Safecont, A Simple Review

So, you are considering Safecont.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Safecont Features

Safecont offers machine learning technology to optimize your content and create SEO-friendly website architecture. It provides analytical tools to maintain quality website traffic through search rankings. Additionally, you can filter your website traffic by region and see where your website is more popular to create customized content.

Here are some exclusive features of Safecont:

Risk Detection: Safecont offers quality SEO analyst tools that identify disruptive issues within your website and mitigate risk. You can see what factors; are currently undermining your website’s performance and resolve them. Additionally, you can run periodic checks to solve complications before; they negatively impact your website.

Content Similarity: With Safecont, you can identify similarities between pages in your website. Having identical content on multiple pages reduces your website’s search ranking and affects your internet traffic. Safecont ensures you can identify these similarities and bring uniqueness to your content. Additionally, you can also perform plagiarism checks to ensure your website’s content doesn’t match with the competitors.

Thin Content: Safecont discovers all pages with thin content and calculates their risk ratio with machine learning tools. Search engines consider pages with no content to be of lower value and automatically places them lower in rankings. With Safecont, you can make sure your pages are informative and contain relevant elements.

Semantics: Semantics are crucial to ensure search engine’s crawlers can comprehend your content. Safecont helps you make semantic markups to make your website more popular and optimize your content.

Website Architecture: With Safecont, you can analyze and optimize the architecture of your website, depth levels, cumulative page ranks and the anchor texts. An optimized website architecture ensures your loading speed is high and boosts your search rankings.

Crawl Stats and Link Optimizer: Safecont identifies search engine’ crawls, and you can view the crawl stats within its platform. Crawl stats help you identify; which pages are currently not marked by the search engines. Additionally, you can optimize your page links for seamless browsing experience and increase your internet traffic.

Safecont Pricing

Safecont currently does not have pricing subscription information on its official website. However, it should be updated soon, and we’ll add it to this review once it happens.

Safecont Discounts and Coupons

Safecont currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its platform. However, you should keep checking the website for any potential deals during Black Friday or Holiday season.

Safecont Free Trial

Safecont currently does not offer a free trial for its SEO tools. However, you should visit the website to avail any future offers.

Safecont, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Safecont account, you’ll see the main panel of the tool. You can add new domains according to your custom plan, see your Internal credits and switch between “My account”, “Change Password”, and “Invoices.

To get a quick view of Safecont’s main features, you can run an analysis on your website. It redirects you to the dashboard.

Here, the main menu is located at the top and can be used to navigate through “Home”, “Risks”, “Clusters”, “Similarity”, “External Duplicate”, “Thin content”, “Semantic”, “Pages”, “Architecture”, “Crawlstats”, and “Links Optimizer”.

You’ll be automatically redirected to the “Home” section once you run an analysis on your website. Here, you can run a new analysis or get an overview of the previous results.

Click on “Risks” to identify the possible bottlenecks or SEO competitors. It enables you to update your website’s content for better ranking and prevent malicious attacks.

Additionally, you can optimize your internal links by clicking on “Links Optimizer”. It ensures your website is easily accessible on all devices and provides a smooth browsing experience. Click on “Architecture” to analyze your website’s backlog and make additional changes to improve its functioning and security.

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