What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing or how to create relevant and valuable content to attract a well-defined target audience, with the aim of driving them to become future customers.

Although Content Marketing is one of the most fashionable online marketing disciplines, it is not something that has been invented only recently. Already 12 years ago, Joe Pulizzi, talked to us about Content Marketing and described it as

A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and draw the attention of a well-defined target audience, with the aim of driving them to be future customers.

This video will help explain everything:

Surprisingly enough, nothing has changed in this definition 12 years later.

Most users think that content marketing is only about creating content. Well, they are not misguided, the problem is that creating content does not have to be content marketing.

Practically everyone focuses on the first stage, it is perhaps the simplest and most internalized we have since, after all, it is only about creating content in order to generate visibility.

What is the main objective of content marketing?

The purpose of content marketing is to attract and retain those potential customers through relevant and valuable content.

Why do content marketing?

  • Improve your brand image. If you give your users useful and personalized content, you will improve your reputation and visibility.
  • It allows you to generate direct and close relationships with your users in a natural and open way.
  • It is cheaper and more profitable.
  • It improves your positioning in search engines.
  • It inevitably makes you think about your users, with the infinite advantages that this entails.

And if this, which is not little, doesn't convince you, 78% of marketing managers believe it is the future, and 78% are many.

How and where?

You have a lot of options to promote your contents. Don't get carried away with the easy stuff: Facebook and Twitter and little else. Innovate, try new things: never uploaded a presentation to Slideshare? It's just another way to get traffic and leads, what are you waiting for? TikTok? Even more niche or purposeful networks like Houseparty. If you're short on ideas, here are 16 easy ideas (LINK) for creating content.

And if you want this to work, you don't have to focus on one format. Diversify formats to also diversify the audience. Posts, images, computer graphics, videos, webinars, screencasts, ebooks, podcasts, presentations, etc. Take advantage of each one without losing sight of the campaign's objectives.

And prepare a good content plan with its corresponding editorial calendar to know in advance what you should do, when, how, where and why. Only then will all this be successful.

Never stop listening to your users and collecting feedback to know what they need. This is the only way you can generate content that gives them value and helps them to entertain themselves and learn. Only then will they see you as a trusted source and you can move on to phase two of the process.

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