Whatso, A Simple Review

So, you are considering Whatso.

You’ll be wondering if it’s a good choice for you, if its feature set compares well to other options on the market, and if it is priced affordably enough for what you get.

This article will break all that down for you and more. 

Plus, at the end of the article you’ll find links to alternatives to Whatso as well as our top picks for the options in this category.

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Without further ado, let’s get started.

Whatso Features

Whatso allows businesses to connect with leads and clients through WordPress, WhatsApp and messaging. It allows you to engage with your customers through WhatsApp and have them sign up for the campaigns through automated messaging. Whatso is the perfect marketing tool for WhatsApp; to effectively target your leads through the sales funnel.

Here are some exclusive features of Whatso:

WhatsApp Marketing: Whatso offers high-quality WhatsApp Marketing tools to help you communicate with buyers or prospects. You can automate responses to keep the lead engaged till a sales representative is assigned. Whatso increases sales by doing cost-effective and extensive marketing through WhatsApp.

Bulk Messaging: Whatso allows you to send bulk messages from its platform. It helps you reach out to a wider audience and improve lead conversion by directly reaching out to your prospective buyers. With Whatso, you can integrate WhatsApp into your digital marketing strategy and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Order Notifications: Whatso allows you to share the latest order details with your buyers through WhatsApp. You can inform the buyer at every relevant touchpoint till the customer finally gets his delivery. Moreover, you can share the billing details with the client over WhatsApp with Whatso.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: Whatso integrates with your online website or shopping stores. You can engage with a lead to recover an abandoned cart. It improves your lead conversion by reminding the client to checkout the cart items and complete the purchase.

CTA Buttons: Whatso has recently started allowing you to add CTA buttons to redirect receivers to a landing page or order invoice. It helps you perform targeted marketing through WhatsApp messaging and route visitors onto products that interest them.

Whatso Pricing

Whatso offers 3 Pricing options for its WhatsApp Marketing tool.

The “Standard” plan is priced at $39/year and offers upto 500 messages daily. Additionally, you get 500 Contacts import and core WhatsApp marketing features.

The “Professional” plan is priced at $69/lifetime and offers unlimited messages. Additionally, you get turbo speed mode and unlimited contacts import.

The “Enterprise” plan is priced at $79/lifetime and works on 50 devices. Additionally, you get a chrome extension and extensive WhatsApp marketing tools.

Whatso Discounts and Coupons 

Whatso is currently offering sizable discounts on its yearly and lifetime WhatsApp Marketing tool. Visit the website to avail the offer and use extensive WhatsApp marketing to boost your sales.

Whatso Free Trial

Whatso currently does not offer any free trial for its WhatsApp Marketing tools.

Whatso, A short how-to guide

Once you login to your Whatso Accounts, you’ll be asked to input the contacts. You can import contact lists and remove duplicate entries. Always remember that the mobile number should be in the second column of the sheet.

Once done, you can create a message and send it to all customers in one go. Additionally, you can type an alternate message for special clients.

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