages and upload creative elements. Tagger keeps it all organized, whether you're a team of one or a hundred.

Influencer marketing requires extensive networking, and Tagger offers a reliable database of popular influencers. It is our suggested pick for influencer marketing software. Visit the website to get started.