How To Sell On Poshmark: (Step-By-Step)

Poshmark is a Marketplace where people can buy and sell mainly second-hand clothing and accessories from their own wardrobes and from retail shops at good prices. It was launched in 2011 as a community of sellers and to date, several million people in the United States are buying and selling on this platform. Apart from being an online sales platform, it also incorporates a social network. This allows you to earn more money since you can sell faster after having a good number of followers in your profile or wardrobe.

This platform only works for the US and Canadian markets at the moment, its Website and Application are in English language, so here we will use some English terms that you should be familiar with.

This platform sells mainly second-hand branded clothing and its main categories are: Women, Men, Kids, Home, Handbags, Shoes, Jewelry & Accessories, Makeup and Dresses.

You can access the shop through its website or its mobile application. Registration is free, create a profile with your details, upload some of your first products and start interacting with other sellers so that they start to have visibility of your products and others know what goods you sell.

How to Register to sell on Poshmark

It can be registered through the following options

  • A facebook account
  • Register with Google
  • Register with an Email

If you register with your e-mail address, you must fill in the following information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Username – Select something you like, because you can’t change it
  • Password – Must be at least 6 characters and must contain a number or symbol
  • Gender – Sex
  • Country – United States and Canada only
  • Invite Code (if any) – For a limited time only: invite friends to win $10 on Posh Credit!
  • You need an Image for the profile. Must be square with a dimension of 170×170 pixels
  • Your shirt size
  • Shoe size

 Remember that registration is free and you only pay when you make a sale.

 Once registered you should complete more details of your profile 

How to List a Product for sale on Poshmark

Registering a product is simple and free

Click on “Sell on Poshmark” button

Take new photos of your product in the application or upload new ones. You can display up to 8 photos

Product title as attractive as possible, look at similar products

  • TITLE – Include words that your buyers would search for.
  • The Description should be as detailed as possible, if it has any flaws it should be explained in detail and be honest about it. The more photos you have the better.
  • DESCRIPTION – Add a detailed description of what you’re selling.
  • CATEGORY – Add details to help your buyers find your item quickly.
  • Categories of Women, Men, Kids. Home and also a SUBCATEGORY
  • QUANTITY – Select a single or multi item.
  • If you have more than one of the same item for sale, select Multi Item to specify the quantity.
  • SIZE – Some items are shown, but you have the option to put one or more more specific items that you do not
  • If you select multiple items, you will put the amount that is in each size.
  • NEW WITH TAGS – Does this item have tags attached? Optional – New with tags policy – An item is New with tags (NWT) if it is new, unused and has all of its original tags attached. All original packaging (box, dust bag, authenticity tags, etc.) must be included with your item, if applicable. Items that are new without labels and original packaging are not considered NWT.
  • BRAND – Optional = Add details to help your buyers find your item quickly.
  • COLOUR – Optiona – Select up to 2 colours.
  • Original Price (Must be higher)
  • Listing Price
  • Your Earnings (when sold)

These are details for private use by the seller and can be found in their Sales Report and Inventory Report.

  • SKU: Unique code of your product. It must be a smart combination of numbers and letters.
  • Cost Price: What the product actually cost you. It is not the Original Price that is visible
  • Other Info: Any other visible information you want to remember.

You can change the product data as many times as you want

The Photos

Gather the items you are going to sell, purses, shoes, clothes, accessories and even unused beauty items. You can take the photos from the same mobile phone very easily and pass them through filters and send them to Poshmark if you are using the application. Take photos of all of them in one session as it will take time to get the quality and quantity of images you need.

You can put the clothes on a hook on a white wall, or a carpet on the white floor to make the product stand out. Some vendors dress the clothes in various combinations so that you can see what they look like. You should take photos from various angles and add a photo of yourself using the item when possible to give buyers a better idea of how it looks.

 The more photos you upload the better, take photos from various angles. You can add up to 8 photos.

The Sales Price

Search as soon as the same item is sold in Poshmark so that you have a reference and if it is not sold, look on the Internet in other shops to see how it is being sold. Once you have that reference, calculate how much you should sell it according to your cost calculations and if it is of use you should establish an initial discount. Generally, most products in Poshmark sell between $10.00 and $50.00, so try to be in that range.

Keep in mind what you have to pay in Fees to Poshmark, and consider the cost of shipping and a few more margins in case you want to make promotional discounts. The shipping is paid by the buyer but you can offer to pay for it to have free shipping, but then they will charge you.

All about Poshmark Pricing

The Seller Fee Policy

All rates are simple and straightforward:

  • It is always free to include an item for sale in Poshmark.
  • After your item is sold, we deduct a small fee from the final price of the order.
  • For sales under $15, the fee is a flat rate of $2.95.
  • For sales over $15, the fee is 20% and you keep 80%.

What you get:

  • Free prepaid shipping label.
  • Free credit card processing.
  • Customer service and buyer protection. Posh Protect buyer protection.

Please note, your earnings are based on the listing price and actual earnings will vary based on the final order price, seller discounts, and any other applicable taxes and discounts)

Under the menu option, Account Setting / My Payment Methods, you will add a Credit Card or Paypal Account to receive your earnings from Poshmark.

Shipping your Products

After agreeing to the sale, you must send the product. You will have a maximum of 7 days to send the item to the buyer.

The seller does NOT pay for shipping. When the buyer purchases the item, Poshmark charges an additional $7.11 for shipping. You then send the seller a prepaid shipping label to print out and put on your package. The seller may decide to give it to you free as a sales strategy, in which case Poshmark will charge the seller.

Poshmark uses the USPS Priority Mail service for 1-3 day delivery. Send your products in USPS envelopes and boxes that say Mail Box. You can put several items in the package, try not to exceed 5 pounds. From 0 to 5 pounds there is a Flat Rate of $7.11 for shipping.

Poshmark provides you with a shipping label that you can print from its application. You cut out the label and paste it on the envelope or box of the product or products to be shipped. On that label Poshmark already has all the shipping information, sender and recipient and then send it to USPS

The Payment Processing in Poshmark

The buyer pays Poshmart what is agreed in the sales process.

Upon receipt of the product, the buyer must inspect it and must accept the product if it is found to be in order. If he considers it, he must rate the product with stars and make a comment

Once accepted Poshmart releases the money to your Poshmark account, you can take it right away or wait until you have a considerable amount to send it to your Bank Account through your Credit Card or Paypal account, you can also request a check to be sent to you

Poshmark takes a $2.95 commission on all sales under $15 and 20% on any sale over $15.

The Sales Process

Complete all the basic details and publish your articles on the platform. You will notice how other buyers will visit your wardrobe / boutique. Finally, share it on social networks.

Offer request

Often, a buyer always tries to negotiate, he selects your “offer” and comments on your price. You have the opportunity to accept or make a counter-offer, then they can do the same. Take these discounts into account in the sales price and in the calculation of your income to have flexibility during the negotiation. Always be open to negotiate, also remember that sometimes it is worth selling for less before you keep stock.

Poshmark Parties 

When notified of a Party, attend and try to share as many products as possible. If the party is a bag party you should go to your wardrobe, and select your bags and share them at the party.

Parties have a start and end date and time, they are held every day regularly at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 10pm and there are different categories or topics in each one

This makes you attract buyers, be patient, someone will soon appear looking for a bag like yours.

Tips for making more sales with Poshmark

Upload as many photos as possible and regularly every day or several times a day, that have quality and style, there are even people who put their clothes on to show how they look. Decorate everything as much as possible. Photos should be very bright. If it has any defects you must show it in the photo.

Follow other sellers so you have more visibility. Create several product listings, and share your complete wardrobe

Put attractive titles and detailed descriptions, brand, size, correct category, colour and style. List seasonal products, styles and trends. Researching and knowing what sells.

Set competitive prices, and make a good profit margin.

Take into account costs, product cost, Poshmark commission, shipping, buyer discounts and other packaging expenses.

Avoid running out of inventory if a sale is made

Have good customer service, a presentable package, make a quick delivery, if you can provide an additional gift, make a loving note and all this can give you a good rating and positive feedback

Always answer questions, even if they are simple, and be very social

Bear in mind that the work is not easy, it takes time, to issue photos, to create listings, it is necessary to have constancy and patience

To make your articles stand out from the thousands of listings, stay active: they must be constantly attractive to stay relevant in the search results.

People love to follow other sellers and share their products, and it’s best for you to do the same. 

Share listings of people similar to you and follow as many “Posh” as possible