Monitorbacklinks, A Simple Review

So, you are considering monitorbacklinks.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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monitorbacklinks Features

monitorbacklinks helps you analyze your backlinks by automatically notifying you about any changes or removals. monitorbacklinks provide all requisite features for Offpage SEO and ensure your backlinks are optimized for better search rankings. Additionally, you can perform content marketing by selecting relevant keywords for your website’s content and monitoring the current trends and search volumes.

Here are some exclusive features of monitorbacklinks:

Automated Reporting: Unlike other SEO tools that offer data on demand, monitorbacklinks automates the reporting process. So you can concentrate on other relevant things. monitorbacklinks automatically sends e-mail alerts whenever a new backlink is added. So you can ensure it’s not a link injection.

Weekly SEO Progress Report: monitorbacklinks sends a weekly traffic report with your SEO progress. So you can monitor if the organic traffic and average keyword position are making progress. The weekly SEO report offers rich information that keeps you up-to-date with ongoing SEO operations.

Unique Metrics: monitorbacklinks offers nearly 20 different metrics for each link. It enables you to determine how valuable the link is for SEO. With implemented APIs from both Moz and Majestic, monitorbacklinks show the spam score, trust and citation flow, Moz rank, domain and page authority.

Backlink Management System: monitorbacklinks provides an awesome filtering system for your links. It lets you tag and group your backlinks. Moreover, you can combine multiple filters; to further segment the groups.

Disavow Report Creation: monitorbacklinks offers a simplistic way to disavow your bad links. Whenever you find a faulty link, you can add it to your disavow list. All disavowed links turn red and are easy to spot. Moreover, monitorbacklinks creates the disavow reports according to Google’s guidelines.

monitorbacklinks Pricing

monitorbacklinks offers 7 Pricing options for its SEO tool.

The “Start” plan is priced at $25/month and allows you to monitor 1 Personal Domain plus 2 Competitors.

The “Professional” plan is priced at $89.91/month and allows you to monitor 4 Personal domains plus 4 Competitors.

The “Plus” plan is priced at $47.40/month and allows you to monitor 2 Personal domains plus 4 Competitors.

The “10D4C” plan is priced at $187.42/month and allows you to monitor 10 Personal domains plus 4 Competitors.

The “7D4C” plan is priced at $139.92/month and allows you to monitor 7 Personal domains plus 4 Competitors.

The “5D4C” plan is priced at $106.16/month and allows you to monitor 5 Personal domains plus 4 Competitors.

The “Custom” plan allows you to create your custom SEO tools and choose how many personal or competitor domains you want to monitor. You can contact the sales team for its pricing information.

monitorbacklinks Discounts and Coupons

monitorbacklinks is currently offering discounts of upto 25% for its pricing subscriptions. The “Professional” plan is currently at a 10% off, while The “Plus” plan is at a 5% off. The “10D4C” plan is at a 25% off, The “7D4C” plan is at a 20% off, and The “5D4C” plan is at a 15% off.

monitorbacklinks Free Trial

monitorbacklinks offers a 30 Day free trial for all its pricing options except “Custom” plan. You can avail the trial offer by inputting your e-mail and verifying it from the inbox.

monitorbacklinks, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your monitorbacklinks account, you’ll be asked to add a domain with or without Google Analytics. Once done, you’ll be redirected: to the “Overview” section. Here, you can see the Alexa rank, Moz rank, Spam score, Trust Flow and Citation Flow for your added domain.

The main menu is located: on the leftmost panel. Click on “Your Links” to view your referring domains. Here, you can see which backlinks are accepted by Google and which ones are currently being ignored.

Click on “Link Analysis” to enter the reporting section inside monitorbacklinks. Here, you can see the TLD Distribution, IP Location Distribution and Top Anchor Text. Additionally, you can export the reports by clicking on “Export as CSV”.

Click on “Competitor Links” to monitor the backlinks and SEO strategies of your competitors. Click on “Rank Tracker” to view your search rankings for a particular keyword.

Click on “Disavow Tool” to view your disavowed links or domains. You can create disavow rules manually within this section.

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