Square Payroll, A Brutally Honest Review

So, you are considering Square.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

Plus, at the end of the article you’ll find links to alternatives to Square as well as our top picks for the options in this category.

Or, just go straight to Our top picks for Best payroll management software.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Square Features

Square is a full-service payroll and automated tax filing platform that helps small businesses streamline their finances and employee onboarding. From Payroll software to payment processing and appointments to invoices, Square has tools to help you run your entire business. With Square, you don’t require 5 Different systems to run your business effectively.

Here are some exclusive features of Square:

Multistate Payroll: With Square, you can run Payroll across multiple states and localities or pay employees who work from home. Square understands that every state has different tax regulations and helps you comply with every one of them by automating your entire tax filing procedure. Additionally, it lets you track and import tips and commissions from the Square POS.

Team Management: Square lets you synchronize hours, review sales, and manage permissions with its team management integration. You can add incentives or bonuses for your employees once they fulfil objectives to empower and motivate them for the next tasks. Additionally, Square allows you to deal with time-off requests and quickly reassign tasks to available employees.

Marketing: Square is one of the few payroll management solutions that offer an inbuilt marketing module. You can expand your business with personalized, one-time and automated email or text campaigns to keep your customers engaged. Whether you want to promote in-store events and new products, send last-minute deals, or provide seasonal offers, Square helps you drive traffic to your online and physical stores.

Banking: Square syncs your payments, business banking accounts, and cash flow seamlessly. You can watch your sales flow directly into Square, so accessing and moving your money is fast and easy. Whenever you make a sale, you can access the funds in your Square checking account. Additionally, you can automatically set aside a percentage of daily sales into a high-yield Square folder.

Time Tracking: Square automatically records the working hours of your employees and updates timesheets to provide you with a clear overview of productivity. It ensures your workforce is paid fairly according to their clocked hours and completed work. With Square, you can do overtime calculations to reward your employees’ efforts with extra incentives.

Square Pricing

Square offers 3 Pricing options for its payroll and HR management solution.

The “Free” plan is priced at $0/month and offers a free Square Reader for magstripe and a POS app.

The “Plus” plan is priced at $29/month and offers advanced features designed specifically for restaurants, retailers, or appointment-based businesses.

The “Premium” plan has an on-request pricing quote and allows you to build a bespoke plan that meets the complexity of your operations.

Square Discounts and Coupons

Square currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its payroll management platform.

Square Free Trial

Square does not offer a free trial for its pricing options. However, you can use the free plan to do basic Payroll and HR management.

Square, A short how-to guide

Square Payroll helps you pay your entire team with just a few clicks. Simply import any time cards or enter your employees’ hours. Once done, Square will calculate all the taxes for you and even email your employees.

Start by logging into your Square dashboard. Next, click Payroll and select “Run Payroll”. Now, you can enter and edit your employee’s hours and earnings for your upcoming pay period.

Next, select the payment method. You can pay all employees by check or by direct deposit. If you’re tracking timecards with Square, simply click import timecards. Your employees’ hours for the pay period will automatically appear in the appropriate column.

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