What is an Infographic?

An infographic is a graphic representation that supports an information and allows to translate it into something that everybody can understand at first sight. It is an incredibly useful communication tool, since having a visual format, it is processed by the human eye much faster.

This video will help explain everything:

In addition, we are 80% more likely to remember a graphic representation than a textual or oral one, and we are also more likely to believe it! Come on, an infographic, well thought out and executed, can elevate our message and better connect with our target audience.

What is the use of an infographic?

An infographic can be used to improve our content marketing strategy because it has significant advantages over other formats. Well built, it simplifies the information we want to communicate and makes more accessible the topics that a priori can be complex to understand. It is a resource that is easy to share through social networks, mail, etc., so it lends itself to viralization.

Today, when we all suffer from an excess of information -we receive 5 times more information than 30 years ago- it is really interesting to have a resource that favors content retention. 

In addition, infographics, developed in line with our brand or what we want to convey, allows us to add value to our visual brand universe or our identity.

How can we classify infographics?

Infographic can be classified according to several criteria. We can organize them, for example, according to their intention. Within this classification we find commercial infographics, which show the properties of a product or service and the needs it covers for its promotion; storytelling infographics, which tell stories with the purpose of arousing emotions and creating links; educational infographics, focused on bringing the user closer to the information in the most accessible way for his understanding, etc. Within this classification, we can find infographics that have more than one purpose, so there are many types.

We particularly like to classify the infographics in three big groups based on their format:

  • Static infographics. They are graphic compositions whose elements are fixed and contain all the information you want to include from the beginning.
  • Dynamic infographics. These are the ones presented in video or gif format.
  • Interactive infographics. All those that allow us to interact with the content shown.

We leave you an article with the best infographics where you can get many ideas and 80 resources to create infographics that will be very useful for you. You no longer have an excuse!

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