What is a Trending Topic (TT)?

Trending Topic are the most used keywords in a specific period of time on Twitter. They are trending keywords (also called hashtags on Twitter), what is trending and what is most talked about at that moment in this social network.

This video will help explain:

Twitter has become one of the main channels for observing trends and the rapid dissemination that a message can have on the web. With the objective of transmitting and sharing information quickly and effectively, Twitter allows us to quickly generate that "echo" effect in our community of interest. To facilitate this function of sharing a specific topic, Twitter has Trending Topics.

A Trending Topic is an algorithm that is responsible for highlighting and classifying those terms that users use on Twitter. This algorithm classifies in real time, and there are several factors that are linked to the popularity of a topic on the platform: The number of different users that are using it, increase of users using the term or the RTs that include that particular term.

This algorithm is identified with a # preceding the keyword, and Twitter identifies it as a hashtag.

Undoubtedly, the Trending Topic on Twitter, have become nowadays social sensors on the topics with the highest traffic and importance at a given time.

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