What is a Tweet?

A tweet is the name given to posts on the social network Twitter.

This video will help explain:

Tweets have a maximum length of 140 characters. They are public (unless a private account is created) and automatically appear on the timeline of users who follow the tweeter who posted the message, i.e. who has tweeted.

The length of Twitter posts (140 characters) is given to them from the beginning, when messages on the social network were sent as text messages from mobile terminals, with a maximum length of 140 characters.

How to make a perfect tweet

The objective of any tweet is to be perceived and shared by the audience, but taking into account that the life cycle of a tweet is very short, we must learn how to make a perfect tweet:

  • Less than 280 characters: Leave space for comments.
  • Use related hashtags: Although we should not abuse them. The ideal is one or two.
  • Use URL shorteners: This way you will gain space and the tweet will be more pleasing to the eye. Some, such as Bitly, will also allow you to get clicks.
  • Take care of spelling: Don't make mistakes in your tweets if you don't want to draw the user's attention to things that don't interest you.
  • Cite the source: Do not make any comment or information your own. For example, via @socialmood
  • Include an image: Tweets with images work much better on Twitter.
  • Do not abuse mentions to other users.
  • Include a link: This way the tweet will have 3 times more chances of being retweeted.
  • Use "you" (or third person) instead of "I" or first person.
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