5 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

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The leader as the go-to full-stack social media management platform and boasting robust scheduling.

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A comprehensive user friendly platform that supports a variety of social media accounts in one place.

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It automatically discover articles and images your audience will love, so you can share them to your social profiles.

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So, you are in the market for a social media monitoring tool.

Ideal, because in this article we have our compilation list for our top picks, and we compare the features and pricing for you. 

If you just want the best choice, we’ve added that right at the top of the article as this was what is most requested by our customers and what we see the best feedback with. So, that’ll be the “can’t go wrong” option. 

Otherwise, feel free to explore all the options we’ve reviewed on the market to find something that might fit you a little better.

Enjoy the list!

The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools Specifically

Social media Monitoring makes it possible to see what’s being said about your brand. It helps you understand the public sentiment and locate your clientele. A social media monitoring tool that offers performance and trend analysis will be the perfect fit for this category. Have a look at the products below to choose the best social media monitoring tools:

1. Brandwatch

With Brandwatch, you can find the conversations that really matter through accurate monitoring. Brandwatch starts with beautifully curated queries, so you only see meaningful data. Moreover, you get a range of search operators to put conversations into context. Brandwatch gives you a flying start with robust filtering and automatic sentiment analysis.

Brandwatch Features

Here are some exclusive features of Brandwatch:

Crisis Management: Brandwatch gives you a critical headstart with real-time signals and alerts. You can detect unusual activity or emerging crises and send automatic, real-time notifications to relevant internal and external shareholders. Moreover, it empowers your team to spot negative mentions and act immediately on potential issues before they escalate.

Data Democratization: With Brandwatch, you can break down silos and build a data-driven culture. It helps you go beyond the usual metrics and reports and put the voice of the consumer at the heart of your organization. Brandwatch enables you to build a 360-degree view of your clients with an integrated data approach and reveal hidden insights by analyzing social, web, marketing and business data.

Social Media Management: Managing your organization’s social media activities across networks, regions, and teams can be a painful process. With Brandwatch, you can save time and avoid silos with a unified content calendar. It helps you maintain a responsive, aligned brand voice and automate cross-channel conversations.

Competitor Analysis: Brandwatch allows you to benchmark your marketing performance and brand awareness across your competitors. You can discover deeper consumer insights that can inform corporate competitive strategy. Moreover, Brandwatch provides real-time insight into your online presence and the purchase decisions of customers.

Trend Analysis: With Brandwatch, you get access to historical consumer conversations so you can spot trends your competitors are missing. You can see the change in consumer opinion over time and uncover new trends to better predict clients’ requirements. Brandwatch helps you spot new opportunities for product expansion and market growth.

Brandwatch Pricing

Brandwatch offers 4 Pricing options for its social media management platform.

The “Essentials” plan is priced at $108/month and offers content scheduling, customer engagement, plus impact measuring.

The “Consumer Intelligence” plan offers an on-demand pricing quote. Additionally, it allows you to segment audiences, analyze data and distribute flexible reporting.

The “Social Media Management” plan offers an on-demand pricing quote. Additionally, it provides brand monitoring, a social calendar and a centralized CRM.

The “Full Suite” plan has an on-demand pricing quote. It offers combined access to Brandwatch’s research and social media management products.

2. SocialBee

If you’re searching for a platform that simplifies social media management and handles everything from posting to all your profiles, and recycling evergreen content, to automating content curation, SocialBee is the perfect tool for you. It enables you to get more leads with less effort. With SocialBee, you can grow your online presence and improve your content quality.

SocialBee Features

Here are some exclusive features of SocialBee:

Content Curation: With SocialBee, you can turn your articles into social media posts by importing feeds from blogs with the RSS functionality and letting SocialBee generate social media content whenever a new blog post gets shared. Additionally, you can reuse your top-performing content by creating different variations of your evergreen post.

Scheduling: SocialBee maximizes your performance by scheduling and repurposing your content for all social media channels. You can organize your posts in diverse content categories and create evergreen posting sequences. Moreover, SocialBee lets you visualize and fine-tune your posting system.

Publishing: SocialBee optimizes your social media posting strategy with its all-in-one publishing tools. It enables you to diversify your social media posts and keep your audience engaged. Moreover, you can evaluate your entire posting strategy with SocialBee’s built-in content calendar that provides a clear overview of your upcoming posts.

Analyze: You can use SocialBee to inform your social media strategy by tracking page growth, audience demographics, and post analytics for every network. It helps you identify opportunities and winning patterns. You no longer have to worry about manually gathering data, as SocialBee provides a 360-degree view of your social strategy.

Campaigns: With SocialBee, you can run successful social media campaigns and achieve your marketing goals. It allows you to audit your social media performance by evaluating every aspect of your strategy through visually appealing charts. Moreover, SocialBee offers heat and bubble maps to provide a thematic representation of how and when people interact with your content.

SocialBee Pricing

SocialBee offers 3 Pricing options for small businesses and 4 Subscription plans for agencies.

The “Bootstrap” plan is priced at $19/month and offers content approval and historical data access upto 3 Months.

The “Accelerate” plan is priced at $39/month and offers 50 Content categories and historical data access upto 2 Years.

The “Pro” plan is priced at $79/month and offers unlimited content categories and 5 Workspaces.

The “Pro25” plan is priced at $79/month and offers report exporting and upto 25 Social profile connections.

The “Pro50” plan is priced at $149/month and offers 10 Workspaces and 50 Social profile connections.

The “Pro100” plan is priced at $279/month and offers 20 Workspaces and 100 Social profile connections.

The “Pro150” plan is priced at $379/month and offers 30 Workspaces and 150 Social profile connections.

3. SproutSocial

SproutSocial offers a unique social media management platform that unlocks the true potential of social to transform your marketing strategy. It helps users organize content, plan scheduled posts, manage communication, analyze data and reach wider audiences. With SproutSocial, you can empower your social profile and grow your brand value.

SproutSocial Features

Here are some exclusive features of SproutSocial:

Engagement: With SproutSocial’s engagement tools, you can better address customer needs and build greater brand loyalty. It removes engagement roadblocks that affect your team’s ability to deliver relationship-building experiences on social media. Additionally, you can foster effective teamwork with communication and collaboration tools.

Publishing & Scheduling: SproutSocial drives real business results with your social content. Its intuitive publishing and scheduling tools make quick work of delivering content, so your team can focus on strengthening strategy and effectively connecting with your customers. Moreover, it helps you overcome publishing obstacles by allowing you to formulate a publishing strategy and maintain oversight.

Analytics: SproutSocial helps you make more strategic business decisions with social media analytics. It speeds up data collection and distribution so brands can focus on KPIs that matter, inform strategy and prove ROI. You can maintain complete oversight of all connected social profiles and have customizable reporting options at your disposal.

Listening: SproutSocial uncovers business-critical insights with social listening. Its listening tools help brands tap into the global social conversation to extract actionable insights, identify industry gaps and improve brand health. Moreover, you can track and analyze conversations around relevant topics to understand customer sentiment.

Employee Advocacy: SproutSocial extends your social reach and eliminates extra work by combining social media management and employee advocacy. You can centralize your shareable content so employees can swiftly and easily post approved content to their social networks.

SproutSocial Pricing

SproutSocial offers 3 Pricing options for its social media management platform.

The “Standard” plan is priced: at $89/month upon annual billing. It offers 5 Social profiles, review management and keyword monitoring.

The “Professional” plan is priced: at $149/month upon annual billing. It offers 10 Social profiles, competitive reports and custom approval workflows.

The “Advanced” plan is priced: at $249/month upon annual billing. It offers a content library, link tracking and chatbot automation.

4. SocialPilot

SocialPilot offers all prerequisite tools to hit your social media marketing objectives. It enables powerful publishing, insightful analytics and seamless collaboration. With SocialPilot, you can efficiently manage your social media channels, enhance engagement and create curated content to turn fans into followers.

SocialPilot Features

Here are some exclusive features of SocialPilot:

Publishing and Scheduling: You can expand your brand reach on all social platforms with SocialPilot’s scheduling engine. It allows you to go the extra mile by customizing your posts for multiple social media channels. Moreover, SocialPilot leaves no room for redundancies by offering flexible scheduling to improve your visibility.

Content Curation: SocialPilot’s content curation platform provides you with content pieces that help you come up with new ideas. Unlike content marketing tools that limit your searches, SocialPilot enables you to search unlimited keywords and recognize hidden trends.

Client Management: You can give your clients complete peace of mind with SocialPilot’s secure, hassle-free client account management. It helps you create the right impression by onboarding clients with a customized invitation that showcases your branding. Moreover, you can automate the onboard process by distributing links via email or by embedding them on a website.

RSS Feeds Automation: With SocialPilot, you can add the RSS feed of a particular site and leave the rest on its robust platform. SocialPilot’s RSS feed automation tool will automatically share the blogs of your favourite websites on your social media channels. Moreover, its auto-hashtag feature puts your posts in front of the right audience.

Analytics: SocialPilot offers a dedicated analytics tool for every social media channel. You can get detailed insights into your audience’s behaviour and demographics on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. SocialPilot helps you make data-driven decisions based on engagement and post-performance metrics for higher impact.

SocialPilot Pricing

SocialPilot offers 4 Pricing options for its social media management platform.

The “Professional” plan is priced at $30/month and offers smart queues, bulk scheduling and audience targeting.

The “Small Team” plan is priced at $50/month and offers team management, UTM parameters, an image editor and Instagram image tagging.

The “Studio” plan is priced at $100/month and offers post boosting, custom CTAs and detailed social media analytics.

The “Agency” plan is priced at $125/month and offers post performance, white-label reports and social inbox.

5. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is the only social media scheduler that lets you craft content and keep it too. Other schedulers delete your content right after posting, but not MeetEdgar. It stores your content in a limitless library. Anytime you run out of content to post, Edgar can draw from your library and repurpose older content with content resharing.

MeetEdgar Features

Here are some exclusive features of MeetEdgar:

Bottomless Library: Want to promote a special offer every other day or share blog posts once a week? With MeetEdgar, you can automate recurring tasks and kiss your to-do list goodbye. MeetEdgar builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates organized by category, so you control what type of content gets shared and when. If your library runs out of new updates, MeetEdgar will reshare the older ones, so your social media is always on – even when you’re focused on other things.

Content Crafting: Meet Edgar offers unlimited scheduled posts, so you can plan and publish your social campaigns from one tidy dashboard and maintain the professional presence you’ve been dreaming about. If you get writer’s block, you can plug in a link, and MeetEdgar will scan it for a quote-worthy text.

Strategy Monitoring: MeetEdgar tracks performance data for everything you post, so you can check in when it fits your plan and catch up in minutes with a distraction-free dashboard. With A/B testing options and link tracking, MeetEdgar takes the guesswork out of writing updates and gives you all the intel you require to see what your audience responds to best.

Lead Generation: MeetEdgar expands your social reach with Unlimited scheduling, automated updates and multiple user accounts. It helps you maintain a social media presence while building a community of followers. Additionally, MeetEdgar’s algorithm analyzes your social media activity, giving you detailed insights into where you can improve engagement and reach new audiences.

MeetEdgar Pricing

MeetEdgar offers 2 Pricing options for its social media scheduling platform.

The “Eddie” plan is priced at $29.99/month and offers 5 Social profile connections, unlimited scheduled posts, 10 Weekly automation and 4 Content categories.

The “Edgar” plan is priced at $49.99/month and offers 25 Social profile connections, 1000 Weekly automation and limitless customizable content categories.

Why use Social Media Management Tools at all?

In today’s world, building an online presence on social media channels is crucial for brand loyalty and lead generation. However, managing and maintaining your social profile across different networks is a highly complicated process. You need a dedicated tool that automates your content curation and lets you schedule posts in advance.

Social media management tools rejuvenate your social profiles by drawing in crowds and offering new chances to expand. You can analyze the engagement rate on your posts to see which content works best on various channels. With social media management tools, you can keep your social profile active even when you aren’t.

Why should you use Social Media Monitoring Tools?

A social media monitoring platform is a powerful and affordable tool that is designed to keep track of your online conversations and comments made about your brand or product. It collects real-time social data from millions of sources.

Social media monitoring allows you to interact with customers, manage your brand reputation online, gather valuable consumer insights, measure the impact of marketing and ultimately improve sales. It does so by queuing all the relevant interactions and providing you with full context.

If your customers are talking about you and saying positive things, you’d want to share that as testimonials. Similarly, if there’s a negative sentiment around your brand, you’d want to address the problems by connecting with unsatisfied clients.

With social media monitoring tools, you can go through every conversation that is going on about your brand whether positive or negative. It helps you get a clear picture of your brand image. So you can improve your visibility.

Social Media Monitoring Tools, A Summary

Social media monitoring tools are crucial for every business looking to build a growing online community. It provides analytical reports and insights into the audience’s behaviour. With social media monitoring tools, you can easily understand customer behaviour.

Brandwatch offers quality social media monitoring within its management platform. It is our suggested pick for social media monitoring software. Visit the website to get started.

What Social Media Management Tool would you recommend?

In short, It’s Hootsuite.com.

Hootsuite streamlines social media management, enabling efficient collaboration and goal achievement. With powerful tools and analytics, it’s the ultimate choice for effective online brand presence in today’s digital landscape.

“🚀Try Hootsuite.com For Free, It’s my favorite Social Media Management Tool to use and recommend.” -Scott Max

Hootsuite is a user-friendly social media management platform, empowering businesses with powerful tools for seamless online engagement. It simplifies complex social strategies, ensuring efficient brand communication and delivering impressive digital marketing outcomes. Hootsuite covers all your social media needs: Scheduling, Analytics, Advertising, Monitoring, Reporting, and Engagement.

For more details, read our Hootsuite Review.