Nifty, A Simple Review

So, you are considering Nifty.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Nifty Features

Nifty reduces project development cycles by providing all relevant tools to handle the project from initial stages to completion within a single platform. It’s a project management software that promotes milestone-driven progress and enhances team productivity by keeping users inspired.

Here are some exclusive features of Nifty:

Project Portfolios Management: Nifty allows you to control participation by providing full control over the project’s privacy. You can move a project across portfolios and alter portfolio ownership to tailor the workspace according to your requirements.

Time Tracking: With Nifty, you can avoid switching between multiple tools for time tracking as it provides an inbuilt feature to track “time spent on a task” and billable hours of your employees. You can perform detailed breakdowns to get a deeper insight into a team member’s logged hours. Moreover, you can also track hours from a team’s perspective to efficiently manage workload.

Reporting: Nifty’s reporting tools enable you to view tasks cognate to every project’s milestones. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing operations. So you can get a detailed overview of what’s happening with your projects.

Discussion Facilitation: You can easily set up a knowledge hub within Nifty to enable thorough discussions that facilitate efficient and effective decision making. Nifty also allows users to have; one-on-one interactions with project members or create threads to answer FAQS. Nifty turns your discussions into actions enabling you to create new tasks from the conversation channel.

Agile Project management: Nifty offers you a flexible approach for project management so you can complete tasks quickly and finish more projects. You can create project specifications and provide an actionable context to your managers.

Workflow Automation: With workflow automation, you can provide your employees with necessary assistance by automating repetitive tasks so they can complete assignments on time. Moreover, your developers can customize the Nifty dashboard to fit their requirements.

Client management: Unlike other project management tools, Nifty allows you to connect with your clientele and submit periodic reports with the project status. It streamlines communication and enables you to gather feedback from the client while the project is still ongoing.

Nifty Pricing

Nifty offer 5 Pricing options for businesses to; simplify project management and track employee work-rate.

The “Free” plan allows you to add several team members without any limitations and provides a 100MB storage space. It is a free subscription plan and is best for personal requirements.

The “Starter” plan includes all intrinsic features of Nifty and kicks up the storage space to 100GB. It is priced; at $49/month.

The “Pro” plan is best for scaling teams and offers unlimited project creation abilities. It is priced; at $99/month.

The “Business” plan is tailor-made for businesses with advanced requirements and provides Open API. It is priced; at $149/month.

The “Unlimited” plan is a fully scaled solution for enterprises and unlocks the maximum potential of Nifty. It is priced; at $499/month.

Nifty Discount and Coupons

Nifty offers a 20% discount upon annual payment on all subscription plans. Additionally, educational institutions and non-profit organizations can get a 50% discount; upon passing the required eligibility.

Nifty Free Trial

Nifty offers a 14-Day free trial for all subscription plans. To avail the free trial, click on “get started” and log in through your Google account. Upon the expiration of the trial period, you can continue using the “free” plan forever or buy a subscription package best for your requirements.

Nifty, a short how-to guide

After signing up for Nifty, you’ll be asked whether you want to import data from other project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, Jira or Trello. You can skip this or choose the relevant tools and proceed to the homepage.

The leftmost side has a menu bar which is your navigation hub, and the secondary menu bar above your project outline allows you to customize the workspace.

Click on “Overview” to get a timeline view of your project completion and existing portfolios. Here, you can sort projects by name or deadline dates.

Click on “Workloads” to see tasks assigned to your team members. Here, you can view the active and completed projects with just a single click.

Click on “All tasks” to get a comprehensive view of all existing tasks in Nifty. You can see which projects are due and reassign them to share the workload amongst your team.

Click on “My work” to view the tasks assigned to you and access the relevant files, notations or documents. You can access “calendar” within this option to schedule your work and manage your workload efficiently.

Go to the “search bar” on the top screen and enter the relevant information to search Nifty’s database. Here, you can also create new milestones and tasks.

Clicking on the profile icon on the top left corner will open a drop-down menu. Here, you can create new workspaces, customize Nifty’s appearance or alter the admin settings with permissions.

Scroll to the bottom of the main menu bar to access the messaging feature. You can start an interaction by simply clicking on the relevant contact field.

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