What is Content Curation?

Content curation is the process of filtering, grouping and selecting information from different sources. With this process it is easier to give the user the exact content he demands.

This video will help illustrate the concept:

For example: In less than a minute more than 98,000 tweets are launched, more than 2,000 blog entries are published, and the equivalent of 20 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube, so the process of reading, assimilation of concepts and selection is complicated. Well, we have two options: Either look at each of the publications made one by one, or help us with tools that make our day to day life easier in the healing of content, which help us to filter, optimize and program the content we find.

Although the tools help us, in the content curation we always have to take into account our criteria, and for this we must carry out the following process:

  • Selection of sources, search engines, lists... where we can obtain the contents that are of our interest.
  • Filtering of the information.
  • We will read the content and include only that which is interesting.
  • We will discard the rest of the content.
  • Once we have the chosen content, we organize it including the link so that it is faster for us to have all the information at a glance.
  • Then we will personalize the content with our opinion and criteria, renaming, including hashtags, etc.

We will finish by disseminating the new content and sharing it on our social networks.

This process of content curation is essential to be able to work quickly and know what part of the information that comes to our hands is really interesting.

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