What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is a well-known (and overused) copywriting tactic that seeks to generate clicks or revenue through overly sensational titles.

This video will help clear up any doubts:

The user, curious by nature, falls into the nets of this tactic again and again, hence the name, which has already been translated many times as "clickbait" or "cyber-bait". As the translation is horrible, we prefer to use the English word.

How can I tell if a headline is clickbait or not?

You have to be very careful in the use of this technique because normally, it is not accompanied by enough quality content and causes more rejection than pleasure.

This term has been used for almost a decade now, although it has exploded in the last 3 years with the popularity of sites like Buzzfeed, the real masters of clibkbait, among many others.

Today we can see many examples in any generalist or sports media, where they use these hooks to generate more impressions. This helps when our revenue model is advertising and we are selling it at cost per thousand impressions (CPM). If we do not have advertising on our website and we are not interested in empty traffic, let's try not to abuse this technique.

Examples of clickbait:

"You won't believe what will happen next"

"Possibly the best play in history"

"Pay attention to what you say..."

"This comment will not leave you indifferent"

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