The Best Payroll Software To Use (Free & Paid)

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A leading fintech company, simplifying online payments with innovative solutions for businesses.

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Zoho Payroll

Streamlined payroll software, ensuring efficient salary processing and compliance for businesses of all sizes.

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A streamlined HR and payroll software, simplifying workforce management for businesses efficiently.

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Every business has to make recruitments and employ a dependable workforce to grow swiftly. However, finding the right talent and incorporating them into your organization is a time-consuming process. Even when you’re done with the hiring, you still have to accurately run a payroll based on every employee’s billable hours.

You need an innovative platform that simplifies onboarding and lets you automate or schedule pay runs. Payroll software enables you to effectively manage your wage structure by getting insights and assists your HR team in acquiring the best applicants.

Payroll software greatly enhances your work culture by allowing you to add performance-based incentives and approve time-off requests in advance. It’s the perfect tool for reshaping your business finances by organizing the payroll.

In this article, we’ll enlist the must-have features of a payroll platform. We will also provide a descriptive list of the best options.

What Payroll Software would you recommend?

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What features to look for in Payroll Software?

Payroll software basically helps you handle your employee payrolls, stay tax compliant and simplify the onboarding experience. It’s mostly used by every business, irrespective of size, to accurately pay wages and acquire the right talent. In fact, it won’t be erroneous to say that a payroll management system should be an inseparable part of your business if you prioritize growth.

Any payroll software worth using should offer tax calculation and filing, employee onboarding and payroll reporting.

However, quality payroll management tools offer advanced benefits to expedite your expansion. Here are some attributes you should consider while buying payroll software:

  • Self-service Portal: Your new hirings should be able to onboard themselves through the self-service portal and access training sessions.
  • Employee Benefits: Top-quality payroll platforms offer additional employee benefits like retirement plans or health insurance schemes.
  • Time Management: You should be able to approve time-off requests and view employee timesheets to calculate accurate wages.
  • Scheduling: You should be able to automate the payroll or schedule recurring deductions.
  • Team Management: Your payroll software should allow you to offer added motivation by providing incentives or bonuses.

With the above-enlisted features, you’ll have the necessary tools in your arsenal to efficiently maintain your wage structure and run payroll.

What are the Best Payroll Tools?

Honestly, it very much depends on your workforce, industry, objectives and budget. Some businesses prefer an all-in-one accounting master, while others look for a simplistic payroll management platform. However, we have prepared this guide with all the factors in mind to help you pick the best payroll software:

Here are the best payroll software options in 2022:

1. Zoho Payroll

Zoho Payroll is designed to help your business maintain federal and state tax compliance. It is an end-to-end platform that does everything for you, whether it’s onboarding employees, or streamlining your payroll administration. Additionally, it is tightly integrated with the Zoho ecosystem and imports your payroll data automatically.

Zoho Payroll Features

Here are some exclusive features of Zoho Payroll:

Employees Management: Zoho Payroll ensures you chart the right course for managing your workforce from the day you hire your first employee. It offers fast employee onboarding and tax form generation plus manages exits efficiently. Moreover, your employees can view their personal details and access pay stubs on the Zoho Payroll platform.

Payroll Processing: Zoho Payroll offers intuitive features

that help you prepare your pay runs and validate payroll input. You can generate gross to net pay stubs, personalize pay schedules, do online salary payments and reward employees with bonuses. Zoho Payroll ensures swift processing and efficient management to maintain your wage structure.

Payroll Benefits & Accounting: Zoho Payroll lets you associate non-wage benefits like retirement plans, health insurance and taxable benefits with employees. You can reward diligent employees for disciplined attendance by paying out unused leaves. Additionally, Zoho Payroll lets you choose expense liability accounts to track benefits automatically and prevent last-minute reconciliations.

Payroll Metrics: With Zoho Payroll, you can generate single-click reports that reflect your payroll. It lets you analyze your organization’s payroll expenses with a summary report that classifies all financial contributions. Additionally, you can export the reports in multiple formats for deeper analysis.

Payroll Administration: Zoho Payroll ensures you make light work of time-intensive admin tasks and organize your wage structure efficiently. You can personalize the email templates by adding a human touch to your automated messages and turning on notifications for upcoming pay runs and tax filings.

Zoho Payroll Pricing

Zoho Payroll offers 1 Subscription plan for its Payroll management software. It is priced at $19/month plus an additional $3 for every employee and offers automatic payroll calculation, digital pay stubs, a self-service portal and direct deposit of salaries via Forte.

Zoho Payroll Discounts and Coupons

Zoho Payroll offers 2 Months free for its subscription plan upon annual billing. However, it does not offer any discounts or coupons.

Zoho Payroll Free Trial

Zoho Payroll offers a 14 Day free trial for its Payroll management and calculation platform. You can avail the offer without any buying obligations.

Zoho Payroll, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Zoho Payroll account, you’ll be asked to select your business location, legal structure and industry.

Once you complete the organization setup, you’ll be redirected: to the home section. Here, you can access help and support or watch an overview video to learn the basics.

Click on “Employees” to add employees to your Zoho Payroll system. Go to “Pay Runs” if you want to run a payroll or see payroll history. Click on “Approvals” to verify reimbursements, salary revisions and proof of investments.

Click on “Loans” to see any active employee loans. Go to “Reports”; to analyze your payroll or generate a summary report.

2. Trucklogics 

Trucklogics is a payroll management platform for trucking businesses that offers an all-in-one solution. You can track income, run reports, store records, manage dispatches and schedule maintenance within Trucklogics. Additionally, it ensures you remain up-to-date with the driver’s location for easy dispatching.

Trucklogics Features

Here are some exclusive features of Trucklogics:

Account Management: Trucklogics provides you with a real-time accounting management solution for your trucking business. It lets you manage income and transactions, plus track driver payments. With Trucklogics, you can reimburse fuel-ups, create settlements based on hauling fees and schedule recurring deductions.

Business Intelligence: Trucklogics is designed to provide you with real-time insights into your business’s health. Its built-in business intelligence tools like route planning, fuel optimization and dispatch scheduling help you make informed decisions. Additionally, you can enter trip sheets based on odometer reading or have them populated automatically.

Trucking Maintenance and Custom Revenue Reports: Trucklogics increases the lifespan of your vehicles and reduces risks by setting up a preventive maintenance plan. Additionally, you can know your financial status and get a complete breakdown of the total revenue percentage with the custom revenue reports.

Driver Management: Trucklogics makes it possible to manage all your drivers in your fleet with a single solution. With Trucklogics, you can communicate with drivers, track settlements, decide access levels and plan their routes. Moreover, you can customize the payment methods and set truck or trailer preferences for drivers in the truck zone.

Load Board: Trucklogics allows you to search for DAT loads using power credentials. You can email prospects about your interest in the loads directly from the load board interface of Trucklogics. Trucklogics ensures your trucks are actively looking for loads and don’t stay idle.

Trucklogics Pricing

Trucklogics offers 3 Subscription plans for its trucking management platform depending upon the fleet size.

The “Pro” plan starts at $29.95/month and offers driver settlement, routing and trip sheets.

The “Preferred” plan starts at $49.95/month and offers load management, recurring deductions and a load board.

The “Premium” plan starts at $69.95/month and offers trailer reports, fuel optimization and custom revenue reports.

Trucklogics Discounts and Coupons

Trucklogics offers a 10% discount for its trucking management platform upon annual billing.

Trucklogics Free Trial

Trucklogics offers a 15 Day free trial for its subscription plans without any credit card credentials or buying obligations.

Trucklogics, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Trucklogics account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can see active loads and dispatches, open invoices and upcoming maintenance. Scroll down to add trucks to the load board or create a dispatch schedule.

Click on “Loads” to view your undispatched, active, cancelled and drafted loads. Go to “Dispatches” to see delivered and unassigned dispatches.

Click on “Accounts” to enter the payroll section inside Trucklogics. Here, you can manage income transactions and settle the driver’s wages. Go to the “Truck zone” to view your driver preferences and monitor equipment health.

3. RazorpayX 

RazorpayX is a payroll disbursal and management software that automates payments and filings of compliances like TDS, PF, ESI and PT. RazorpayX ensures you can focus on growing your business by maintaining tax compliance and efficiently organizing your payroll. Moreover, it lets you do transactions from your current account and deposit salaries directly into an employee’s bank account.

RazorpayX Features

Here are some exclusive features of RazorpayX:

HR Management: RazorpayX assists your HR department to manage the employee lifecycle from onboarding to exit. You can generate offer letters from predefined templates, process reimbursements seamlessly and access the employee directory. Additionally, RazorpayX ensures your employees can add custom holidays with their manager’s approval.

Leave Management System: RazorpayX lets you set leave policies that fit your company culture. Your managers can view the attendance report of employees, plus RazorpayX automatically factors in the employee holidays while calculating salary. Additionally, you can integrate RazorpayX with Slack and handle all approvals on one platform.

One-click Payroll Processing: Managing payroll is no longer a time-consuming process. With RazorpayX, you can eliminate manual efforts and automate the payroll process accurately. It lets you add incentives or bonuses during processing, automates compliance payments and generates insightful payroll reports.

Statutory Compliance: RazorpayX offers the best payroll compliance automation in the market. It deducted TDS returns accurately for employees according to their tax declaration and chosen regime. Moreover, you can control professional tax registration and return filings within one interface.

Group Health Insurance: RazorpayX offers group health insurance for businesses to safeguard employees’ interests. It provides automated insurance management upon employee onboarding and exit. RazorpayX has the best claim settlement rate and is one of the few payroll software that offers health insurance.

RazorpayX Pricing

RazorpayX offers 2 Subscription plans for its payroll management system. You have to pay a base charge of $1.5 per employee.

The “RazorpayX with Current Account” offers 250 free payouts every month, guided account opening, scheduled payouts and priority support.

The “RazorpayX with Virtual Account” does not offer free payouts. It supports vendor payments, approval workflows and API payouts.

RazorpayX Discounts and Coupons

RazorpayX does not offer any discounts or coupons for its payroll and employee management platform.

RazorpayX Free Trial

RazorpayX lets you do upto 250 free payouts with its current account.

RazorpayX, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your RazorpayX account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can see an overview of payroll and wages. Click on “Payouts” to create a new payroll cycle.

Go to “Employees” to view the attendance reports of your workforce. You can add incentives or deduct paid leaves within this section. Click on “HR” to onboard new joinings or manage exits.

Click on “Reports” to get insights into your existing wage structure, gross profit and reimbursements. Go to “transactions” to view a transaction status or reconcile bank statements.

4. Toast

Toast is a payroll management system for restaurants and helps them organize all on-premise and off-premise order sources. It offers top-tier reliability and a full offline mode to keep your restaurant running. With Toast, you can reduce third-party commissions and have a system that’s designed to expand your restaurant and draw visitors.

Toast Features

Here are some exclusive features of Toast:

Simplified Onboarding: Toast offers digital new hire onboarding so you can bring your team up to the pace. Its integrated restaurant payroll and staff management system lets you calculate ROI by inputting payroll frequency and hours spent. Toast ensures your recruits quickly get used to the work culture and their job role.

Streamlined Payroll: Toast offers simple payroll processing. So you can skip the manual uploads. It ensures you pay your team accurately in accordance with their working hours and allows you to add incentives or bonuses. Additionally, you can choose the best fit for paying your team or use Toast Pay Cards.

Integrated Team Management: Toast offers POS timesheet integration, so your employee punches sync directly to payroll. You can build schedules for your workforce and set objectives. Additionally, Toast lets you access the restaurant-focused HR content and expertly manage workload.

Toast POS: Toast POS is an add-on point-of-sale platform for restaurants. It helps you manage online ordering and delivery plus provides insights into your restaurant’s performance. By combining the Toast payroll system with its POS platform, you can transform your restaurant and drive more revenue.

Toast Mobile Order & Pay: Another added integration within the Toast ecosystem that truly revolutionizes your restaurant. With Toast Mobile Order & Pay, your guests can scan a QR code to browse the menu, order and make payment. It helps you combat labour shortage and collect valuable data by offering a better payment method.

Toast Pricing

Toast offers 4 Subscription plans for its restaurant-focused payroll management system.

The “Starter kit” plan is priced at $0 and offers a cloud-based point of sale. Additionally, you can use guest engagement tools and Toast TakeOut.

The “Essentials” plan is priced at $165/month and offers custom hardware configuration plus real-time fraud monitoring.

The “Custom” plan offers an on-demand pricing quote and features.

The “Restaurant Basics Package” plan is priced: at $110/month plus an additional $4 per employee. It offers API integrations and payroll management.

Toast Discounts and Coupons

Toast does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans. However, you get 3 Months free of online ordering add-on with the “Essentials” plan.

Toast Free Trial

Toast does not offer a free trial for its payroll and restaurant management system.

Toast, A short how-to guide

When you hire or add your first employee to Toast, it kicks off a digital onboarding process, where the employees can set their profile, choose how they like to get paid and complete their I-9 and W-4 forms.

You can use this opportunity to get your workforce onboarded with any restaurant-specific documents and acknowledge them via digital signature. Once done, you’re employees are added to the Toast payroll and POS system database.

5. SurePayRoll

SurePayRoll is a 20 years old payroll solution for America’s small businesses and was recently acquired: by Paychex. It runs your payroll automatically and offers an accurate tax liability calculation guarantee. SurePayRoll is ideal for budding businesses looking for an integrated HR and Payroll solution without splurging too much.

SurePayRoll Features

Here are some exclusive features of SurePayRoll:

Extensive Reporting Capabilities: SurePayRoll offers insights from up-to-date wage structure, employee benefits and status reports. You can use the integrated time clock to eliminate manual errors, download customizable reports and connect SurePayRoll with accounting software to streamline tracking.

Easy Direct Deposit Setup: SurePayRoll offers the convenience of direct deposit. You can ensure your employees get their wages timely by scheduling bank transfers with direct deposits. Additionally, you can cancel payrolls or withhold salary for timesheet approval. SurePayRoll gives you complete control over payroll and transactions.

Household: If you employ a nanny, caregiver or any household helper, you’re considered a business: by the IRS. It means you must pay the necessary taxes, deduct social security and provide medicare. SurePayRoll offers a dedicated payroll system for managing household helpers. It automatically calculates the taxes for you and files them with your approval.

Pre-Employment Screening and New Hire Reporting: SurePayRoll understands how troublesome the recruiting process can be for small businesses. It’s critical that you recruit the best talent for the role, and SurePayRoll’s pre-employment screening options combined with new hire reporting help you determine the perfect fit for your organization.

White labelling and Flexibility: SurePayRoll is a fully customizable platform tweakable to fit your specific business needs. It provides easy access to workplace and business forms. Additionally, SurePayRoll offers white labelling, allowing you to add your custom branding to the interface.

SurePayRoll Pricing

SurePayRoll offers an instant pricing quote for its payroll management platform, depending upon your payroll type. You have to input your name and email and then click on “Get Started”.

SurePayRoll Discounts and Coupons

SurePayRoll does not offer any discounts or coupons for its payroll management platform.

SurePayRoll Free Trial

SurePayRoll offers 2 Months free for its payroll and HR management solution without any credit card details or buying obligations.

SurePayRoll, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your SurePayRoll account, you’ll enter the dashboard. The callout bubbles in the lower half of the screen denote payroll information at a glance pertaining both to recently run payrolls and key financial analytics.

Follow these steps to run a payroll from this screen:

  • In the current payroll section, click begin payroll.
  • The enter payroll screen displays workers grouped by pay types.
  • Enter hours for every employee on this screen and any compensation like bonuses or incentives. Hourly information for salaried employees displays automatically.
  • Use the little arrow in the bottom right corner to toggle between direct deposits or paper checks.
  • Once you’re satisfied, click the preview payroll button.

Once done, you’ll see an updated dashboard where you can check for accuracy last time before finalizing approval.

6. Patriot

Patriot is a payroll management system designed for small businesses. Patriot offers easy onboarding with its setup wizard and free 2-day direct deposits. You can create multiple pay rates, file taxes, customize time off and deductions and provide your employees with a free portal. Patriot is the ideal payroll and HR solution for small businesses.

Patriot Features

Here are some exclusive features of Patriot:

Time and Attendance: Patriot can streamline your timekeeping and payroll in one smooth paperless process. It allows you to approve employee time and run payroll. Patriot complies with federal rules for record-keeping and is designed to work with your unique company set. You can pay employees using either hourly or salary time cards, and overtime and double-time rates automatically apply.

Time-off Management: With Patriot, you can keep track of vacation and sick time, including any dates that your employees took time off. You can record billable hours on your employees’ behalf or give your workforce secure access to their own time cards. Your employees can login to the self-service portal to see their time off, pay stubs and remaining leaves.

Applicant Tracking: With Patriot’s online applicant tracking system, you can manage the entire hiring process in a centralized interface. From advertising the job on the internet to offering the position to your best candidate, Patriot ensures everything is precisely done. Patriot gives your job opening maximum exposure to potential job seekers.

Accounting Software Integration: Patriot’s payroll platform integrates with its accounting solution, providing you with high-quality insights into your finances. You can view reports highlighting your company’s financial health and employee performance; to predict returns. Moreover, Patriot automatically syncs data with integrated tools.

HR Integration: Patriot is a complete business solution for small-sized firms. It enables HR teams to simplify onboarding and efficiently manage exits. Additionally, you can create a worker manual for new recruits to quickly understand the work culture and get started with their role.

Patriot Pricing

Patriot offers 2 Pricing options for its subscription plans.

The “Basic Payroll” plan is priced: at $17/month plus an additional $4 per employee. It offers free payroll setup, all pay frequencies, multiple locations and time off accruals.

The “Full-Service Payroll” plan is priced: at $37/month plus an additional $4 per employee. It offers tax filing accuracy, optional 1099 e-filing and net to gross payroll tool.

Patriot Discounts and Coupons

Patriot currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans.

Patriot Free Trial

Patriot currently offers a 30 Day free trial for its payroll management platform.

Patriot, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Patriot account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can run payroll, add employees, manage time cards, create invoices or receive payments.

Click on “Accounting” to enter the accounting section inside Patriot. Here, you can manage your payables and receivables, import transactions and reconcile accounts.

Click on “Payroll” to print contractor checks, manage time off, upload employer documents and execute payroll tasks.

Click on “Reports” to enter the analytical section inside Patriot. Here, you can generate customer reports, payroll reports, account trial balances and general ledgers.

7. Paycor

Paycor is a payroll management software tailored to your HR team’s business needs. Paycor helps you disburse salaries on time and pre-schedule the payroll cycles. With Paycor, you can capture critical details necessary to ensure tax compliance and switch to efficient administration.

Paycor Features

Here are some exclusive features of Paycor:

Flexible Pay Options: Paycor lets you engage and retain your workforce with flexible payment options like direct deposit and pay cards. Moreover, you employees can check the salary revisions on the mobile app and use the self-service portal to update billable hours. Paycor is the complete solution for effectively managing your wage structure.

Tax Compliance: Paycor maintains compliance with the ever-changing local, state and federal tax regulations and keeps precise records. It handles the tax filing and processing plus calculates premiums and deposits on your behalf. Paycor ensures you never have to worry about tax compliance again by regularly monitoring regulations.

Workforce Management: The HR department has to contribute to the company’s bottom line by providing strategic insights, maintaining compliance and building relations. Paycor streamlines and optimizes every aspect of your business and assists your HR teams in reinforcing the core values by motivating employees.

System Automation: Paycor centralizes your employee communication and HR tasks. It lets you create automated workflows for swift execution and provides an engaging self-service portal for your employees to update profiles or complete project tasks. With Paycor, you can protect your business interests by automating compliance with tax agencies and labour law.

Analytics: Paycor offers predictive data analytics, helping you identify the probability of employee turnover for the next annual cycle. You can transform complex data into direct answers and discover the factors affecting your workforce. Paycor provides you with a competitive edge by leveraging competitive workforce analytics data.

Paycor Pricing

Paycor offers different subscription plans for small businesses and organizations with a workforce of over 50 employees.

The “Complete” plan is priced: at $199/month plus an additional $14/month per employee. It provides online check stubs and reporting.

The “Core” plan is priced: at $199/month plus an additional $8/month per employee. It provides general ledger reports and labour distribution.

The “Essential” plan is priced: at $149/month plus an additional $7/month per employee. It provides an HR support centre and a job costing calculator.

The “Basic” plan is priced: at $99/month plus an additional $5/month per employee. It provides On-demand Pay and online reporting.

Large businesses can contact the sales team to get a customized subscription plan.

Paycor Discounts and Coupons

Payroll currently offers 3 Months free for its subscription plans upon annual billing and free set-up. However, it does not provide any additional discounts or coupons.

Paycor Free Trial

Paycor does not offer a free trial for its HR and payroll management platform.

Paycor, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Paycor platform, you’ll enter the homepage section. Here, you’ll see your tasks, notifications, compensation history, time off summary and documents.

The company communications tab shows the embedded notifications. Click on compensation history to view your transaction and refund history.

Click on “Time off summary” to view your timesheet and billable hours. Go to “Pay stubs” to revise payment criteria. Click on “Customize Homepage” to replace existing sections with new widgets.

Click on “Profile” to view your employment history with the company. Go to “Compensation” to change your taxes or direct deposits.

8. Paychex

Paychex simplifies your payroll and HR. So you have more time to focus on business growth. It is an integrated suite of services that manages payroll, reporting and employee data. Paychex is not just for managers and business owners; your employees can also access their pay stubs or put up a holiday request from the self-service portal.

Paychex Features

Here are some exclusive features of Paychex:

Automation and ERTC: Paychex offers employee retention tax credit, helping business owners determine eligibility for tax returns and retroactively claim the credit. Additionally, Paychex automates payroll processing. So your employees get paid automatically once the monthly billing cycle arrives.

Paychex Flex: Paychex Flex is a mobile app from Paychex to help business owners automate payrolls and integrate employee data with the HR department. With Paychex Flex, you can simplify payroll administration and set scheduled payments. Additionally, you can set achievable objectives for your employees and award incentives or bonuses based on them.

Time & Attendance: With Paychex, you can accurately track employees’ billable hours, whether they’re working onsite or from home. Paychex ensures your payrolls are automatically in sync with the timesheets and attendance reports. Moreover, it automatically updates managers regarding time off requests.

Hiring Services: Paychex helps you find the right employee for your organization by showing the best-fit candidates and uncovering important information about potential employees. Additionally, it reduces the onboarding time by offering your new hires a self-service portal.

Digital Marketing and HR Services: Paychex offers an integrated data-driven lifecycle marketing platform that helps small businesses grow through personalized engagement. Additionally, it’s also a total HR solution that helps you comply with state and federal regulations plus makes you aware of potential HR issues.

Paychex Pricing 

Paychex offers an On-demand pricing quote for its all-in-one payroll management system. Click on “Request Pricing” and input the company info to get started with a free quote.

Paychex Discount and Coupons

Paychex does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans.

Paychex Free Trial

Paychex does not offer a free trial for its payroll management platform.

Paychex, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Paychex account, you’ll enter the company dashboard. Here, you can view your current and last payroll, including the total cash required. Click on “Analytics and Reports” to do insightful reporting inside Paychex.

Click on “Payroll” to customize your existing payroll, see the latest changes in wage structure or run a new payroll. Go to “People” to enter the address database inside Paychex.

Click on “Time and Attendance” to view employee timesheets and attendance reports for accurate evaluation. Go to “Human Resources” to manage employees, exits and new recruits.

Click on “Benefits Administration” to view the health packages and retirement plans opted by your employees.

9. Paycom

Paycom is attributed with being one of the first fully online payroll providers. It offers an employee-driven solution that helps you with talent acquisition, payroll, HR management and time tracking. Additionally, Paycom reduces post-payroll corrections by allowing your workforce to verify and approve their paychecks for accuracy.

Paycom Features

Here are some exclusive features of Paycom:

Applicant Tracking: Swift action is crucial to keep the best applicants from falling through the cracks during the hiring process. Paycom provides an applicant tracking system that helps you distribute jobs, create requisitions and evaluate candidates. Additionally, it offers e-verification and enhanced background checks for a seamless experience.

Onboarding: With Paycom, you can swiftly and seamlessly transition high-calibre recruits to productive contributors. You can ensure you retain your hard-won hires by streamlining the onboarding process. Paycom offers a self-service portal for employees where they can access training sessions and understand the work culture.

Tax Credits: Paycom’s risk-free tax credits service identifies, secures and administers the government incentives available, improving your business’s financial position. Additionally, it provides a financial incentive for business leaders to hire workers from groups that are underrepresented or face significant barriers to employment.

Garnishment Administration: With Paycom’s garnishment administration, you can notify support when an employee is subject to garnished wages and let them handle the calculations and record-keeping. Moreover, the specialists administer garnishments by managing them from receipt of the order to expiration.

Expense Management: Paycom’s expense management software simplifies the entire reimbursement process. It offers higher visibility into on-demand analytics and customizable reports on expense transactions, approval audits and spending by department.

Paycom Pricing

Paycom offers an on-demand pricing quote for its payroll management platform.

Paycom Discounts and Coupons

Paycom currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plans.

Paycom Free Trial

Paycom does not offer a free trial for its payroll management platform.

Paycom, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Paycom account, you’ll enter the home screen, where you can navigate to time management, payroll and other sections.

Click on “Time Management” to view employee timesheets and approve time-off requests. Go to the “Payroll” section to create new payroll. Any changes made in the timesheets will directly reflect on your next payroll.

Click on “Benefits” to view the extra benefits opted for by your workforce. Go to “Expenses” to manage your payables and outgoing EMIs. You can create job requests by clicking on the “personnel forms” tab.

10. Gusto

Gusto provides a modern HR platform for payroll managers and employee onboarding. It offers a smart interface that empowers your teams and pushes your business towards growth. With Gusto, you can pay your employees, check attendance records, do hiring or analyze reports on a centralized platform.

Gusto Features

Here are some exclusive features of Gusto:

Payroll: Gusto lets you run your payroll in minutes, infinite times, without any overcharging. You can set everything on autopilot, and Gusto will sync your team’s hours automatically. Additionally, Gusto calculates your taxes and files them with the right government agencies.

Hiring & Onboarding: From hiring your first employee to scaling your ever-growing businesses, Gusto assists you in finding great employees who fit your organization like a glove. You can create custom onboarding checklists for new hires and post job listings. Additionally, Gusto offers integration with leading applicant tracking systems so you can directly import new hires into payroll.

Time Tools: Gusto offers automated time tools that help you manage time off, holidays, workforce costs and team hours. You can verify the billable hours with geolocation and automatically sync them with payroll after the approval. Additionally, Gusto provides project tracking. So you can analyze your productivity and costs.

Employee Benefits: Gusto understands the latest business strategies revolve around employee welfare. A paycheck is not enough to keep your team motivated and productive. With Gusto, you can provide health and financial benefits to support and motivate your team. Additionally, Gusto ensures you protect your team and stay compliant with labour laws.

Gusto Wallet: Gusto provides your employees with a money tracking and saving tool named Gusto Wallet. You can set upto 5 Savings objectives, change contributions and transfer them to your spending account. Additionally, Gusto provides a debit card that processes transactions 2 Days faster.

Gusto Pricing

Gusto offers 4 Pricing options for its payroll and HR management software.

The “Simple” plan is priced: at $40/month plus an additional $6/person. It offers employee financial benefits, basic onboarding tools and payroll reports.

The “Plus” plan is priced: at $80/month plus an additional $12/month. It offers next-day direct deposit, advanced onboarding tools, PTO management and time tracking.

The “Premium” plan offers an exclusive pricing quote. It provides an HR resource centre, compliance alerts, performance reviews and health insurance broker integration.

The “Contractor Only” plan is for businesses without any W-2 employees and is priced: at $6/month/user.

Gusto Discounts and Coupons

Gusto does not offer any discounts or coupons for its payroll management platform.

Gusto Free Trial

Gusto does not offer a free trial; for its onboarding and payroll management software.

Gusto, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Gusto account, you’ll enter the home section. Here, you’ll see your active payroll, time off requests and reminders.

Click “People” to see active employees, onboarding team members, organization charts, team insights, and performance review reports. Go to “Company” to update company location, change bank accounts and see tax documents.

Click on “Payroll” to run a new payroll, pay contractors, manage expenses and see payroll history. Go to “Time Tools” to approve or deny employee vacation requests and see timesheets.

Click on “Benefits” to view the active employee benefits of each workforce member. Go to “Taxes & Compliance” to stay compliant and manage tax setup. 

Click on “Reports” to enter the analytical section inside Gusto.

11. Justworks

Justworks helps you run payroll seamlessly and takes care of benefits deductions and tax withholdings. You can make vendor and contract payments, onboard recruits and approve vacation requests without any extra charge. Additionally, Justworks comes with a time tracking integration to help you determine accurate billable hours.

Justworks Features

Here are some exclusive features of Justworks:

Employee Benefits: Justworks helps you meet the diverse needs of your team with access to a greater variety of employee health insurance plans. Your employees can seamlessly enroll-in and manage their coverage plans within the Justworks platform. Moreover, Justworks’ data-driven underwriting process provides you with a holistic view of your team’s requirements.

Efficient Payroll Platform: Justworks simplifies the online payroll process and automates direct deposits for full- and part-time employees. Additionally, you can sync timesheets with Justworks and streamline payroll with a robust time-and-attendance platform. Justworks ensures you comply with your local and federal employment regulations.

HR Management: Justworks handles the administrative HR tasks that bog you down, letting you focus on business expansion. You can onboard employees through the online dashboard and track business insights with customized reports. Justworks highlights the most relevant data points and presents them in a comprehensible manner.

Employee Management: With Justworks, you can manage all employee-related actions on one platform. It offers your workforce a self-service portal where they can access pay stubs and put up time off requests. Similarly, managers can approve or deny vacation requests within Justworks.

Full-service Support: Justworks provides full-service support for technical glitches or onboarding problems. You can access better employee benefits and streamline payroll with Justworks. Additionally, Justworks’ certified HR consultants are available round-the-clock to offer tailored guidance.

Justworks Pricing

Justworks offers 2 Subscription plans for its payroll and HR management solution.

The “Basic” plan is priced at $59/month/employee and $49/month for your 50th employee onwards. It includes off-cycle payments, payroll tax filings, reporting and commuter benefits.

The “Plus” plan is priced at $99/month/employee and $89/month for your 50th employee onwards. It includes COBRA administration, medical insurance, health advocacy services and HR consulting.

Justworks Discount and Coupons

Justworks currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its payroll and HR management solution.

Justworks Free Trial

Justworks currently does not offer a free trial for its payroll management solution.

Justworks, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Justworks account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can see your existing payroll, employee timesheets and urgent priorities. Click on “Payroll” to edit your wage structure or withhold release till approval.

Click on “HR” to onboard new recruits, filter applicants or handle exits. You can go to the “Reports” section to gain insights through reporting.

Click on “Employee” to view the employee database. Here, you can see the benefits opted for by every employee and add incentives or bonuses in the next payroll.

12. ADP

ADP allows businesses to pay employees in minutes with an intuitive payroll experience. It caters both small and large businesses by offering a scalable platform. ADP calculates, deducts and files taxes to ensure you maintain compliance. Additionally, ADP lets you create a professional employee handbook for swift onboarding.

ADP Features

Here are some exclusive features of ADP:

Payroll Module: ADP offers a payroll module that works for small businesses and midsize to enterprise companies. It provides you with an automated payroll system that handles taxes and compliance. Additionally, ADP gives you several payment options like; direct deposit and cheque delivery.

Time & Attendance: The time & attendance module comes with time tracking and workforce management. You can set up time tracking on company devices and point-of-sale tablets. After employees track time, the data integrates with the HCM to automatically calculate payroll and ensure compliance. Additionally, managers can use dashboards to spot trends using analytics.

Benefits Management: The benefits management module lets you administer employee benefits, offer retirement plans, access group health insurance and purchase business insurance like workers comp. Employees can use the self-service portal to compare and select insurance plans during open enrollment periods and submit selections to HR.

Benefits Advisory: ADP also offers benefits advisory services to help management make the best decisions about benefits packages. Moreover, you can outsource some HR administrative tasks to ADP if you’re having an extra workload.

SaaS System: ADP is now a software-as-a-service system, making it easily accessible. It makes ADP very flexible and allows your team members to clock in, request time off and view pay stubs. With its intuitive design and clean interface, ADP provides a quality user experience.

ADP Pricing

ADP offers on-demand pricing for its subscription plans.

Businesses with less than 50 employees can select between “Essential”, “Enhanced”, “Complete”, and “HR Pro” subscriptions.

Enterprises can select between “Payroll Essentials”, “HR Plus”, “Hiring Advantage”, and “Performance Plus” subscription plans.

ADP Discount and Coupons

ADP does not offer any discounts or coupons for its payroll and HR management platform.

ADP Free Trial

ADP does not offer a free trial for its payroll management platform.

ADP, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your ADP account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you’ll see your upcoming payroll and to-do actions.

Click on “Payroll” to customize the existing wage structure or create a new payroll. Go to “People” to view your employee profiles.

Click on “HR” to enter the employee management and onboarding section. Here, you can manage new recruits, set objectives or provide project details.

Go to “Reports” to enter the analytical area of ADP. Here, you can analyze your performance and existing payroll. 

Click on “Taxes” to view your latest filings and expected tax deductions for the next cycle. Go to “Time” to manage your employees’ timesheets. Additionally, your employees can choose retirement and insurance plans during the onboarding process.

13. OnPay

OnPay is a precise HR and payroll management platform that keeps accurate records and ensures tax compliance. OnPay strives to increase your team’s productivity levels and makes onboarding easier with minimal paperwork. OnPay lets you focus on business expansion while it manages your payroll.

OnPay Features

Here are some exclusive features of OnPay:

Full-service Payroll: OnPay is a fast platform and does all the heavy lifting. You can run multiple payroll schedules for different employees, withhold all payroll taxes, deduct garnishments and get detailed payroll reports within OnPay. Additionally, OnPay lets you save custom views with its report designer.

Special Payroll Services: OnPay caters every small business’s specific requirements without extra charges. Restaurants can calculate tipped wages, nonprofits can get exemptions from federal unemployment tax, and farms can process separate tax filings for agricultural workers and non-farm employees.

Accountant Dashboard: OnPay offers an accountant dashboard where you can view your clients and stay on top of all payroll-related tasks. Moreover, OnPay supports integration with Xero and QuickBooks, helping you precisely keep records and manage accounts. With OnPay, you can maintain a profitable wage structure and organize all transactions.

Employee Self-service: OnPay provides your employer with a self-service portal where they can do self-onboarding, access pay stubs or personal tax documents and pull employment data from the records. OnPay ensures your employees have the access to intrinsic information and can choose their benefit plans.

Essential HR Tools: OnPay lets you create automated onboarding workflows and kick off the process with a customizable offer letter. It automatically reports new hires to the state and lets you delegate non-HR tasks. With OnPay, you can review custom personnel checklists and use built-in document templates.

OnPay Pricing

OnPay charges $40/month as a base fee plus an additional $6/month per person. OnPay offers one simple price for its payroll management platform and unlocks all functionalities.

OnPay Discounts and Coupons

OnPay currently does not offer any discounts or coupons for its subscription plan.

OnPay Free Trial

OnPay offers a 30 Day free trial for its payroll management and HR platform.

OnPay, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your OnPay account, you’ll enter the dashboard section. Here, you can customize the home page view, see employee details and run payrolls.

Click on “Workers” to see the employee benefits offered by your company. Here, you can see which employees are yet to be registered under the health benefits.

Click on “Payroll” to manage your organization’s wage structure and cash flow. Go to “Reports” to enter the analytical section inside OnPay. Here, you can get insightful reports about your company’s performance and budget.

Click on “Filings” to see your tax filing history. Go to “HR” to onboard new employees, handle exits or make recruitments.

The Best Payroll Software, A Conclusion

Now that you’ve seen our suggestions for the best payroll software, we’d love to know your opinion.

Have you used any of these tools? If yes, what was your experience? Did we miss any quality payroll software?

Let us know in the comments.

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