What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is the place where the user receives the offer promised on the landing page.

This video will help explain:

The conversion process ends on this page. We start with a visitor who accesses our website. Through call to actions or calls to action, he arrives at a landing page that offers content of interest to him. After leaving us their data, we convert the user into a new lead of which we have enough information to be able to interact with them.

Apart from delivering to our users the content offered on the landing page, the thank you page can become a useful tool from which we can get more out of it.

Importance of thank you pages in your Inbound Marketing strategy

A thank you page becomes an ideal place to offer our users more content related to the topic in which they are interested. Content that has to complement their needs, so that it fits what they are expecting according to their position in the buying cycle.

With this, we achieve that the thank you page can become the starting point for our new lead to eventually become a customer.

We can, therefore, use the thank you page to offer related articles from our blog that complement the offer they have just obtained. Also, it is a good opportunity to link him to other offers that make sense and help him learn more about the topic he is interested in.

It is worthwhile to use the possibilities offered by the thank you page and not just say thank you.

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