Sage CRM, A Simple Review

by Scott Max

So, you are considering Sage CRM.

You’ll be wondering if it's a good choice for you if its feature set compares well to other options on the market and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

Sage CRM Features

Sage CRM is a highly configurable open-ended software that allows businesses to use it for different purposes. It offers several tools and integrations that can positively affect your sales and marketing campaigns while managing the company’s data in an orderly manner. Users can get a better understanding of products through Sage CRM and meet the clients' expectations, thus increasing the chances of securing a lead.

Here are some fascinating features offered by Sage CRM:

  • Opportunity Management: Sage CRM allows users to connect multiple companies to a single opportunity and avoid duplication. It processes the data from the prospect stage through to its complete cycle with unique workflows and helps in turning qualified leads into legitimate opportunities. Sage CRM offers the ability to quarantine unverified information, which can be reviewed; by sales representatives.
  • Sales and Marketing Reporting: Sage CRM allows users to create and share valuable reports based on customer details. There are several pre-defined reports available that display distinct sales metrics, and you can set customized parameters for more accuracy. It helps users from different departments in your organization to get detailed insight regarding their work and clients. Sage CRM improves the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by informing you about the most beneficial lead sources so you can focus your efforts on the right advertisement.
  • MailChimp Integration: Sage CRM can be integrated with MailChimp to boost email marketing campaigns by targeting a specific audience. Users can view how effective the marketing strategy is and alter it accordingly; to get better client engagement. It can create new business opportunities and strengthen existing relations.
  • Customer Service: Sage CRM improves customer service drastically from both team and individual points of view. It allows you to analyze resolution time for specific complaints, reassign cases to more suitable customer representatives based on experience, review solutions, and access past tickets through knowledgebase for reference on a current problem.
  • Actionable Reports: Sage CRM records information for every click and unsubscribes so you can approach the client accordingly with an automated message or email. It can help in winning back a lost lead or follow up on an interested client immediately to get the upper hand in the negotiation process.
  • Collaboration: Sage CRM simplifies the communication between the marketing and sales team while allowing employees to collaborate on projects. You can share the latest updates regarding the sales process or marketing ventures with relevant team members and easily exchange constructive ideas for the betterment of the business.

Sage CRM Pricing

Sage CRM provides customized services depending on your business requirements. Click on the "Request a callback” tab to get contacted; by a customer representative, fill in some basic details, and get a price quotation for your CRM needs.

Sage CRM Discounts and Coupons

Sage CRM does not offer discount offers currently, but you can get some off on an annual subscription depending upon your customized package. Moreover, There’s a 60% off on Sage Accounting tools for the first 6 months.

Sage CRM Free Trial

Sage CRM currently does not offer a free trial. However, you can use Sage Accounting tools and Sage HR for 14 days without entering card details. You can cancel the trial at any time without being charged.

Sage CRM, a short how-to guide

Log in to the Sage CRM account through the username and password. Check the bottom screen to see which version of Sage CRM you are using.

You’ll be redirected: to the Dashboard, where you can see the latest notifications by clicking on the bell icon. Click on the star icon to access the favorites list.

Click the green tab on the top right-hand side; to add new leads, merge word files and create quotations for products.

The main menu is located: at the top-most side of the screen, and you can switch between user accounts from here. The secondary menu is situated right below the main menu, and its contents are subject to change depending upon who is accessing the CRM.

 Click on “Calendar” to view scheduled tasks and appointments. As an administrator, you can view the schedule of different users by switching the account from the top left corner in the "Calendar" section.

Click on “Contacts” to access the client address synchronized with the Sage CRM.

Go to the "Leads" tab, and you’ll see the leads assigned to your user account.

Click on “Opportunities” to view the verified prospects assigned to your user account. You can click on an entry to make changes in the priority status and negotiation phases.

Click on “Forecasts” to get quarterly sales forecasts depending upon your sales and marketing campaigns. 

Click on “Shared documents” to access the file library and view documents that have been uploaded; by the administrator and are not linked: to a particular context. 

Go to the “Preferences” to choose which page you want to see when you log in, set calendar format, change the user password, and tweak many other options inside this tab.

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